Here comes 2012!

I'm feeling so behind on everything!

I really wanted to recap my 2011 goals and post my new ones for 2012, and I'm running out of time for this year! I'm heading to work now, and then off to the Casino to celebrate the new year's arrival. Hopefully, once I get home Sunday, I'll have some time to spend with the blog, and sharing my plans for the next year.

The last 2 days have been a wash on workouts. Thursday, I was so tired, and the knee was achy from TRX. I ran a mile at the gym, then came home showered, and went back to bed for an hour before work. Then Friday I set my alarm for PM instead of AM... nice! I'm getting in my longrun today after work, then hopefully the 5-6 of my tempo run I missed Thursday on Sunday. 

Add that to the mountain of things to get done before Disney & I'm stressing!!
In fact, I asked for the day off before I leave now, so I can be a little calmer about getting everything done.

I'm looking for guest bloggers while I'm away on vacation! Any takers? Leave me a comment or email me at sgrigely at hotmail.

Have fun ringing in the New Year, & I'll see you all in 2012!

Disney Dining & week 14 recap!

I booked our dining reservations for Disney!

Friday Morning we'll be flying from Hartford to Orlando, then checking in at Port Orleans. Then off to the Expo! Dinner will be at Portobellos at Downtown Disney to get my mom & brother ready for the Half Marathon!
Saturday I'll be spectating the Half Marathon (my first spectating race!), then we have a wide open day. We still haven't decided if we want to hit a park at all while we're there. Saturday night we're eating at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe to get ready for the Marathon in the morning!
Sunday is Marathon day! I would love to go on a drinking binge at Epcot following, but I'm not sure how I'll feel afterwards, so we're not making any plans quite yet.

What are your favorite non-park activities at Disney?

Today was Kevin's birthday!
I had the day off so we could celebrate. I took him out to breakfast after my TRX class, then to the mall for christmas exchanges, then back to play some xbox kinect (my christmas gift to him), finished up by a fabulous dinner at one of our favorite italian places. He just left for drinks out with some friends while I start packing and looking at cruise activities!

Marathon Training Week 14 Recap
Monday- I was planning on getting in my additional 4 that I missed in the 16/20 sunday. I was exhausted in the morning, and couldn't get up to run. After work, I headed to the gym, only to see the parking lot FILLED with cars. Making me think of the time I would waste to go in and find no free treadmills. I went home instead & did a 6 mile bike ride on the trainer.
Tuesday- Treadmill Speedwork for a little over 5 miles with 800ms, knee and speed felt great. An awesome confidence boosting run after the failed 20 miler.
Wednesday- TRX Circuit. Felt awesome the whole time through.
Thursday- 5 miles at mid-tempo pace of 5.9mph. Fast, but doable, I felt great!
Friday- Early morning to breakfast with the coworkers before work to say goodbye to my student. We went to a friends house that night, but came home early since I was planning my long run for Saturday.
Saturday- Christmas Eve! Only 25 degrees out again. My brother was heading out for 16 outside & invited me along. I only had 13 on my schedule and was dreading the cold. I killed my 13 on the treadmill instead.
Sunday- No exercise unless you count stuffing my face, and unwrapping gifts at both my parents houses on christmas!

Nutrition- FAIL on the working on reducing sweets! This time of year is too hard!! I am working on a christmas detox, although with Kevin's bday celebration it didn't go well today. Tomorrow is another day.

This weeks runs have been going well, and I'm looking forward to the race.
10 days left!

Merry Christmas & my winners!

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas!
Sorry for the lack of posting, but I've been super busy.

Saturday afternoon we hosted christmas eve dinner for Kevin's family, then headed to his Aunt's house to be with the whole group. His 3 cousins all have 2 kids a piece that range in age from almost 3 to 11. The kids love me because I hang out and play with them. The 5 year old is adorable. He loves the disney princesses, and after talking about our favorite princesses, he asked me if I was going to get married. I told him yes, and he asked to who. When I told him Kevin, he said "Well how come you're not married yet? When are you getting married?" haha smart kid. I told him he had to ask Kevin. He then proceeded to "marry us" while bopping us on the head with a plastic plate, then made it official by making us kiss. How cute can kids be!?

Sunday we did presents (more on mine another day), then headed to my mom's house after church, followed by a trip for dinner to my dads house. It felt so good to finally get home & relax. We had a great time spending time with our families. Problem was I ate too many sweets and now I can't stop.

Today I embarked on a Christmas sugar detox. I'm working really hard to avoid cookies & candies & so far I haven't failed.

I know I forgot to post the Inperspire winners....

ImtheMarigold @ Knickers in a Twist gets rewarded for buying her secret santa a towel!

email me at sgrigely at hotmail dot com to claim your prize!

My Weekly recap will come tomorrow!

Miss Zippy's 2011 recap

Miss Zippy asked everyone to share this 2011 recap, so here it goes....

Best race experience? I would have to go with the New Orleans Rock N Roll Half Marathon! A flat course, a new PR (beat later at RnR Providence), lots of bands and fun, followed by a night out on Bourbon St!

Best run? Right before RnR Providence I had an amazing outdoor tempo run. I remember my legs feeling so light & feeling so fast!

Best new piece of gear? There are so many new pieces I love. Right now I am in love with my fleece lined Athleta running tights. 

Best piece of running advice you received? Make strength training a priority! My weak hips were a problem and I feel so much better with the strength training added in.

Most inspirational runner? All you runners, and triathletes out there who inspire me from your blogging. Thank you!!

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? Busy, Stressful, fun!

Thanks 2011!

Secret Santa!

This year I was super excited to participate in Jill's Blogger Secret Santa since last year I found it a little too late!

I had a blast heading to one of my favorite stores, REI to get Christina @ Lace it up & run some goodies. She did a wonderful recap of the gift....
So head over to her blog post HERE to see the goodies I got her!

Then, a couple days ago, I got an unexpected Amazon package.
I order things from there all the time, but I wasn't expecting my snow white arm warmers yet, so I was trying to figure out what I had ordered. When I opened the package, I found...
Julie @ ROJ Running, my secret santa, sent me a new book!
This will be the perfect thing to pack along with me for the trip to Disney Jan 6th for my first marathon, and to enjoy as I lounge around drinking mojitos on the cruise ship afterwards. Thanks a ton Julie!!

Who else participated in Jill's secret santa?
Do you do Secret Santa with any of your other friends/coworkers/family?

Week 13 Recap!

Thanks a million for all your words of encouragement after my sunday longrun.
In an odd way, even though I didn't finish the 20 miles, even though 18.5 is my longest distance before the marathon, even though I'm sure my running parter will ditch me & I'll run the race alone, I'm feeling better moving towards January 8th.

The biggest thing is, that my knee has been feeling a million times better. I made it 16 miles on Sunday with just a little stretching for it, and finished those 16 almost a full hour ahead of the 18.5. 
I'm optimistic that the taper, plenty of stretching, and some fabulous shorter runs will keep me ready. 

Any other words of wisdom to keep me moving in the right direction?

Marathon Training Week 13 Recap
Monday- rest day.
Tuesday- Treadmill Speedwork. These speedworks are beginning to get easier. The speeds feel more manageable and the knee is feeling better. Its amazing how 16 weeks of speeds you thought were impossible start to seem doable.
Wednesday- TRX class. My first in almost 2 weeks! Felt a little sore afterwards.
Thursday- 8 miles tempo @ 5.4mph. Felt pretty good throughout with a couple stretch breaks.
Friday- rest day. Slept through my alarm, and was lazy all night.
Saturday- I had every intention of riding the trainer in the afternoon. But after working in the morning, getting my massage, and wrapping presents I was out of time!
Sunday - 16 out of 20 miles of my long run due to the freezing cold weather.

Nutrition- My goal was less sweets, and I was mildly successful. This weight loss thing has been a no-go  lately. With less than 3 weeks until Marathon time, and VACATION (hellooo Bahamas!), I want to work hard to look and feel the best I can. With the holidays here, I know it will be tough. I want to try drinking more water, eating less sweets, and eating more lean proteins.

Today I had an awesome Speedwork run! The speed & knee felt great, and it was an amazing confidence booster to lead me into the final days before the race.

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Oh but there really is such thing as bad weather.

On my scheduled 20 miler today, I tried telling myself this over and over.  I knew that it was going to be cold out. The weather channel said 25 degrees with winds ranging from 7-9mph.  They said it "felt like" 15 degrees. I bundled up in my fleece lined Athleta tights, my running skirt, longsleeve brooks shirt I bought at RnR New Orleans, and my lululemon jacket. Gloves on my hands, and my face contraption Kevin had bought me during the power outage that doubles as a hat and neck/face warmer and is made of cozy fleece. I was chilly when I started, but figured I would warm up as I got going. 

My knee was feeling good, even as I hit the hills. I went through my killer hills at Forest Park, with a little walking and stretching, but felt pretty good. It was windy and cold the whole way. The sun wasn't warming things up. My face mask was fogging my glasses, so I had to keep it around my mouth and my nose was freezing. Around mile 11ish, I stopped at the gas station to buy more water, and the heat inside felt amazing. I left, and headed out for the last 9, more miserable than before.

Taking away the wind and cold, the run was going well, my knee felt a million times better than the last long one. Around mile 12 I was getting a little weepy. I was just so cold, my hands were beginning to get numb, and I could barely feel my face. Around mile 14, I started getting some chest pains. After stopping to rest and walk, I realized they were just a side-stich type pain, and I tried to keep going. From mile 15-15.5, I cried. I was having trouble breathing, my hands and face were numb, I was shaking I was so cold. I pulled over into a parking lot and sat down on the curb sobbing and shaking. I called Kevin, and finally got him on the third try. He could barely understand me, but finally got where I was, and was on his way.

I wanted to keep moving to stay warm, so I started walking. Kevin caught me about a half mile down the road with the heat blasting. It has never felt more amazing to get in that car. I was a sobbing, shaking, mess. My hands were red and numb under the gloves, and it felt like heaven to hold them up to the heating vents. Kevin stopped at Panera on the way home to pick me up a Cranberry Walnut Bagel. After a scorching hot shower, & layering myself with warm clothes, I made the most amazing breakfast sandwich, and crashed on the couch.

I hate that I quit, but honestly I thought it was becoming a potentially dangerous situation, and I was more miserable than I have ever been. I asked myself, "If this were a race, would you quit?" My answer was yes. If I would quit during a race like that, then theres no sense in potentially hurting myself on a training run. I'll finish the last 4 miles tomorrow.

Weekly recap to come tomorrow

Winner of the Gone for a RUN giveaway is Sarah without a blog, so I sent you an email, congrats!

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Look out 20 miles, here I come!

I'm getting a little nervous about tomorrow's 20 mile run.

I have learned from my past long solo runs... multiple loops do not work for me. So instead, I mapped out one giant 20 mile run. I strategically planned around a gas station & a CVS for water refills. A sunny 25 degrees is the forecast. Brrrrrr!

My mom did 14 miles today! I'm so proud of her for heading out there and working hard. Now she's on her taper, I can't wait for mine after that 20 miles tomorrow! Disney is only 3 weeks away.

Wish me luck!

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Inperspire Giveaway!!

Another great Holiday gift idea....

I love Inperspire towels and at less than $11, they make a great secret santa gift, stocking stuffer, or present to yourself. I have a bunch, and love them all...

I did a review last year (HERE) and this year stocked up on another for myself, and a couple for my mom!

I love the new designs!

Having a motivational saying on your sweat towel to block those miles ticking by on the treadmill, works amazingly. A little piece of inspiration to keep you going through those tough moments.

Jimmy at Inperspire has offered a Holiday Giveaway to my readers with 2 winners! Each one will be able to have the towel of their choice!

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Disney Outfits & Tough Chik Winner!

Thank you everyone for your votes on my Disney Outfit... so far between blog readers, friends, and family, Snow White is in the lead.

Check out my post HERE to see all the options and let me know what you think!

I should mention that I got all of the picture collages from google images courtesy of Sparkle Skirts. While I do think Sparkle Skirts are fun & super cute, I haven't trained in them and I feel most comfortable in Running Skirts skirts. So my skirt will not be sparkly, but I'll be putting some bling on my top. And amazingly enough, Road Runner Sports has tank tops in any color I may need. I'm thinking about arm warmers in case its cold. I'm not sure what color would be best for snow white for arm warmers and compression socks?

I almost forgot, but the winner of my Tough Chik giveaway!
I loved seeing how many Tough Chiks there are out there, but there can only be one winner. And that winner is... Hayley @ Climb Run Lift Mom!
email me at sgrigely at hotmail dot com to claim your prize!

I also have some exciting news...
I joined Team Tough Chik!
I still need to send in my bio, but I'm looking forward to being a Tough Chik all year long.

By the way, I killed my tempo run this morning. Knee. Feels. Awesome.
Trying not to jinx it.

Disney Marathon Outfit!

I've been seriously contemplating my running outfit for the Disney Marathon. I know I want to dress with a Disney theme, but I can't pull together the final details. I know I want to write in rhinestones "my first marathon", or something like that on the front of my shirt, and my name on the back. I know I want my outfit to include a skirt from since that is what I wear for every training run and I love my side pockets for my honey stinger chews. So far, here are my thoughts.....

Minnie Mouse: Red mini dot skirt with a black top & my black CEP socks. Red headband and maybe some ears. Problem... Running Skirts is out of the skirt in a size 5. Anyone have one I could borrow?

Snow white: Yellow Running Skirts Skirt (in stock), blue top & red headband
similar to this

Belle: Yellow Running Skirt, yellow top, yellow headband, maybe yellow arm warmers if I can find some
similar to this

Cinderella: If the running skirts pool or aqua is a close enough color....
similar to this

Any other ideas?
What would you choose for me?

Marathon Training Week 12 Recap
Monday- 60 min trainer ride on the bike
Tuesday- Missed my Speedwork run since I was sick with a sinus cold
Wednesday- Missed TRX because of the sinus cold. Managed 1 hour 40 min ride on the trainer while watching the biggest loser marathon.
Thursday- scheduled 10 miles @ PMP... only had time for 8 miles before work.
Friday - Finished up the other 2 miles & threw in 1 more for good measure.
Saturday- Planned on riding the bike trainer and watching Kona Ironman, but instead did miles of walking while shopping like crazy.
Sunday- 13 mile long run. I was so happy since the knee didn't bother me until mile 7, even with tons of hills in Forest Park. I had to take a few stretch breaks, but overall the knee felt a million times better than last weekend, and left me hopeful for the marathon. My running partner S told me she finished her 18 miles in 3:15.... I have a feeling that she may blow me away in the marathon and leave me on my own. I'm trying to decide how I feel about it. At least its at Disney, right?

Nutrition- FAIL. Cheesecake, Cupcakes, Cake pops. OMG I did not do well with eating. My new goal is to cut down on the sweets this week.

Please help me with my running outfit!

Top 5 Gone for a RUN Running Gifts (giveaway!)

If you've been following my blog for awhile now, you may remember how I fell in love with Gone for a RUN and their great running gifts and gear they sell (see my review HERE). I also found their InspireME bracelts & my pink & white Hat at the RnR Providence Expo!
My Bibfolio!

see the hat with my set out outfit?
With the holidays creeping up, I wanted to come up with some great ideas for you to give your favorite runner/triathlete. So I teamed up with Ryan at Gone for a RUN, to come up with a top 5 list to help you attack your shopping list!

Top 5 Gone for a RUN Running Gifts!

Who doesn't love to show off their Race Bling!! Without a proper display, your marathon and half marathon memories may be limited to a desk drawer, a box, or tacked to the wall with a thumbtack. Hang them up in style and be proud of your accomplishment! These hangars are hand sculpted from medal, and over 24 medals can easily slip on. I have one of these on my shopping list for a certain running partner!

These cute hats are available in 3 colors and over 45 popular designs (you can even customize with your own quote). The ponytail opening is at the perfect spot for maximum comfort. The fold up front panel has the super cute quotes to keep you looking good and feeling comfortable. The beanie is made with RunTECHNOLOGY performance fabric to keep you warm, and wick away moisture. Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

This is the newest Gone for a RUN IDmeBAND Bracelet! These RunningLACE IDmeBANDs are fully adjustable to fit any wrsit. They are lightweight, comfortable and could save your life one day. An IDmeBAND is the most important piece of gear for an athlete with emergency contact information engraved on the slider. It reminds me of a fun summer camp bracelet, definitely one of the most fun ID bracelets I've seen. Another great Stocking Stuffer, or Secret Santa gift!

LightGUIDE LED bands provide the brightest security light for athletes and anyone who needs to be seen at night.  Other lights don't compare to LighGUIDE with its proprietary reflective material in addition to the brightest LED Hi-Vision Blue light technology.  From dusk to dawn this highly visible light band will let you be seen by motorists for well over a 1/4 mile away.  Each arm band is made of tough nylon which wraps comfortably and easily around your arm or leg and secured with Velcro™.  A press to operate battery pack allows you to select from 3 light modes, slow flash, fast flash and a constant light. Available in 3 sizes.  Batteries included. I'm adding this to my list!

Beautifully handcrafted runner ornaments make a great gift & keepsake (I have a few people on my list to buy them for). It's perfect for commemorating a race for your favorite runner! You can even personalize it with a name, race time, or message. How cute, I want one of my tree!

Ryan has offered to help you to tackle your holiday shopping (or self gift-giving), with a $20 giftcard for Gone for a RUN!

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Contest Ends 12/18, good luck!

Three Things Thursday!

1. This morning I managed 8 of the 10 scheduled tempo miles before my time ran out before work. My plan is to get the additional 2 in tomorrow morning, and then work on getting in at least part of the speedwork I missed when I was sick on tuesday.

2. I found out my Bib # for Disney!! 5368! I think there are a bunch of bloggers racing marathon weekend in the half, the full and goofy. Are you going?? Is there a blogger meet up scheduled at all? If not yet, who wants to get together?  I'll be getting there Friday morning, and leaving Monday morning to get to the cruise port for my cruise to the Bahamas!

3. Ironman World Championships are on on Saturday on NBC! 4:30pm my time, I plan on riding the trainer and watching after I get home from work. I couldn't be more excited to watch and get excited to Tri season!

I'm happy to be feeling better and back in the game (minus the peppermint ice cream I ate tonight haha)

Would you run that marathon?

Tonight I spend 1 hour and 40 min on my trainer, with a huge chunk of time spent watching the Biggest Loser Marathon Episode.

I haven't watched this season at all, but I wanted to watch as for the first time, every contestant ran the marathon for a chance to have a guaranteed spot in the finale and some pretty awesome cash prizes. Straight from the start I thought they looked underprepared in their cotton tshirts, lack of sunglasses in the hot sunny desert, and no fuel or water on them. 

Now I understand a lot of it is for TV. I'm sure there's a van following each contestant ready to give them water or whatever else they needed. I absolutely could not believe the conditions and the landscape of the marathon. The most un-scenic view, 40mph winds with dirt & debris flying in their faces, uneven dirt roads, in the middle of the desert. At least in years past, they've run along the coast with beautiful views, had friends & family join them, and have much better weather conditions. I would never choose to run their marathon. AWFUL. I feel angry that Biggest Loser made these contestants who have barely exercised for 3 months complete a marathon is way less than ideal conditions. 

Did you watch the Biggest Loser Marathon?
What do you think about their racing conditions?

Last night I had crazy dreams as a result of reading everyone's Rock N Roll Vegas Race Reports. I had dreams that I was at a horribly organized race with a half marathon, full marathon, and a bike race all at once. I was riding the bike race, with only 55 other people, and was rushing at the last minute to get the right gear on, and then had to weave around runners as I rode my bike throughout the course. So weird! I tried to stay asleep long enough to see what happened, but I woke up near the beginning of the race. I wonder how it turned out?

Ever have crazy race dreams?

I missed TRX this morning to try and work on feeling better, and it worked! I feel great, and managed a 24 mile trainer ride after work while watching biggest loser. Tomorrow I have a 10 mile tempo run scheduled, and we're supposed to get some snow overnight. I'm aiming to head to bed early so I can be at the gym the minute it opens. I'm afraid I won't have time to get all 10 miles in before work, but I'll try to do what I can.

What do you do if you don't have time to get all your scheduled miles in?

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Sinus trouble...

I can't seem to catch a break lately...

First it was the vertigo. Then the disastrous 18.5 mile run. Today, my sinus' have been pounding and nausea persistant. I missed my morning run when the alarm didn't go off. I was hoping to go after work, but after feeling like crap and eating nothing but graham crackers and diet ginger ale, I decided it was a bad idea.

After taking some Sudafed, I'm feeling much better and lounging on the couch with plans to hit my bed early tonight. Maybe with that stressful long run, I think my immune system was wide open to get hit.

                                                                                                Source: via Laura on Pinterest

I wanted to thank all of you who left me amazing comments, words of wisdom, and support following my last post on my 18.5 run. The encouragement I get from the blogging community is amazing and I can't begin to thank you all enough. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it made me feel a million times more hopeful!

Hoping I make it to TRX in the morning!

When doubt starts to creep in...

Today I had a a lot of doubt and fear going into my 18 miler. My longest run to date. My faith in myself and my training was lacking, but I was determined to get through it. With only 5 long runs left leading up to Disney, I knew I had to get it done. Despite the fears, despite the pain, despite the lack of desire. I had to get it done, all 18. The first 11 went well, I stayed at a decent pace, walked when I needed to in order to keep my knee happy and plugged along. I stopped at CVS around mile 10 for more water, then back at home mile 11 before heading out for the final 7. The whole time I'm thinking "When I finish this run, I would still have another 8 miles. 8 miles??!!! What have I gotten myself into??!!" I had horrible headwinds going into my final 7, and my knee started acting up more. I walked more. Around mile 14, I started crying but kept going after pulling myself together. I was forced to walk the last 1.5 miles of a total 18.5 miles because the knee pain was too great. Now my fears are even bigger.

How am I going to do this?

Will I finish the Marathon?

What have I gotten myself into?

And after finishing the run, I spent a long time stretching and crying as I worked out the kinks and waited for Kevin to deliver my Panera to me. My 110% Play Harder calf sleeves have been on since I finished with rotating ice packs. I cannot climb stairs. I cannot sit on the toilet. I am miserable, which is creating more and more fear of whats to come in 4 weeks.

Do you think 4 weeks will lead me to feeling more prepared?

Should I adapt a more run/walk method for my knee?

Should I (probably most obvious) throw any sort of time goal out the window?

Week 11 training recap
Monday- 45 min bike trainer ride while watching DVRd shows
Tuesday- Treadmill speedwork. 1K, 2K, 1K, 1K. A couple pauses during the long sprint, but otherwise feeling good.
Wednesday- TRX class. I was able to progress to a side plank pike today. Still no knee pain with SLS exercises.
Thursday- 6 miles planned, but my early morning vertigo made that impossible. Instead I spent the day vomiting and sleeping after having the Eply maneuver done to me.
Friday- Still dizzy and missed TRX class, and another day at work. Instead I spent the day sleeping and making cake pops.
Saturday- Jolly Jaunt 5K, just over 30 min! So mad I cannot seem to break that milestone! My knee felt fabulous the entire time.

Sunday- The absolutely brutal 18.5 mile long run recapped above.

Nutrition- Actually has been pretty good all week! Minus the taste testing for the cake pops, I did really well limiting sweets and snack food. At my work holiday party I didn't go overboard and only had 4 cocktails all night! I am now enjoying a fabulous dish of peppermint stick ice cream from the shop down the street in attempt to soothe my legs haha 

Despite my discouraging run, I'm going to work hard at staying positive, getting my runs in, and eating well all week.

Now the important stuff.... 
The winner of the Fuel Belt is...
email me at sgrigely at hotmail dot com to claim your prize!

Send me some encouraging vibes!
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Tough Chik Review & Giveaway!

Another great holiday gift idea is Tough Chik gear!

Tough Chik began as tough chik Shannon was training for her first marathon and was disappointed in the options for cute, edgy, fun gear for running & riding. Made by tough women, for tough women. I think we all have a little Tough Chik in each of us.

The Tough Chik team is women who run, bike, and swim, and design and make great practical gear & clothes. They also donate a portion of their proceeds to project Athena, which is an organization to help women with breast cancer, or other medical or traumatic setbacks fulfill their athletic dreams.

Shannon sent me over a t-shirt to review, they have a lot of great options. After my successful triathlon season, I decided to go with the i Tri t-shirt!

Photo taken the first day of my no power streak!

Do I look like a Tough Chik?
100% cotton, comfortable for lounging or running errands on a saturday. I love shirts that brag about how badass I am.

Some of my other favorite Tough Chik products?
Their great cycling jerseys HERE

Their environmentally friendly Bamboo collection HERE

And Tough Chik hats, hoodies, and visors HERE

Shannon at Tough Chik is so awesome she will gift one of you with a Tough Chik T-shirt of your choice! Perfect for starting your holiday shopping for a Tough Chik on your list, or gifting one for yourself. Any item from Tough Chik would make a great holiday gift this season.

How to Win
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3. Like Running to Health on facebook HERE & tell me if you're a Tough Chik
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5. Spread the love & share on your blog, facebook or twitter (1 for each)

Enter until 12/10, good luck!
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