It feels like Summer!

The weather makes me have summer on my mind!

Last night I had a major fail at making ice pops

I tried making a recipe from Pinterest....
Pineapple, banana, coconut milk and vanilla.
Somehow the unlocker got stuck on the stick, and I broke the stick trying to get it off. Not sure how that will be fixed. Fortunately I have a smart thinking man who grabbed some dixi cups to make little frozen pops.

Brilliant idea, but just not what I was hoping for while I dreamed of the pops dipped in chocolate and coconut. ::sigh:: oh well.

We had a busy weekend!

Saturday, we accidentally went for a 30 mile bike ride!

We conquered some big hills, and were exhausted by the end. We ran out of fuel, since we were only planning a 18 mile ride or so. Whoops!

Sunday I did a quick 8 miles with Shelley before heading to Fenway Park for the Sox game. 
First Victory Red of the Season!

The sun was out, a gorgeous 70-80 degrees and of course a win doesn't hurt either!

Time to hit this week up with some great workouts. I missed my swim monday morning, Mondays I need a break. How can I make sure I still get my swims in? I need to retire and have more free time!

Speedy Trooper ran the Boston Marathon monday, despite the killer heat! His pace was considerably slowed, but he finished in 4:57:31 with a 11:20 pace, a big difference from last year's 3:56:11 at a 9:00 pace. Wow, it really shows what the weather can do to you. He told his plan was to go out slow, drink plenty of fluids (he told me he guessed he took in 2 gallons during the race), and finish. He definitely accomplished it. Congrats Speedy Trooper & everyone else who finished the big race!

How was your weekend?
Are you ready for summer?
How do you fit everything in your schedule?

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The Green Girl said...

Aw, I'm sorry the stick broke, that Zoku is adorable. I have the Mickey popsicle makers from Tupperware - thanks for inspiring me to pull those out and make some.

Wells L said...

I always LOVE seeing pictures of you at Fenway - just seems soooo amazing to me (rural Indiana resident here typing this ;).

Your popsicles sounded good, too bad for the technical error.

Suz and Allan said...

Looks like a very fun weekend!