Home projects & Clean Eating!

I've been absent, whoops!
I've missed 2 days of posts for the April WeGo health challenge, but I've been busy getting things done!

Friday I had another round of hypnosis. So far, I've been feeling more relaxed and not as tempted by food. I've lost 1.5 pounds, and have been listening to the hypnosis CDs regularly. So far I think it's really helping to visualize myself, take the time to really relax, and get input to not eat at stressful times.

Saturday, I headed out for a long run, and stopped 50 feet from my house because my bottles in my fuel belt were leaking so bad. I've been putting off replacements for a while now, but I headed home, placed an order, then hit the pool for an hour swim.

Then Kevin & I ran major errands. One of my goals for the year was to do some home improvements. I started small with a couple project I found on pinterest for window treatments, and here's what I ended up with...

downstairs bathroom

upstairs bathroom

guest room

Instructions for the bubble window HERE
for the faux roman shade HERE

Both were no-sew and required minimal effort & skill! Up next is installing a kitchen backsplash (just picked out the perfect tile), and making real flowerbeds outside.

Unfortunately I did not get out for my long ride this weekend I was looking forward to with an old friend. After a night of no sleep, I woke up exhausted and knew it would be a bad situation. So instead I focused my energy on a nap, and cleaning the house top to bottom. Next weekend I'll be away at a kinesiotaping course (can't WAIT to share what I learn), and then I am stuck working the weekend after that, so the home front needed to be dealt with.

Plus, I'm making good efforts on the eating front!
With the hypnosis, the snacking and cravings have definitely decreased, but as an overall challenge, I am joining Tiffany at the Gracious Pantry in her no sugar challenge.

Essentially no added sugar along with clean eating for a month.
Drinking a nutrient dense smoothie each day
limit to 3 fruits a day because of natural sugars

My list of recipes I'm planning for the week, all found on her website (HERE)
Nut Crusted Chicken & baked almond asparagus
clean eating tomato soup
Quick Pizza
clean eating shrimp scampi
Clean eating taco salad
green tea & mango smoothie
coconut banana smoothie

I'm honestly excited to start the challenge, and don't think I'll have too hard a time sticking to it. Plus, all these foods are great fuel for exercise!

One bad thing I'm dealing with lately is lack of good sleep
totally how I feel (courtesy of google images)
Kevin is a snorer. Not heavy nose snoring, but almost weird throaty breathing. I wakes me up constantly. I wear earplugs, I turn on the fan, I kick him so he sleeps on his side, nothing works. Remember when I went to the doctor thinking something was wrong with me because I'm so exhausted all the time? I'm thinking its because I am lacking quality sleep, because my sleep in constantly interrupted.

After hitting up Wed MD (HERE) & Help Guide (HERE), I have a list of things for Kevin to work on:
1. Have better sleeping habits. They say that snoring is more likely if you have an irregular sleep schedule. So I plan to get him on a regular one.
2. Regular Exercise
3. Quitting Smoking
4. Keep bedroom air moist, maybe we need to look into a humidifier?

Hopefully with a little work on his sleeping, my sleeping will be better.
which means...
I'll be more likely to get my workouts in
I will make better choices regarding food
I won't crash during and after work, exhausted
I'll have more energy to have fun!

Time to finish that clean eating grocery list & head to the store. Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Aimee said...

Pretty window treatments. Glad to hear you're feeling better and back on track. Good luck with the no sugar challenge. I'll have to check that out. Nothing seems to be working for me lately. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

wow you've been busy! Love all the window treatments and it sounds like you're having a great experience with hypnosis. Very cool!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

glad to hear the hypnosis is working for you!! i actually felt like after i went my sugar craings got worse which is totally werid

i like the cd's though as they make me super relaxed

Erica Elia said...

I love the window treatments!!!