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Day 12
Stream of Consciousness Day
Just write, don't stop, don't edit. post!

Today I was talking with Kevin about going out for a ride on saturday morning (really I have a brick planned), and my slowness on the bike. I feel like I am putting in such a big effort, and going no where. Even my race pace is around 15mph, I wish I could say 17-18.

What is the problem? How do I get faster?
I think taking off some excess weight, and doing more strength training will help. My strength training has kind of taken a backseat. Good news is with the little break, my knee is a million times better, but I'm feeling weaker. I'm missing straight up TRX classes! I'm thinking of buying my own to work on strength training on my own. Chasing Kevin on the bike frustrates me, but it may help me get faster since I don't want to be left behind.

The weight issue? 
I know its a big problem. Losing weight would help me be more efficient in all 3 sports. Slinky in the water, less weight to drag around on the bike, and a lighter load to carry on the run. I'm still having trouble getting 100% committed to weight loss. I'm actually starting a 3 part hypnosis for weight loss starting tomorrow. Her focus is not on eliminating food groups, but eating well balanced, healthy foods, and using the hypnosis to decrease cravings and emotional eating (my 2 biggest problems). I'm hopeful that this will be a pull in a helpful direction for my overall health.

Overall I want to become better at my sport, and be a healthier happier person. Any aid I can use to help me get there, is worth a try in my book!

What are your tips for becoming a faster cyclist?
Have you ever tried/thought about trying hypnosis for weight loss?

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Anonymous said...

I have the very same bike frustration. I'm the slowest of all of my training friends and I feel like I'm always holding them back and I'm always struggling. I'm holding on hoping that it'll get better! Good luck!!!