Third Person

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Day 25
Third Person Post
Write about a memory you have, but describe it using the third person. Use as many sensory images (sights, sounds, textures, etc) as you can. Don't use I or me unless you include dialogue.

They sped down the highway toward Farmington Connecticut on a warm, late summer, sunday morning. The bike was stacked and tied down with springy zip ties on the back of the car, and inside was a carefully packed bag with all her race day essentials, including bib numbers, timing chip, and swim cap. It was slightly cool and she dressed wearing her Tri shorts, a T-shirt, and a sweatshirt to keep the chill away.

The anxiety was building on the 45 minute drive. Would she get there on time? Would she survive the swim, almost double the distance she was used to? After panic stricken words with her patient boyfriend and a few wrong turns later, they drove into Winding Lake. 

The transition area was a sea of all different kinds of women. Some there for their first triathlon, some seasoned vets. After finding a very tight spot to tuck into, she carefully laid her gear out. Her pink striped towel was the foundation, layered with her purple asics gt 2160 running shoes, her pink bib holder, and a pink handheld water bottle in back. In front was the cycling shoes, with her pink pearl izumi socks draped carefully sticking out. Extra glide, and fuel filled in the empty spaces.

 Rushing to get everything in place, she rushed into her wetsuit after a quick spray down of Pam. The pam made the struggle of the wetsuit only slightly easier. The black neoprene was tight, and required major effort to be pulled into the right place. Next was the swim cap, and goggles poised on the forehead, ready to be put into place.

Standing with her boyfriend on the beach, she stared out at the buoys. He gave her the encouragement she needed to get in the water. Soon she would be on her way to finishing her last triathlon of the season....

In case you're curious.
This is a description of my pre-race to the Women's Tri in Farmington, CT (a GREAT race by the way). If you're interested in reading more about my race day, check out my race report HERE!


Lily on the Road said...

I LOVE the third person tale! Now I have to go and read your race report!

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