Bridal Shower!

I'm preparing myself to get on track.
You see, I keep having events that lead me astray!

I had the week from hell at work.
then before I had a chance to de-stress,

It was my bridal shower...

My bridesmaids & Maids of Honor with me on the day
I ate well for the most part, except a few Bellinis and a small piece of cake. It was great to spend time with family and friends, and think about all the uses for my new household goods!

I also snuck in my first dress fitting for my wedding gown, which I am even more in love with than before!

I had some excellent runs last week, but fell victim to some stress eating after work, which hit a high note on friday night. After a nice dinner out with Kevin at the Northampton Brewery, which consisted of nachos, wings, pizza and beer, we hit La Fiorentina for dessert. 
I wish I had taken a picture.
Since there was a $10 charge card minimum, we got a little cake, slice of snickers cheesecake and a chocolate covered cannoli. When we got home, we then managed to devour it between the two of us, until I felt as though I may be sick.

Ever since then, I've had the worst belly bloat. I think I gained 5 pounds from all of that dessert. I've been aiming to focus on some clean eating, and exercise. So far, today went well! It really goes to show how awful all that junk is for you, it made me feel like crap!

Tomorrow I have 5am bootcamp, I'm getting ready for the big Bia Fitness challenge that starts July 1st!
 cannot wait!

What desserts or food make you have food regret?
How many days until I get rid of the bloat?

Weekends of fun!

I'm getting a lot of things checked off my list, and I've still been keeping busy! We had a rainy day a couple weekends back at Fenway Park to celebrate K's bday!

The next day, S & I hit up the new Athleta store!
I am in LOVE with their swim suits and wanted some new workout gear.

I came home and ordered another swimsuit on top of the one I bought there. I also took home a gorgeous new pair of capris that I am in love with, and a hot pink racerback tank.

And this past weekend, K and I had the best night ever at the best concert of my life. 
The Package Tour.
Boyz II Men
98 Degrees

Seriously the best concert of my life!!!

On the Wedding front,
I am only 82 days away!!
Invitations went out today, I have my first dress fitting wednesday & my shower this sunday!

My workouts have been on target, but I have still slacking on my eating, S & I even got a sweet 7 miles in on Sunday, I felt great the entire time, and wished we were going a little more. We started our training cycle for RnR Providence, while I train for my triathlons (including IronGirl Athleta Webster!!). I reallly want to drop some weight before the big day, please help me stay on focus!!

Do you remember how awesome NKOTB are?
What was your favorite concert?
What tips do you have for me to get on track for the wedding?