Foiled plans again!

Well, only part of this evenings at least. I forgot that it is family swim time at the pool until 8pm, so I may try to get over there for a swim then, but we'll see what the plans with Kevin are. We are planning on packing up & laying low for tonight before we head out to Boston tomorrow. Tomorrow we are heading out early to meet one of my best friends from college, Lindsey & her husband, and meet their 9 month old Camden! They live in Detroit and the tigers are playing the sox this weekend, so they came out to visit & come to the game with us! Now, last time I was at the ball game I did terrible eating wise. I promise to avoid the ice cream & popcorn this time. Just beer & Crackerjacks for me! haha Have to splurge once in a while, otherwise what fun is life!?

We leave Sunday earrrly AM for Mexico, Cancun to be exact! I have planned all my workouts and packed my clothes and sneakers. They have a very nice looking gym, and Kevin is bringing his gear, we both plan on being somewhat healthy this vacay (I think I'm starting to rub off on him). Plus included for us at the resort is unlimited kayaking, windsurfing, paddleboating, so we'll stay active every way we can. I want to go on a walking tour of some mayan ruins, hopefully we can get there too. I'm going to enjoy myself food wise, but not go overboard. I'm going to try and eat similarly to how I did on my cruise 1 1/2 years ago where I only gained .8 pounds.

This morning I got in an AWESOME run! 30 minutes total, trying to work my speed up. I used to run at 5.5 on the treadmill before my surgery, now I'm barely making it at 5.0, so I'm working on it. I'm hoping i'll get a swim in tonight, if not, maybe a quick ride or run tomorrow before we leave? Probably I wont have time!

This may be the last post you hear from me until I get back on friday! My workout schedule is posted on the training schedule page. I will post updates & pictures when I get back. Keep working hard while I'm away everyone!

I fought my bike, and my bike won....

So after feeling so exhausted this morning I had to skip my workout, I decided to pack up my stuff to go out riding/ running with some coworkers. I spent 20 minutes fighting my bike into the car. imagine this ..... I am dressed in my red sox scrubs and a white tshirt, I take the bike from the garage. Removing the front wheel so it fits in the back seat is supposed to be easy right. flip the clip, pop off the wheel. nope, not working, unscrew that black screw thing? nope, now a spring is coming back. Lets try to put down the back seat & shove it through the trunk. Groan, shove, not going in. Rip the bike out, put it back in the garage. Get into the car & realize I have 7 minutes now to get to work and look at my shirt and arm to realize I am coated with dirt, tire streaks & sweat. The bike won, it went into the garage. Then at work, my coworkers decided they wanted to go earlier than I could get out & I was way to exhausted anyways. ::GROAN::

Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have NowTook a nap when I got home. I guess my body just needs a little rest, cant wait for my vacation! I ordered my Tri outfit! I went with the TYR outfit (Option #3 from a couple posts below), and decided maybe I will buy option 2 if I stay dedicated to my training for a few weeks. I also ordered the book Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now , which was recommended to me. It won't be in before I leave for vacation, but I'll move it to the top of my reading list when I get back. Ive been reading a LOT of inspiring websites & blogs. I came across a girl on the WW boards who signed up to complete an iron man prior to her 30th birthday, AMAZING! I would be so excited to do a half ironman at some point! Check her out: Iron girl Jo .

Since my body is clearly craving rest, my plan is to lay low tonight. Do some packing, cleaning, organizing, make some lists of what I need. Tomorrow AM we're going out for breakfast for our student's last day, so I will hit the gym for what I can in the AM. At least a 20-30 min run, maybe a swim in the PM after work, if I can get enough done before then.

Could sleep forever.....

Has anyone ever woken up from an extremely long sleep and wished they could head right back into it? I took a nap yesterday, went to bed early last night (9:30pm), and was exhausted when my 5am alarm went off for the gym. I switched it to 5:30am, went back to sleep, just to promptly decide I needed sleep more than a workout and set my alarm for 6:30am to get up for work. Now, calculate that, 9 hours of sleep, yet I could have easily slept another 2 or 3. I think a combo of TOM and working out a LOT lately as I begin training for this triathlon has made my body say, "What the hell are you doing!" This morning I did WI, although it was 187, and I was not pleased. But as a result of my crappy eating the last couple days I know why. I did so well the first half of the week, and now I leave for vacay sunday, and I'm trying hard to stay focused. I think part of the problem is when I am tired I will eat anything. I eat to try & stay awake or get more energized. I need to stop that and take a nap or drink some water. I certainly haven't been drinking enough water lately.

So instead of the gym, I am packing my road bike & running clothes to possibly go riding and running with some coworkers after work. That is, if I get out a decent time and I'm not exhausted. We all know what happened tuesday when my plans got derailed. I need to NOT make that a habit. Now its time to get ready for work & get all my stuff together!

Move over old ladies!

Today I had a day off and was looking forward to a productive, yet relaxing day. I wanted to start my day with a swim so I headed over to the gym at about 9 after some housecleaning (note this is 30 min before old lady water aerobics start). There are 3 lap lanes at my pool & a smaller therapy pool. So I get there and there is one lady in a lane wearing sunglasses, a bandana & hat, doggy paddling back and forth, another lane has an older woman with swim cap & goggles doing the back stroke, the last lane has an old lady just floating in the middle with a foam noodle. SCREAM! I ask the woman with the swim cap if I can share with her "no, i have neck issues" she says. What?? Do you expect me to wail you in the neck? Seriously I know how to swim. Next I ask the woman with doggy paddle to share "No, I have surgical wounds that you could do damage to if you kicked" What??? Surgical areas? Pretty sure if you have surgical areas you don't want me near, you shouldn't even be in the pool for health reasons. While I was trying to share with the other 2, a woman started walking in the floaters lane. She asked me if I would like to share with her. So I spent my workout avoiding the floater and making sure I didn't run into the walker. LAST time I go swimming at that time!

I got home and it was such a beautiful day I decided to go out for a ride. I really need more practice on my bicycle. I still don't really know how to shift gears or drink my water while pedaling. I did almost 6 miles in 26 min which I thought was pretty good. Then again, I have no idea. How fast do people really ride bicycles?

Finished the day with some cleaning, packing, muffin baking (Jillian's Banana Blueberry, YUM!), a nap, and more research on inspiring triathlon stories, and tips for completing successfully. I am exhausted despite the nap, I'm excited that in 2 days I begin vacation with red sox & cancun!

Help me choose!

Option #1: Danskin Tank & shorts       Danskin

Option #2: Danskin top & skort

Option #3: TYR tank & shorts     Sports Basement

Option #4: Skirt sports tank & shorts  Skirt Sports

Option #5: skirt sports tank & skort

thoughts, opinions, please!!

Oh Stacys... you make me feel so good...and bad

Long day at work. I did get up for my AM run, but 10 hours of patient treatment time ( most of it exhausting), mounds of paperwork, and looking after a student made me get out an hour late. Which put me in a very BAD mood, since I knew I would end up missing spinning. I didn't leave until 5:30, and I still had to buy corn for dinner and do the prep work. I ended up picking up a few things at the store with the corn. Cinnomen sugar Stacy's Pita chips, a low fat ice cream cup & peppermint patties. I ate 80% of the pita chips, the ice cream cup (single serving), and 2 mini peppermint patties. Why oh why do I do this? I know that it's horrible for me, I don't even really want to. But for some reason at the time it feels like the only option. Dinner was delish! I made terriyaki burgers from Stephanie Cooks blog.

p.s. kevin found a squirrel skeleton while mowing the lawn. Gross! how did that even happen???

I think I am between 3 different tri outfits, Ill post them tomorrow & take a poll. I am so tired, and as a result excited for a day off tomorrow after working 9 days in a row. pedicure, packing, cleaning, and a good workout tomorrow!

Don't turn around!

Tonight I didn't do so well with eating. I did not drink enough water at work today. I had errands to run after work including a trip the the grocery store. Picked up a diet root beer (I NEVER drink soda). I made a healthy dinner, but then had a little too much to snack on after my veggie burger and corn. I had a single serving light popcorn, popchips & granola. Finally I had a cup of green tea & stopped. Certainly not overboard, but not what I would have liked to do.

This morning I went to the gym, swam & weight lifted. I pulled my right glut & now my butt is killing me! Tomorrow is an AM 20 min run, then PM spinning class. I am making teriyaki chicken burgers for dinner (like my favs from red robin, but healthier) and corn on the cob. Well technically I will just be prepping dinner and then Kevin will be starting it while I am at spinning. YUM!

Trying to pick out an outfit for the tri is skilling me. I know I have a while, but I want to practice in what I'll be wearing for the race. I found a new TYR set I really like too...

So many choices!! I think I am between the TYR, the & Danskin. Any recommendations on brands that work? 

Bed time so I can get up for a run and prep dinner before work!

First cycle back!

Got on my road bike today for the first time since surgery. Originally I had planned on a 20 min ride, followed by a 30 min run, but Kevin came with me on the ride and really wanted to go out longer, so we ended up with a 50 min, 9 mile ride. Unfortunately my road bike is not equipped with cages, and I do not think I'm ready for clips yet, so my feet sometimes fly off the pedals when I'm going fast. My brother discarded his old cages when he got clips, and we both have Specialized bikes so I'm hoping they will fit. I'm going to dig them out & make an appointment for a bike fit & have those put on for wednesday. The ride felt good, I definitely could have gone for more, but it was starting to sprinkle and we were getting hungry. Kevin thought I did pretty good keeping up with him :)

Work was not quite as busy today, I got out around 2:30. I made good choices with my eating and tracked everything all weekend, now we're just trying to figure out what to do for dinner.

In other news, any thought on the bodybug? You know, the thing the contestants wear on the Biggest Loser around their arms. My friend Amy got one. In fact she wore it when we went to the casino a fewweekends ago. She is in good shape, has lost a lot of weight. I'm just not sure how useful it is for someone who already has healthy eating & activity habits. I mean she runs probably 30 miles a week at least & is training for her second half marathon, does she really need to be so precise about measure how many calories she burns at rest? thoughts?

Time for dinner and preparations for the week ahead. It will be a busy one since we are going to boston for the sox game on saturday and leaving for Mexico on sunday. Can't wait!

another rainy day (or weekend)

I decided to take today off from working out. Partly because I have a full workout week ahead of me, and partly because work was so crazy I didn't get out until 4:30.  It down poured in the middle of the day, but was clear later. I had a dinner date with my friend Shelley tonight. Shelley has become a runner with me as well, we ran in the Holyoke St. Patricks Day race 2 years ago. We decided to go out for sushi and shared a few rolls, then splurged on ice cream after (small dish!). I worked on convincing her to sign up for the triathlon with me. I love having my friends involved with my workout goals, because I feel even more vested in the outcome. I know that they are expecting a certain something from me, and I don't want to let them down! I want to prove that I am fit & athletic! Tomorrow I was planning a bike & job outdoors, but the weather will keep me indoors, so it will have to be a gym trip after work.

I don't think I've updated on the relationship status lately. HUGE fight tuesday. yelling, screaming (mind you, this was all over the telephone), and pretty much just a big mess. We finally calmed down around 1am (yawwwwn, thats why no gym wednesday am!) He said he understands me now, I hate how it takes a big fight for him to "understand" me. I think he really just doesn't listen or care until I'm so mad, I'm ready to leave him, then he gets that it's really important. In the end, he asked for the engagement ring back (I had been wearing it around my neck), so that he can plan the re-proposal. I am sort of hoping that it will happen while we're in Mexico on vacation somewhere romantic with the beach involved. I am trying to have no expectations. Anything will be better than the last way this happened.

Bed time for now, work tomorrow, followed by gym time!

know me a little more....

A - Age: 27
B - Bed Size - Queen
C - Chore you hate: Mowing the lawn (i make Kevin do it)
D - Dog's name: no dog for me!
E - Essential start your day item: some type of fruit
F - Favorite Color: PINK!
G - Gold or Silver: Silver
H - Height: 5'5"
I - Instrument you play: I played flute & picollo in high school
J - Job Title: physical therapist
K - Kids?: None
L - Living arrangements: bought my new house in October! currently my friend Kerry lives with me
M - Mom's Name: Lois
N - Nicknames: Steph
O - Overnight hospital stay: I dont think I've ever been in overnight... day stay surgeries for my tonsils, knee & foot
P - Pet Peeve: people who cannot make plans. "I dont care, whatever you wanna do" drives me nuts!!! come up with a damn idea, I hate having to decide EVERYTHING! lol
Q - Quote from a movie: "Love actually is all around"
R - Right or Left handed: Right
S - Siblings: sister jess 16, brother jason 25, adopted half sister lily 9
T - Time you wake up: 5:07 am
U- Underwear: Always
V - Vegetable you dislike: beets?
W - Workout style: running, and now swimming & biking!
X - X-rays taken: right hand, my left foot at least 4 times in the last few months
Y - Yesterday's best moment: Getting an awesome workout in!
Z - Zoo Favorite: dolphins or penguins

rainy day

I knew that it would be rainy today so I definitely needed to get my workout in this morning. Woke up bright & early at 5am. My friend Barbie decided she will do the tri with me & we go to the same gym (clutch!) so she came with me today. I Swam laps for about 15 min, then jogged/walked for 30 min. I couldn't believe how sore my legs still are from lifting yesterday! Even though I felt like lunges were my only lower body exercise, they KILLED me. I am having trouble sitting, standing up, and squatting down (all major parts of my work as a physical therapist). I have to work all weekend and so far it seems like it will be a busy one. Im hoping to sneak in maybe a workout on sunday afternoon.

I've been looking for advice on triathlon wear. I kind of like the idea of a sport skirt (I think I would hate running in a compression tri short, but who knows!) They have a bunch at Skirt Sports , which was recomended to me by a trainer at the gym. A fellow blogger Lindsey (Adventures of a big kid) recommended  wearing a normal swimsuit with sportsbra (I was HOPING someone would say that, I most certainly can't go without a bra!), and tri shorts & tank from Danskin (they have some cute skorts too).

I'm already getting nervous about the transitions and doing one exercise after another, but I'm so excited for the challenge! It's giving me the motivation to eat healthier and stay on track, and I'm honestly looking forward to my workouts!

Good start to the day!

So thursday is WI day, which I have been slacking on (as you can see on the sidebar of this page). I have not been taking WW seriously, not staying on plan, eating things in quantities I know I shouldn't be. I expected WI today to be atrocious. 186.5. I was pleasantly surprised. Got my butt out of bed for the gym this morning, did 20 min of jogging & ditched the planned 20 min bike ride in favor of testing out my new strength training program. Felt good to lift actually, I haven't done it in a while. I think I need to add more leg exercises, any suggestions? Off to work I go feeling good & in control!

Training schedule is set!

Well this has only been a goal of mine for the past few weeks. I have needed to come up with a more solid exercise plan to stay on track. I finally buckled down & did it tonight, so glad I did. I used Shape's Triathlon training program to develop my plan. I chose it over Hal Higdon's since it seemed a little less intensive & I want to go easy since I had surgery just 3 months ago on my foot. My official start will be on Monday.

Here is my plan for the rest of the week:
Thursday: AM workout. Bike 20 min, Jog 20 min
Friday: AM workout. Swim 15 min, Run 30 min
Saturday or Sunday: Bike 20, Run 30. I may split this into parts each day depending on my work schedule.

I also wrote out my strength training program. Normally I would have had my trainer set up a program for me & go over it with her, but since she left my gym, I'm going to try it on my own. I used a mix of my favorites I've done with her in the past. I split my strength training into 4 circuits with 2-3 exercises in each one. I'll start with these and see how they feel, then adjust accordingly or as I find new exciting exercises.

circuit 1:
walking lunges with bicep curls
stability ball chest fly
stability ball reverse fly
circuit 2:
Assisted pull ups
pushups progressing to hands on medicine ball
circuit 3:
v-sit row
lying bench leg raises
triceps (I cant decide which to use right now)
circuit 4:
stability ball dolphin (reminds me of dolphin in ashtanga yoga)
side plank with twist
regular plank hold

So that is the plan. It feels exciting to have it all laid out. I even took into account my vacation in planning my schedule & it all looks good. I will post a list sun or monday of my plan for  the week, along with daily (hopefully) updates on my workouts. Now, I need to get to bed so I can wake up for that thursday AM workout! good night!

Almost August....

Yesterday my friend Jessica said to me "I can't believe July is almost over!" I said "My vacation is 2 weeks away, I was planning on being a lot skinnier by then!" I hate how I can stay focused and on track for a week or two, then lose steam. Or, a day or so, then it all goes to hell. I am still considering the sprint distance tri, maybe that will help me focus? I am going to finish watching Hell's Kitchen from last night, then am making an exercise plan. I'll be back to post in a little while my efforts at that. Vacation is seriously close by, I haven't been to the gym since last tuesday and I feel GROSS. Working out is such a big part of making me feel healthy and in control. Off I go!

Sox'n it up!

very unproductive end to my week. I was in a panic about finding someone to go with us to saturday's Sox game at Fenway since my roomie bailed on us. We ended up taking my sister & a coworker friend of mine who didn't have to work. I spent 0 time at the gym since spinning. Plan is to hit it tomarrow AM for a quick run or something. Game was amazing, my food choices, not so much. I had 2 beers at boston beer works, 2 bud lights at the game, fried pickles, chicken sandwhich & sweet potato fries at the beer works. crackerjacks, popcorn & red sox ice cream at the game. I really want to post more, but I am so exhausted, I will put it off until tomorrow.


WOW spinning kicked my ass last night!!  I went with my little sister & I burned over 500 calories during the hour. My foot was bugging me a bit, there were parts where I had to take it down a notch & slow down. Kevin came over last night for a sleepover :) things are going well, but I feel like he is putting things off again. When I tell him how I'm concerned because he hasn't proven to me that we're moving forward he gets upset. The ring is still not on my finger and it really makes me upset! Almost 2 months that I havent worn it, and that makes me really sad. I just feel less engaged, less moving forward, less being in a meaningful relationship. I am feeling like crap at the current moment about all of that. Any time I try to being things up & figure it out he gets mad. I don't even know what to do anymore.

Slept great last night, but skipped the gym today, my foot was extra achy from all the activity today. I was kind of hoping Kevin would have golf cancelled so he could come over. I was craving Friendly's watermelon roll, I bought one and ate that &  couple other nibbles for dinner. Soooo not healthy or nutritious, but I haven't had one in probably 2 years & it was soooo good. Im also pissed that my roomie & her kinda boyfriend have now bailed on us for the sox game this weekend. I have wicked awesome & somewhat pricey tickets & now no one to go with kevin & I. Looks like I'm about to lose $250.

Tonight I'm being lazy. I made a massage appointment for sunday which will be wonderful. Until Kevin proves to me that hes in this & ready to move forward I don't know what to do... ::sigh:: I wish life was easier sometimes...


So I've decided that in preparation for deciding whether the sprint distance Tri is a good idea, I will put myself though swim, bike & run workouts this week & see how it goes. I didn't make it to the gym yesterday AM, so I went swimming last night. I thought I read somewhere that 1/4 mile swim was equal to 17 lengths of a pool (not sure if it's true yet) & I did over that so I felt pretty good. Swam for about 20 minutes total. Came home & Kevin & I made sausage & Pepper Calzones for dinner, YUM!

This morning waking up for the gym was tough at 5am, so I decided to go back to sleep & retry at 5:30am to get to the gym for 6 & get a quick run in. I did some interval training for 30 minutes, and felt pretty good, although my foot was getting a little sore, so I came home to ice while I ate breakfast. Tonight I'm going to Spinning with my sister (16, she just joined my gym). I haven't been to a Spin class in.... well maybe years. I will have to dig out my bike seat cushion to get ready. So far this week, good food choices are keeping me on track.  I really hope I can do this Tri... I think it would be a nice motivation to get me back into working out like I'm used to!

Danskin Triathlon

I've been thinking a lot about my return to racing post surgery. I have been wanting to do a sprint tri for a couple years now, but haven't taken on the challenge. There is a Danskin womens sprint distance tri (1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run) September 26 in Webster, MA. I am seriously consider it. Could I be ready for it in 2 1/2 months?? that is the question...homepage_image_0310.jpg
Danskin Triathlon

Winning Weekend!

Lots of successes to post! Friday, Kevin, his meme & mom came over for dinner. I grilled shrimp kebabs with pineapple & red pepper, grilled tomatoes with basil, olive oil & balsamic vinegar, and corn on the cob. Everything came out delicious and we had a great time. Later that night I tried to talk with Kevin about moving forward with things. He thinks we already are, he feels better about everything, even though there still has been no re-proposal. we talked about him moving in with me in august, which isn't even far away. I feel like I'm having a hard time believing him that we're moving forward without that symbolic moment of him asking me to marry him the right way.

Saturday I did well eating wise for the most part. Worked in the AM at my per diem job, then came home to get ready for a night at the casino with my friends Amy & Chris. Loooong drive, since we met up beforehand at Chris' house, it doubled my driving time. Next time I'm meeting them at the casino! We went to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville for dinner. I looked at the menu beforehand, and picked out a healthy option. A salad with tomatoes, pecans, mango, grilled chicken & the dressing on the side. I splurged on a delish cocktail in a fancy keepsake glass lol. Then we did a little shopping, We stopped in a store where they had super cute aprons, so I just HAD to buy one, and I got kevin a little stress relieving golf game for his desk at work. We looked in a store that had lots of beautiful Vera Bradley and Pandora & there was so much I wanted to buy, I said "Lets go win big so we can come back & shop!" so we went looking for the wheel of fortune. My favorite game since my roomie won $600 once. We skipped the first wheel and went to find another. I sat down at the only open spot & ended up winning $300!! Very irritated that the free drink girl did not come around at all, at that spot, or the next round of slots we played (didn't lose anything there). I guess that helped my waistline.... went back and bought a new Vera Bradley & the ladybug pandora charm since I seemed to be having good luck. We had a long drive back, I didn't get home until about 12:30am. so tired.

I slept in until almost 10, ate breakfast & lounged around.  Went to the gym for an impressive 750 calorie burn (remembered my HR monitor finally!) ran 3.1 miles (5K) in 39:30, my fastest time so far. I was able to run for 10 minutes at a time with 2 minutes walking in between. Did the elliptical after. Still haven't done my lifting program yet. Definitely on my to-do list. I've eaten well all day, and I'm feeling great. I tracked today, and I'm feeling motivated to stay on track. Especially with vacation 3 weeks away. Now I'm off to finish Jillian's show :)

WI this morning. 187.5 . Can't say I'm surprised. another pound gained. Was doing so well food wise until after dinner. Just couldn't stop eating. I don't understand why this happens. TOM is supposed to be coming,  yesterday, so I'm sure I'm a little extra bloated/hungry because of it. Didn't make it to the gym this AM, too exhausted since Kevin didn't get out of class and call until after 10pm. I'm really going to work hard at staying on track today with my food since I can't get any exercise in. wish me luck!

Finding a new motivation

Now that I'm getting more settled at work, with being back from my long surgical absence, I'm getting back on track. I guess not too bad that it's taken only 2 weeks. Ive done well the past 2 days, even counted points today. I'm starting back at work full time tomorrow, which will be a new challenge as well. I NEED to start getting myself up for my 5am workouts. I took home the pages of lifting exercises that my trainer (who has since left my gym) has given me over the past 3 years, and tonight I'm going to make my own lifting program.

I had my 11 week follow up at the surgeons today. They took x-rays and said everything is looking great. I felt so motivated that I went to the gym & did some jogging.  It was a bit of a struggle endurance wise, but it felt good after 30 minutes. I want to find a 5k for august or september, but haven't had much luck in finding anything yet.

Its been so hot out lately. We've topped out at about 102-105 the past couple of days. ( I had to buy a sprinkler to keep my garden from dying) Running and exercising in the heat can be dangerous, if you don't drink enough. I thought this article was an interesting read at Runners world How much should you be drinking?

Tomorrow is Thursday, so I will WI in the morning & update tomorrow!


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Ive been bad

A bad blogger. A bad WWer. A bad exerciser.

Blogging & posting on the WW message boards helps to keep me on track and I haven't been doing it, so there it is. Have been eating way to much. The cookouts this weekend didn't help either. I weighed in at 186.5 last thursday, hopefully it hasn't gotten much worse. Kevin and I made a pact to get back on track with eating right and losing weight. Our vacation to Mexico is less than a month away!

On a plus side my vegetable garden is growing! I picked my first zuchinni last week! I planted some green peppers, eggplant & basil too. Still growing :) I bought a sprinkler for the yard to keep the grass from getting any browner and keep the garden alive. It was 90 degrees at 9 am today, so its going to be HOT out!

Things with Kevin have been going well, just waiting on our re-proposal and moving forward with everything. We decided not to talk about it until after it happens, and he knows it needs to be done soon, like less than a month.

So here again, is my pledge to get BACK on track. work on getting to the gym more, not letting work exhaust me, and making smarter decisions with food.