Almost 2 months since my last post!
2 months?!!

I've obviously been in a rut. Sure, I've been running (a little), I've been riding my bike on the trainer, and I even got to the pool once. I started back up at Bia Fitness (early TRX tomorrow). Thanks for following along with me on my facebook page (HERE) while I've been lacking in posts.

Honestly, I've been thinking about priorities.
I didn't do my last triathlon because I knew I shouldn't spend $70 on it. I'm not registering for another next weekend or a few away for the same reason. The wedding is creeping up, I'm trying to save money & stay sane.

I'm trying to keep my priorities in check with saving money, planning the wedding, enjoying life.
I have some exciting things coming up, I need to make sure I keep you all in the loop!

Does money keep you from racing?
What are you saving up for?