Jelly Bean Brick Workout!

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Day 7
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Happy Easter Weekend!
I did a great job keeping on track with my saturday workout (and even went above & beyond!) I was scheduled for a brick (or back to back bike-run), with a 60 min bike, then a 3 mile run. After I got home from work, I got Kevin to get dressed and we headed out for a ride. The first 20 min I spent lagging behind, chasing a mouse & got frustrated and upset. Kevin had us swap, and me go in front which led to a much better time for both of us. We hit major headwinds on the way back, 

We managed a little over 15.5 miles in 1:15, with our speeds dropping quite a bit on the second half. I counted part of this as my Jelly Bean Virtual Race bike 20K.

Then I headed out for the 3 mile run, not expecting anything great. I actually felt pretty good, which surprised me, and I was able to pull an 11:27 average pace for the run after the ride.

I was a tired Tough Chik after!!

I'm really going to make an effort to get my brick workouts in every week. I really think that was a low point in my training last year. A must this year with 70.3 on the horizon.

Time for Pizza and relaxing before the crazziness of Easter tomorrow. I still have to get my final Jelly Bean Race event in. But first, check out what came in the mail....

excited to try them!
Happy Easter!


My Daily Journey to Share said...

Awesome job! I plan to sit down tomorrow and start scheduling my weekly workout plan for the week. Great job!! Erica

Lisa said...

Every year I say I'm going to do more brick workouts, then I don't. I came close today, 6 mile hilly run followed by 28 mile ride. But...there was a 3 hour rest between the two, so it really wasn't a brick!!

I also did jelly bean events last week. Good job on yours!

Anonymous said...

LOOOVE the shoes!Awesome colors!! I run in the Vibrams Bikala and really like them.