11 Days and counting!

Less than 2 weeks to go!!

I'm embarrassed to report my training from last week, since it kind of fell apart. I did get in the pool, but my weekend long workouts were a bust. We had a wedding in Vermont to get to saturday, and I woke up late, and ran out of time before we had to get on the road, so I only managed a 1 hour bike ride.

The wedding was one of Kevin's friend's, and was a BYOB pig roast. I'm not really used to weddings like this, so I needed a bottle of my pink champagne, and half a bottle of their champagne to keep myself entertained.

So sad, the bottles empty!
The wedding was over early (8pm ish), but we were hungry and hit up Shaw's for some snacks and watched Blades of Glory at the hotel.

In the morning after breakfast, we went to breakfast, then hit up Longtrail brewery and Harpoon Brewery for tastings, tours, and lunch, not getting home until 4pm.

Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT!
longrun missed.

Less than 2 weeks left, and I'm going to Newport with the girls this weekend. I'm DEFINITELY getting in my long run sunday before we leave.

Im debating a race...
Have you checked my facebook page to see which one?

Happy Taper Time!

Only 3 weeks left?!

Only 3 weeks to go!!!!

Training Recap

Monday: Sleeping in... missed my swim, whoops!
Tuesday: 7+ miles of running speedwork. Felt amazing!!
Wednesday: Thunderstorms led us to an indoor bootcamp, which ended up TRX style (love it!). TABATA protocol kicked my ass, and I couldn't straighten my arms until sunday night!
Thursday: Bike-run brick. 1 hour trainer ride, followed by a 10 minute run.
Friday: My arms were still so sore, I had to skip bootcamp. I literally could barely move my legs either. Uh oh... half marathon sunday?
Saturday: 2 1/2 hour ride... on the trainer so I could start earlier and avoid the storms outside. I skipped the 3 mile run after the ride, since my legs were still sore, and I didn't want to be exhausted for Sunday. And i had to get an early start to leave for Providence!
Sunday: Rock N Roll Providence Half Marathon! Made it through without knee pain, a little sore ( I guess a heavy training cycle without taper will do that), and proud to finish #11!

Nutrition: Good 90% of the week until Thursday & Friday. Pizza takeout & Chinese takeout. What was I thinking???!!

Can you believe I race 70.3 in 3 weeks??? I am so nervous about actually finishing. About not dying before the finish. About not injuring myself, not getting trampled, and not looking like a fool. OMG can I really do this??

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What is motivating me... Part 2

The Olympics of course!!

How can you not be motivated by their incredible performances, their ridiculously muscular bodies, and amazing determination & dedication to their sport. I DVRd the women's triathlon saturday since I was working, and looked forward to watching it all day.

I got home, and parked myself on my bike trainer to enjoy the incredible race. It was a nail biter, as the favorite to win slipped back, an american almost made it to the podium, and a photo finish at the end. 
So inspiring.

Sunday was the women's marathon, I was looking forward to watching Shalane & Kara run their hearts out. Watching Shalane slip back at the end of the race to 10th place. Kara picked it up at the end and ended at 11th place, and watching them together post-race just shows how great Team USA is.

More track & field events to watch, the Men's triathlon & Marathon are still ahead, and I can't wait!

Watching Oscar Pistorius compete in the 400m, making it to the semi-finals....
Especially to me in my line of work.

I'm also competing in Run with Jess' Virtual Games!

I need to get started in my events!!

Do you love the Olympics?
Have the Olympics been motivating you?
What is your favorite event to watch?

Training Recap ..... 5 weeks left!

I have only 5 weeks until 70.3!

This was a recovery week, which I needed. I was exhausted after last week's training! I slacked a little more than I wish I had, but the weather was awful, and I needed the rest.

Monday: slept in & skipped the swim... Sunday's awesome long run tired me out!
Tuesday: 5 miles of speedwork. 400m warmup, 10 x 400m @ 6.4mph (400m RI @ 5.4mph), 5 min
Wednesday: bad weather = skipped weather
Thursday = whoops again.
Friday: Bootcamp in the morning.
Saturday: 1 hour 40 min trainer ride while watching the women's Olympic triathlon.
Sunday: scheduled 7 mile run, only finished 4 because of GI issues.

Nutrition: MUCH better this week. I actually started feeling lighter, my stomach a little flatter. Then, a bad day thursday led me to yogurt city & Chillis. Friday = drinks & dinner at TGI Fridays. back on track saturday & sunday.

I felt better about my training last week, so now I need to get the nutrition and training together to feel absolutely great!

Oh ya.... I also have a Half Marathon soon! RnR Providence is August 19!

How's your training going?
Are you heading to Providence?