Running again?

I went for a run.

It wasn't far, and it wasn't long. 
It wasn't even that fast, but I laced up my shoes and hit the treadmill. 
My goal was 3 miles, and even with running only once over the last 2 months, my regular 5.5mph felt slow. I kicked it up a notch to 6.0mph, and managed only 2 short walk breaks. It felt good to get back to running, I've missed it. The more I think about another 70.3 this June, the more I think about how badly I need to get my running miles up. 

I am amazed at how much the 30 min Jillian Michael's body revolution DVDs are keeping me in good shape and increasing my strength. I figured that run would have been a lot harder. 

Now who wants to fix my nutrition so I can actually drop some more weight?

Have you ever had a long running hiatus?
How was your first run back?
Who wants to help me keep my nutrition on track?!

Post Thanksgiving wrap up

Are you out of the food coma yet?

My Birthday Flowers!

Thanksgiving was my birthday this year. Normally we head to the Manchester Road Race in CT, but I hate the effort to get to such a big race, and always feel so rushed leading into thanksgiving. Instead I was aiming for a 5K in my hometown, except.... no one would run with me!

Instead I got up and got my Jillian workout in before hitting the kitchen. I made some delicious clean eating recipes for sweet potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce. We had a delicious dinner at my mom's house with Kevin & I's families. We even had candles in the pumpkin pie.

That night, we went shopping crazy. Our adventure started at 9pm on thanksgiving with a cooler filled with drinks and food, and finished after 3pm on friday. We had one 3 hour nap between outlet shopping and the mall. Did I get a lot of presents for others? no. But I did manage to score some excellent deals on clothes and a new purse for me!

After an exhausting shopping day, I definitely didn't get my Jillian in. Saturday was a washout too, I had a bridal shower, then cleaned the house a little before getting ready for my birthday party!!

My BFF Roomie & Kevin threw me a party!
Kevin and I at after dinner drinks
Sunday I spent the day cleaning to get ready to decorate for christmas!

The holidays are coming up so fast, it's really getting me thinking about the past year, and the year to come. I think 30 could be a pretty good year!

Happy 30th Birthday to me!

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Happy Birthday to Me!! (and a few giveaways for you!)

The day is here....

Today I turn 30!!

I'll spend the day celebrating with Kevin & I's families. I made delicious clean eating sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce.

I want to celebrate my birthday by giving YOU some gifts of my favorite things!

Here are the awesome prizes up for grabs...

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Jillian Progress!

How are my Jillian workouts going?

So far so good!
I've done awesome at getting the strength workouts in (They're getting wicked hard)! The cardio workouts, I'm not loving. I've been either skipping or throwing in some running.

Over the last month I've lost...
7 pounds 
3 inches from upper chest
4 inches from bust
2 inches from midriff
0 inches from upper arm
3 inches from waist
.5 inches from upper hip
2 inches from lower hip
.5 inches from upper thigh
1.5 inches from mid thigh
.5  inches from calf

Overall = 17 inches lost!

So far I'm loving the program, but need to be better on my nutrition. I can definitely tell how much my shape is changing for the better. We had our engagement photos taken last week & they came out amazing! I cannot wait to get my CD of pictures to share with you!

I also bought a very important dress to wear in August!

Things are moving along, but I still haven't picked any new races yet!

Have you tried Jillian's Body Revolution?
Do you think 17 inches the first month is a good start?
Who can't wait to see my engagement pics?

Are you on the Team?

I'm back on the Team...

How could I say no?
The awesome support system and fabulous race gear, I'm in!

Now I need a race schedule.
As you know, I decided against the Disney Marathon.

I'm aiming for the Patriot Half Ironman in June in MA.
Half Marathon suggestions?
Close to home (New England area is a plus)
Cheap travel.
Somewhat warm weather (no tights is a plus)

Are you on the Team?
Have a Half Marathon for me?

Hydrapak Selva Review!!

What kept me hydrated on the last 13.1 miles of my 70.3 adventure?

Outside PR wanted to help me finish my 70.3 strong, so they sent me a Hydrapak Selva to train & race with.

The Selva has room for 70 oz of water, plenty of pockets for storage. It could even fit a lightweight jacket or arm warmers with room to spare once you're warmed up on the run. This hydration pack quickly became my replacement for my belt. It was freeing to not have anything strapped to my waist. The back was cushioned, straps comfortable with minimal bounce, and an easy to drink from bite-down spout.

Look at all the awesome pockets!

The perfect cell phone or ipod pocket with headphone hole
After 2 runs with it, it started leaking from where the tube attached to the reservoir. I tried de-taching & re-attaching. I put towels around it, to try and contain it. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Lucky for me, the teams at Outside PR & Hydrapak were quick to fix my problem.

They told me to try lubricating the attachment, but also sent me a new elite reservoir with an easy button attachment.

side by side comparison. Regular Left, Elite Right
Easy push button release
I got one short training run in before the big race, leak free! Thank goodness!

The morning of the race, I filled the Selva reservoir with ice, then just before heading out of transition for my swim, added the water. After a fun 1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike, I slipped on my Hydrapak for the half marathon.

I kind of wish I wore it for the bike, since I am awful at bottle handups (close to crashing). I loved having my own water without needing an aid station on the run. I was one of the few triathletes carrying hydration with me, weird!

I had my extra fuel, just in case stashed inside, and it never felt too heavy. In fact, my back felt much more comfortable with the Hydrapak than with my typical hydration belt.

I finished Pumpkinman 70.3 never feeling thirsty, and with a huge smile on my face.
Read the Race Report HERE.

My big 30th Birthday is coming up...
and Hydrpak will be part of my big birthday giveaway, so keep following!