Help Wanted

I've had every good intention on keeping up with the blogging. Writing out planned posts on topics I think would be helpful, and updating on how our life is going. Life with twins can be hectic as I'm sure you can imagine. My toilets haven't been scrubbed in at least 2 weeks, last night's bottles still need to be washed, and I haven't made my bed in probably a month. 

Last week I wanted to share my new adventures with our beautiful jogging stroller, but every day I thought about posting, something came up. 

Today is the day, I thought.

Instead of telling you about our nice weather runs (if you can call them that, we're slow!), I want to let you know that I am surviving. Hubby left to go across the country to California for work last Tuesday, and here we are alive & well (mostly). Only 3 more nights until we he gets home, and I am counting the minutes.

How can you not love these little troublemakers?

Like a big chunk of mommies out there, I tend to do 90% of the work myself. With twins, this automatically declines at times because you physically can't manage 2. Like the time I left my son with strangers at a baby shower because my daughter had pooped all over another guest. However day to day operations, are mostly me. Nursing, changing, dressing, making baby food, keeping the house from falling apart. It's me. We tag team at bath & bed time, and dad does night time bottles while I frantically put away laundry, wash bottles and try to catch up on the work I didn't accomplish all day.  I  never realized how helpful hubby really was until he wasn't here to do anything! This week that he's been gone I can tell how much those little things all add up, and how when they are added to my plate, I become I coffee & wine obsessed monster that cannot wait for bedtime to arrive (did I mention last night that was 5:30? WIN!)

The garbage: Hubby empties the trashcans, changes the diaper pails, organizes the recycling. Finally, as the plastic recycle tub was overflowing into the pantry floor I realized I better buck up and do it. I also forgot to take the cans to the street on trash day, so now our trash can is ready to burst.

5pm-6pm Daddy playtime: During the weeknights, I get about an hour off. After the twinsies eat dinner, and before bottles & bed, daddy whisks them off to the playroom while mommy gets to pop a beer and clean the kitchen or maybe even just sit down and rest a few. It only lasts 45 min to an hour, but I miss it!!

Help during a terrible night:  Waking at night is not hubby's strong suit. In fact, I'm convinced that he could sleep through a fire alarm, let alone a baby's cries. However, if my son has had a terrible night and  is up a ton, I can elbow my hubby during that 5am cryfest and beg him to take over so I can get a little more sleep. This morning is one of those mornings. I was up every 2 hours with him, he didn't want to fall asleep in between those 2 hours, and I felt like we were at month 1 all over again. The only thing for me to elbow was his pillow. boo. 

Errands: Forget something at the store? Out of wine or beer? Just a phone call and hubby will pick it up on his way home from work, or pop out quick after the kids are asleep. No need to have grandma babysit just so you can go to the liquor store.

Bath & Bedtime: Our daughter loves to scream right through bath & bed prep time unless she's being snuggled and held. Rockin' the routine solo means I get an earful while I try to splash a little soap all over her brother and she screams from her crib in the other room.

The list is adding up, just the small things really make such a difference these days. I'm tired beyond belief, and am desperate for his return. Who knew life with 2 tiny humans could be so exhausting.

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Nothing that I can't tackle with 3 cups of coffee at a minimum and the Frozen soundtrack on full blast, right?