Here I am!!

Here I am!
I feel like I'm losing you guys with my month of posting prompts. I guess that means I need to make sure to continue to include little posts like this throughout the week.

I'm kind of getting back at it.

I made a shiny new training schedule for the fridge.
I stepped on the scale monday and almost vomited.
I got in the pool monday morning.
I went for a run monday night.
I ate right, tracked my points.

Tuesday I went to Fusion Training @ Bia Fitness. The combo of kettle bells and TRX had my arms shaking so bad I could barely lift my arms. I spent Tuesday night organizing the mountain of Butter Braids I sold for my fundraiser for ALS. So far, I've raised over $700 (feel compelled to donate? Check out my page HERE) for my 70.3!

I had the best intentions for my day off on wednesday. Tuesday night started with some nausea, and continued all through the sleepless night. I had to spend my entire day cleaning the house in preparation for my fundraising Jafra party that night. Cleaning, shopping, nausea. No planned 10K run. I did manage to drop my bike off at the shop for a tune-up, and learn a little on chain care.

Thursday morning was a wash. I was looking forward to a bike-run brick after work (My bike was ready, YAY!). Instead I had to have dinner with Kevin's family, I knew it was important to him.

I was happy to see the scale down 2 pounds already with my half-assed effort! My diet control has been making up for my lack of training. 

My weekend plan?
A bike-run brick after work tomorrow
An 8 miler before easter festivities sunday

I need to get all my Jelly Bean Virtual Race Events completed!!

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My Daily Journey to Share said...

Are you going to be training hard during the summer with running outdoors? I am running a half marahon next weekend at the beach and then I think that will be my last race until maybe September. I think I will run 2x a week and do more bike training along with weights. My goal is to get 15 pounds off so come Sept I will be able to improve my time by being lighter. Erica