Dream Day

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Day 14 (pretend its yesterday!)
My Dream Day
Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not- How could you make it happen?

My Ideal day would consist of sleeping in until 7am.

The sun would be out, the weather gorgeous with a nice breeze in the morning. I would head out for a run in a running skirt and tank top, and have absolutely no knee pain & feel great.

I'd come home, and Kevin and I would have breakfast. Either at our favorite restaurant or made by us at home. Then we'd head out for the beach in a car that he had already packed.

We'd spend the day relaxing by the ocean. Reading, listening to music, walking along the coast, taking a swim. 

After coming home to shower and clean up, we'd head out to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner and drinks, followed by an amazing night of sleep.

I've had days similar to this, but not all of it in one! Usually because we have to leave for the beach earlier, and I work a lot of saturdays or have bigger workouts to get in before we go. I hope we have many days like this over the summer!

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Sounds beautiful!!