Final round of questions

A while back, I wanted you to ask me some questions. Here's the last chunk of answers!!

Aimee @ Amazing in Motion asked...
I know that you generally do your long runs with a friend, but if you are running alone what do you do on a long run to maintain motivation & interest?
Lucky for me, theres been very few long runs I've had to do on my own. Sometimes I bring music or just think to myself and enjoy the scenery (or whine to myself at how miserable I am). Once I split a run into 2 loops where I was able to stop inside to get more water and take a quick break in the air conditioning & that worked really well too. If I'm at the gym, I find something good to watch on TV.

Cupcake @ Bigger Girls Run Too asked...
Would you ever consider doing a Tri, why or why not?
I have done a few Tris, and I LOVE them! I love riding, I love the transition of activities, and the excitement that there is surrounding the sport of triathlon. You can read my race reports here: 
From my last Triathlon on 9/11/11
If you could race with a famous athlete, who would you choose and why?
I would choose Team Hoyt. To me, they are the icon of inspiration. When I read 17 hours to Glory, I had heard of the father/son duo before, but was awed when I read their chapter in the book. I would love to race with them, because to me it shows that no matter your ability/disability, great things are all within our reach.
Team Hoyt
What is your favorite way to spend your downtime?
Relaxing on a beach in the summer, or in the fall on my couch with a delicious pumpkin beer and a long list of DVRd shows. Some of my favorites are Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, America's Next Top Model, and a couple news ones like Up all Night, The New Girl & Whitney.

Thanks for listening & enjoy your weekend!

Three Things Thursday!

1. What is the deal with Biggest Loser? I am a HUGE Jillian Michaels fan, and was devastated when she announced her leave from Biggest Loser. I always loved watching Jill with the contestants, she is amazing. The new guy isn't bad, but Anna Kournikova is horrible. She is boring, not passionate, and to top it off not really helping her team lose the pounds. Thankfully, theres rumors that she won't return(HERE).

2. My nutrition has been crap this week, and I'm hoping that admitting it will help me get past it. I went crazy and bought Pumpkin ice cream, delish. Of course it was buy one get one free. I may have to toss them in the garbage. I missed my run wednesday, and made it back to bootcamp, but not without pulling my rhomboids. Now I'm heating my back and watching Parks & Rec & hoping it will diappear after a good nights sleep and some muscle relaxers.

3.  I'm leaving tomorrow for Long Island for the Divas Half Marathon!
I'm pumped to get all dolled up (crossing my fingers to find a fabulous tutu at the expo), and finishing with an awaiting treat of champagne & bling from a sexy fireman. I can't wait to come back & share the details. I know I won't run a great race, but I keep reminding myself that the goal is Disney! Sunday's run is only 9 miles on the schedule, so the extra 4.1 is a bonus. I may subtract from my 7 I missed and do 3 or so tomorrow. Wish me luck!


todays quote:

"Faith is building on what you know is here so you can reach what you know is there." – Cullen Hightower

Today was slightly frustrating at weigh in. My first one in 3 weeks, and I had a puny loss of 1.6. Higher that my home scale, and after all the hard work I've put in with workouts and eating better, I'm mad. I know where I need to improve though (pumpkin beer). I have faith that I'll get there eventually, but I wish I could be more focused. I actually have the chinese symbol for faith tattooed on my hip, now I just need to remember to always keep it.

What do you need more faith in?

I bet you're dying to see how my hair turned out from my new curling iron!

Fabulous! It looked a little better this morning, but this is mid day after running around with my patients.

I'm getting excited for my trip to Long Island this weekend!

Are you a morning person?

Recently, Holly @ Rust Belt Runner had a post about how she's becoming a morning person, HERE. It made me think about how I've come to love mornings (most days).

I start most days at 4:40am, get dressed & get out the door to bootcamp, the gym or a run.
clothes laid out, ready to go!
I lay my clothes out the night before to avoid turning on a light to wake Kevin, and to save time. Usually I get back around 6:30, and head straight to the shower. After that I'm usually loading/unloading the dishwasher, making lunch & breakfast, sometimes throwing in a load of laundry. I like to clean as much as I can, and get things organized so its not a disaster when I get home from work.
morning cleanup
Then its time for makeup while I watch the today show, and a quick blowdry to the hair. Clothes are easy for me, since I wear scrubs every day. If I have extra time, I'll look through a blog or two before I leave.

When I get home , I'm exhausted! Work is stressful & physically demanding at times, so I like to relax on the couch or make dinner. I'm looking forward to rides on the trainer this fall/winter after work while I watch my DVRd shows.

I wasn't always a morning person, it started maybe 4 or so years ago, when a coworker suggested working out in the morning. At first I laughed at the idea, but soon I was starting my day off with a workout and it felt good. I have the energy from the workout to carry me through until about 3pm.

Are you an Early Bird?
How do you start your day?

Week One Success = Treats at the Big E!

So, week 1 of my training for my very first marathon is completed! Not all the workouts went as I would have hoped, and my nutrition wasn't the best, but overall I'll call it a success. Here's a recap....

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- 1 hour bootcamp, 20 mile ride in 1:40. I got to go riding in the rain with the Green Girl!
Wednesday - Speedwork day: 3x1600m @ 6.4mph with 1 min rest intervals. My legs felt heavy & sore, but I plunged through with only a couple small rests on the last one!
Thursday - 1 hour bootcamp
Friday - Tempo day: 2 easy, 2 ST, 2 easy. Last 2 miles were definitely rough. My legs were wicked sore still.
Saturday- 15.76 ride in 1:15. A buggy, muggy ride with Kevin. Pretty much I wished we had stayed home.
Sunday- Long run 8.21 miles in 1:38. Rough run overall. My legs were heavy, my breathing short, and I just wanted to be done, but my body didn't want to go. I let Shelley go ahead the last 1.5 miles, and I struggled to the car with a million walk breaks.

Nutrition- Overall, not horrible. Biggest problem is that its fall, which means that my favorite beers are in limited supply. Which obviously means we have bought several cases and I'm enjoying 1 or 2 almost every night. I HAVE to stop this.

Today we went to the Big E, ever hear of it?
Pretty much its New England's biggest fair, and we had to go!
I managed my food smartly with a corn on the cob from the New Hampshire building, organic flatbread pizza from American Flatbread in Vermont, Sam Oktoberfest, Opa Opa Oktoberfest, and my favorite, the mini cinnamon donuts!
My donuts and my many purchases!
I'm also a huge sucker for those 'as seen on TV' kind of products. I ended up with a ceramic curling iron,  floor mats for the house, back cushion for my car, and an amazing grater. Pretty excited to curl my hair tomorrow!

Like the pink zebra? Don't mind my crazy eyes!
Since next weekend is the Diva Half Marathon, I'm going to get my key runs in on monday and wednesday, so I don't run 7 miles 2 days before the half. Shelley and I are excited for a long girls weekend away in Long Island!

Anyone else racing at the Diva Half in Long Island?
Anyone know any fun things to do in Long Island?

Everyone will run a marathon

I am watching my DVRd Biggest Loser from Tuesday and dropped my jaw when they announced what would be the final challenge the contestants would compete in at the end of the season.

Everyone will run a marathon.

From 300+ pounds... to 26.2 miles


Every year I love the marathon episode (except last year when it was stupidly left out). It's my favorite episode of the season, it makes me feel like I can do it too. If people who weighed 300 pounds 3 months ago can run a marathon, then I can too. Especially with the years of training I've put in, and the weight I've worked at losing. Marathons however, are not for everyone, so I'll be interested to see how it all plays out. Maybe this time they'll focus a little more on the training and nutrition required to accomplish this feat.

This week has been right on track with workouts and mostly with nutrition. I have adapted a new eating attitude for this training cycle. I need to fuel my body to perform my best at this marathon. I do not want to be held back because of poor choices I made with food. I've decided that at the end of the week, I'll give you a recap on my training and how all the workouts went for the week.

I also want to check with my mom and see if she would write a recap of her training every now and then as she goes from couch potato to half marathoner! She has her Jeff Galloway walking plan set out & is working with a trainer at the gym and I couldn't be more proud of her! I love to spread the running bug to my family and friends!

Tempo run tomorrow!

Looking for some new tunes?

In case you need a little inspiration on your ipod to keep running, or gymming it, check out this fabulous list from Chris @ Runhundred

The Top 10 Workout Songs For September
Here's the full list, according to votes placed at web's most popular workout music blog.

1.Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything (Sidney Samson Remix) - 129 BPM
2.Nicki Minaj - Super Bass - 128 BPM
LOVE this girl!

3.Switchfoot - Dark Horses - 83 BPM
4.Gym Class Heroes & Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts - 90 BPM
5.Lady GaGa - Edge Of Glory (Bare Noize Remix) - 140 BPM
6.Pitbull & Marc Anthony - Rain Over Me - 128 BPM
7.Nadia Ali, Alex Kenji & Starkillers - Pressure (Alesso Radio Edit) - 129 BPM
8.T.I. & B.o.B. - We Don't Get Down Like Y'all - 92 BPM
9.LMFAO, GoonRock & Lauren Bennett - Party Rock Anthem (Russ Chimes Remix) - 129 BPM
10.Alexandra Stan - Mr. Saxobeat - 129 BPM

To find more workout songs-and hear next month's contenders—check out the free database at RunHundred. Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era-to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine. 

What's your current favorite workout song?


John Mayer, here I come! (Your questions answered, part 2!)

A while back, I had you ask me questions, and I'm still working on the answers! Here's round 2!

Penny @ Pink Hat Runner asked...
What is your favorite distance to run?
I would have to say the half marathon. It takes discipline and hard work to train to get there, and I feel so accomplished when I'm finished! (the bling doesn't hurt either!)
Out of all the races you've done, which was your favorite so far?
I have 2 races for different reasons. First one is Disney Half Marathon 2010, where I managed to convince my brother & 2 friends to run with me, and another friend to run the marathon. We had a bunch of friends come along as spectators too & had a blast. The race itself was not so good because of the weather, but it was awesome to help my brother finish his first half. I also love that you wear your bling around Disney until you go home, makes you feel like a Rockstar!
Horrible pic I know!! But it was such a big moment for us!

My other favorite would be Rock N Roll New Orleans. The race course was flat & I hit a PR, running with one of my best friends for her first half marathon finish. The post party was fun & the city of New Orleans was a blast afterwards. I wore my medal around town here too haha

What is your favorite place to eat?
Great question! My absolute favorite is the Goten, a japanese Hibachi restaurant in Sunderland, MA. They have noodles instead of fried rice & always put on a great show. I have a bunch of other loves too... Eastside Grill in Northampton (gorgonzola garlic bread), Villa Napoletana in East Longmeadow, Max's Tavern in Springfield, The Federal in Agawam. YUM!

Wells @ My Story... Chapter 2 asked...

If you could have a final meal, what would it be?
wow, what a hard question! Pick just one?? I would say a favorite meal I get at EastSide Grill. Probably gorgonzola garlic bread to start, followed by the blackened scallops with mashed sweet potatoes or their delicious risotto. For dessert a Canoli or fabulous cupcake. Now I'm getting hungry!

How did you decide the name for your blog?
I was trying desperately to come up with a catchy phrase. I thought about why I was running... to get in better shape and overall health. I'm still not wild about the title, but it works for now!

If you could have 3 pieces of gym/workout equipment for your home, what would it be?
My number one would be the TRX, no questions asked. I LOOOOVE that thing, and have been seriously considering buying one, but I don't feel like I have a good place to put it. 

My number 2 would be a lap pool. I hate getting up early and fighting for a lane at the pool. It would be nice to train/swim laps whenever I wanted.
Lastly, I think I would go with Bosu ball. They're a ton of fun for getting some great core work in!

If you could have dinner with 3 famous people (alive or dead), who would you select to dine with?
I know most of you will probably laugh at my first one... Britney Spears. I am a huge fan and would love to gossip and girl talk with her. John Mayer, since I am in love with him. Jacoby Elsbury, since he is my Red Sox boyfriend!
John Mayer's gap ad <3
Do you prefer books or movies?
Tricky question. I love books, but now with limited time on my hands a movie is easier to get through. I am not a huge fan of books that turn into movies. I feel like so much of the story gets lost or the details changed (The Something Borrowed star was a chubby girl in the book, not some cute skinny girl!). For books I love John Grisham and Chick Lit, and movies I like girly movies, comedies and horror flicks.

Would you ever consider doing an international race? If so, what location(s) would be most appealing?
I would definitely consider an international race, but I would be nervous not speaking the language!! How would I understand the race directions, where to go, etc. I think I would only do it as part of a group going for that specific reason. To nix that whole language thing, I would definitely do the Caribbean, I was considering Puerto Rico for the Diva Half, since most people speak English there too.

Thanks for listening! Part 3 will follow eventually...

Missed part 1? Check it out HERE

Riding with The Running Green Girl!

This past weekend was a washout for workouts. I spent the entire weekend working, with a quick trip to Boston saturday night for the Sox game. I had no time or drive to get any run, ride, or anything in. So when I had a day off today, I couldn't wait to work it out!!

First up was 5am bootcamp. A combo of ladderwork, slamballs, TRX rip trainers, battle rope running, and band rows. Home for a quick shower, then got the car packed to  drive to Simsbury, CT to meet up with The Running Green Girl as she completed the last day of her Tour DaVita!

I managed to find a big parking lot near the bike trail fairly easily. Soon I saw Mary's green handlebars cruising by, and I went running toward her with a Dunkin Donuts Boston Creme.

It was a drizzly morning to start off with, and the rain picked up as we went along.  It was so nice to ride with Mary, she is such a bubbly, fun girl! We chatted about races, running, biking, and blogging, and soon enough we were at mile 10. We took a quick photo, then I wished her good luck on the remaining 90 miles & started my trek back to the car.

10 miles done!

The rain picked up heavier, and I was getting soaked and filthy. I went as fast as I could to make it back to my car. I wished I had brought the bike rack for the car, because my back seat is now a filthy mess. My Jersey didn't look much better either...
Do you like my pretty new HMF jersey?

You know I went home and had a Panera breakfast sandwich!

Three Things Thursday!

1. This week has been not very good with workouts, after getting in a killer ride on the trainer while watching the Bachelor Pad season finale tuesday, I have not worked out since. Food either, seeing the junk I ate tonight, YUCK! Back on track tomorrow! Marathon training starts monday & I am excited/nervous! I toasted myself with with a tiny glass, 2 huge glasses of red wine in my Disney Half Marathon 2010 wine glass. Man I love how big that thing is!

2. I need some help picking out new goggles! As you read in my race report HERE, I lost my goggles coming out of T1, so I need a new pair! Any recommendations of your favorites?

3. They are building us a brand new Hospital at my work!!! I am so excited that in a little over 2 years, we will have a beautiful, brand new place to work, with new equipment, electronic documentation, and space to treat my patients. We've been begging for one for so long, we can't believe the day is coming that it will actually happen.

Bed time, hopefully with a run tomorrow morning!

CT Women's Triathlon Race Report!

You might remembered that I questioned even doing this race. I had registered over a month ago, knowing that last year the race sold out. When I hit the button to send my money to the Hartford Marathon Foundation and register myself as an Athena for race day, I made a promise to myself that I would swim more, and bike more. I was already doing plenty of running. Unfortunately my motivation to swim faded and soon I was skipping every monday scheduled swim. In fact, I only got 2 pool swims in between my last triathlon (Wilbraham YMCA) and this race. Major fail. I also didn't get out much to ride. Busy weekends made me skip my saturday long rides, and weekdays I always had something else to do after work.

Needless to say, I was skeptical about my performance if I participated in the race. Then I thought about how I had paid $95 for the race, and that it was sold out. I talked myself into it on friday, not too last minute, right?

Saturday afternoon, my mom headed with me to packet pick up in Farmington, CT. My mom has just caught the workout bug, in fact she is now training to walk the Disney Half Marathon!! Bringing my mom to packet pickup was a great idea, because not only did I get a fabulous tech tee & bag included with my race fee, but my mom splurged on an amazing bike jersey and car magnet for me, thanks mom!

After packet pick up, I took my mom to Fleet Feet to get fitted for running/walking shoes. She is going to try a run(slooow jog)/walk method & is following Jeff Galloway's plan that is specific for the Disney Half. She was surprised to learn she should have been wearing a sneaker a whole size bigger because of how her foot expands in standing. She loves her New Balance shoes she finally settled on!

Home to lay things out, then go out for a few hours to a wild pig roast party. I sadly had to skip the ice luge, flip cup, and kegs of BBC to be in top shape for the morning. We ended the night early and made it home around 9:30.

Race Day
After getting myself ready, eating my usual breakfast, applying my Tri-Tats (pretty cool) & getting my gear together, I managed to pry Kevin out of bed with promises of Dunkin Donuts, and a nap after the race. We got to the race site, which was at beautiful Winding Trails in Farmington, CT.
Tri Tats!
finished product!
We got there at what I thought was a good time, however almost every single spot on my rack was taken. I ended up far back in a different kind of rack than I'm used to, which was holding my bike poorly, and let it keep toppling over. I quickly started putting my things out and chatted with a few girls near me that were first timers. I was in the last wave, which was Athenas and first timers. As I was laying out my things, a man starting shouting, transition will close in 10 minutes. 10 minutes??!! I still had to pee & get a wetsuit on! I finished laying out my stuff, sprayed myself with Pam (first time trying that trick), and started to wiggle into my wetsuit. I met up with Kevin and we headed to the beach.

The Swim

They did a thoughtful September 11 ceremony before the race start, complete with a bag piper, and soon the swim was starting. It looked forever long, and I was starting to get butterflies. The longest race swim I have ever done is 1/4 mile, and this year only 300 yards, so I was in panic mode. I tried to breathe, remind myself that swimming is my strongest sport, and that I would just go nice and easy to be ready for the rest of the race.
look at that long swim! left to right, orange buoys on the right.
getting ready for my wave!
I started out on the inside, which I thought was a great place, but not many others had the same idea as me. This made my path somewhat clear for most of the race. The pond was a little clearish, so I was able to see feet in front of me, and move rather than get kicked in the face. I swam strong & effortlessly, and I couldn't believe how fast the distance was shrinking. My sighting was pretty much spot on, my form felt smooth, and my breathing easy. By far, the easiest time I have had on a swim in any triathlon. I'm sure I could have pushed a little harder & gone faster, but I wanted to be sure I had the energy for the whole 1/2 mile.

exiting the swim
1/2 mile swim = 19:21
140/492 finishers

The Bike

It was a long jog to transition, and I was able to get my swim cap & half my wetsuit off on the way. I threw on my sleeveless bike jersey (seriously a great wardrobe decision), my socks, bike shoes & helmet. I took a swig of Nuun & ate a honey stinger chew. Leaving transition, a volunteer yelled that my goggles were stuck on my bike pedal. I quickly threw them off to the side, good excuse for a new pair.

I took off on the bike. The course was fairly flat with a couple hills up, and a few sweet downhills too. I started behind an Athena and was focused on keeping up with her, but I lost her after the first turn. Not to worry, I was passing people left & right. This race was a BIG race and compared to the little triathlons I did this year it was nice to pass some people instead of getting passed all the time.
elevation of the bike course
Around mile 7-8, a woman in the 50 year old age group and I kept passing each other. We chatted a little bit, and eventually I overtook her on a straight away and downhill. The last mile, an Athena came up and passed me, I pushed it to keep up with & we rode neck & neck into transition. I felt strong the entire bike leg and was seeing speeds on my Garmin that I have never seen on a ride. I averaged 16.5mph & hit a top speed of 28.8mph. I am pretty convinced I had my best ride ever.

T1 = 1:52
12 mile bike = 43:46
206/492 finishers

The Run
Heading to transition was a little crowded as people were heading out for the run, which was the same as the bike entrance. Some people were not hustling their bikes to the racks, which slowed me down. Finally I slipped off my shoes and got my running shoes on, race belt on, more Nuun down my throat & grabbed my Garmin off the bike. My stupid Garmin hates sweat however, and was being a Pain in the Ass, and refused to reset for the run. In fact, I didn't get it started until almost a 1/4 mile into the run, which was a steep uphill, up a rocky path.

Did I somehow forget that this was a trail run? I completely missed that memo, in fact the only time I have ever run on a trail, was the time Shelley & I got lost in Forest Park on our long run (HERE). The trail run was through a nice wooded trail, with mud, sticks, tree roots, and rocks to avoid. This slowed my pace significantly at time, and others sped it up. My pace was all over the place, but I  stopped for one slight break for a little gatorade at the water stop, and only 1 or 2 other places for a quick walk break.
run paces
I got passed by several people on the run, but I did manage to pass others too. I even passed one Athena, which I was pumped about. My Garmin's late start, led me to be uncertain about my current distance, so I had no idea how much gas I had to keep in the tank before going all out. I was a little conservative near the end. Then, a little boy yelled, over this hill then you'll see the finish line. Since my Garmin said maybe 2.6 miles,  didn't believe him, but there it was. I took off, going as hard as I could, making sure to pass one last person on my way to the finishing chute.

I smoked her, she's not even close to me!

T2 = 2:03
3.1 mile run = 34:45
332/492 finishers

I saw Kevin just as I was finishing ( missed him at every transition in the race), and he met me at the end of the chute. I gave up my timer chip, and got some water a handmade "finisher" magnet with cute little fish, sneakers & a bicycle on it. We promptly headed over to the beer tent for the 10 penny ale, which was fabulous. I wasn't hungry at all, but I grabbed a caesar salad wrap for Kevin and a banana for me. They had a few booths set up with different companies, and Kevin bought me a couple nice things (more on them later). We decided to head to transition, get my gear into the car, then go back to the finishing area for more beer & hopefully the results. Bad news? Beer was kicked, and results were only available that night online.

finisher "medal"
after the finish!
Final Results
17/59 Athena

After waiting in traffic to exit the park, we headed home for some Bertuccis brick oven pizza and water. I felt sick the rest of the day after a 2 hour nap, but thankfully am much better now. 
The good of the race?
Well organized
LOTS of signage
small swim waves
flat bike course
AWESOME dri-fit shirt swag

The bad of the race?
My horrible bike rack which didn't hold my bike well
LOTS of first timers who didn't follow bike rules on the road
a rocky, muddy trail run (bad because of the flooding we've had lately)
Beer finished early

This race re-lit my triathlon fire! I felt strong and competitive throughout the whole race. I couldn't wait to get back to training and thinking about all the races of next year. I'm so excited to do this race next year, and convince some friends next time to do it with me. Anyone else in?

Your Questions answered! part 1

A while back, I was tagged in the Q & A game, and begged you guys to ask me questions!


Favorite time of year?
Definitely summer! I love all things that go along with summer. Beach trips, vacation, corn on the cob, more outdoor exercise, triathlons, sun tans, grilling, and sunshine!
Beach trip + Vacation = even better!

How do you fuel for a run? Before, during, after?
short runs, I may have half a luna bar or some almonds, but usually nothing. For long runs, I typically have a piece of organic whole wheat toast with organic peanut butter & banana, and some water. During my longs I use Honey Stinger pomegranate chews & waffles. After my long runs we always hit Panera to refuel with a breakfast sandwich & sometimes I'll make myself a protein smoothie at home.
Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews, Pomegranate Passion Fruit, 1.8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12)
What's one of your favorite blogs? Why?
My favorite has to be Beth @ Shut Up and Run, because literally I am laughing out loud every time I read her posts. She takes the common stuff of training, and the silly things that happen to her & always turns them into a hilarious story to tell! Adam @ The Boring Runner comes a close second for hilarious blog reading.

Erin @ See Mom Run Far asked...
What is your dream race?
GREAT question! I hadn't really thought about this one before, my "dream race" initially was the Disney Marathon, the reason I started running, but that dream is becoming a reality. My next dream would be Florida 70.3, which actually goes through parts of Disney too! I'm a ways off from a 70.3, but a girl can dream, right?

Which would you rather have, super endurance or super speed?
I think I would have to say super endurance. It would be awesome to run a ton of miles, or be able to complete iron distance triathlons without a problem.

What foods are your biggest temptations?
Definitely sweets. Ice cream, peanut butter cups, chocolate, YUM! I don't allow myself to keep things like that in the house, because I know I would cave. Instead if I am really dying for a bowl of ice cream, 

we head to the shop down the street.


Tricia @ Endurance isn't only Physical asked...

Whats your favorite AND least favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite part has to be the support, and encouragement from all of my followers who push me to become a better runner/athlete then I ever though possible. I love to hear how I've inspired others, and learn about new products & gear. My least favorite is time time consumption. It takes time to write posts, read other blogs, work on giveaways, etc. Sometimes I wonder how other bloggers do it all!

Suzy @ Running on My Time asked...

What do you love about running? What do you not like?

I love how I feel when I'm finished, strong and accomplished. I love that its found me new friends and great experiences, and many more to come. I don't like the time it takes to finish a long run (zaps almost half my sunday), or waking up early to do it, but I'm a bad night time runner.

What is your favorite place to exercise?

Running through the streets of Longmeadow or Forest Park. 

What is your favorite Race?

My favorite race I've done has to be the Rock N Roll Mardi Gras (Race Report HERE), but the triathlon I completed today came pretty close! If I had some friends doing the race with me, it definitely would have won!

Me & Shelley @ Rock N Roll Mardi Gras!

That's all for now! Look for part 2 soon!