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Today is my last day!

Day 30
Word Cloud
Make a word cloud or a tree with a list of words that come to mind when you think about your blog, health, or interests. 

Here's the cloud from all I write about on my blog!

and one I made myself....

Go make your own!

My Kinesiotaping Course!

For the month of April, I've committed to 30 days of posting!

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Day 29
Six Sentence Story
In this day of Micro-blogging - brevity is a skill worth honing. Can you tell a story and make it short and sweet? What can you say in six sentences.

This weekend I learned some fabulous taping techniques that I can't wait to use! Initially I thought the course would be great to help me learn to heal myself from injury, but after class I can see the many many many applications. I'm excited about using it on my neuro patients, as well as orthopedic patients and seeing the changes it can provide. I never thought a piece of elastic tape could have so many different healing properties depending on the way it is applied. My coworker and I are already brainstorming some research to conduct (trials or case study) to help build the research base. I am a new believer in the powers of Kinesiotaping!

Have you ever gotten taped for an injury?

The first time...

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Day 28
The First Time I...
Write a post about the first time you did something. What is it? What was it like? What did you learn from it?

The first time I...
Ran a Half Marathon.

I traveled to Kona, Hawaii with Train to End Stroke. After 4 months of fundraising and training (well sort of), I headed across the country with a few friends, and the rest of the TTES team. We headed over a couple days before the race, the Kona Half Marathon. 

In the days leading up to the race, my friend M was unbelievably nervous. She kept telling me she felt like she would throw up, I told her we would kill it no problem. On the inside I was unbelievably nervous, but I put up a confident face for her.

On race morning, we got up early and put on our TTES gear and met the group in the lobby. After riding over in vans to the race site, we got a scope of how small the race was. So small, that the TTES group was at the very front! I don't remember any elites, no waves, nothing elaborate like most races I did after. My nerves were making me a little nauseous, I had skimped on training and I knew it. Our plan was to run when we could run, walk when we needed to walk, and finish no matter what.

The small size of the race, left us many times by ourselves or with only 1 or 2 other people in sight. The ocean views were beautiful, the desert like views not so much. Seeing our TTES leaders, and the stroke survivors that accompanied us on the trip cheering us on was inspiring to keep going. I kept a bandana tied to me with names of all the stroke survivors that I was running for.

2 hours and 47 minutes later, after a bit of a struggle we crossed the finish line! I had never felt more proud of myself! For raising all the money to help stroke education and support, and for finishing something I never thought I would.

Somehow I knew there would be more in my future!

What was your first time like?

Challenges & Victories

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Day 27
5 Challenges & 5 Small Victories
Make a list of the 5 most difficult parts of your health focus. Make another top 5 list for the little, good things (small victories) that keep you going.

1. Avoiding Temptation: Staying away from excessive cocktails, sweets, snacks, etc! Especially when I'm out with Kevin or my girlfriends. Or temptations when I'm stressed or tired...
2. Getting Enough Sleep: Lack of sleep makes me want to eat non stop. Not to mention when I can't sleep, I don't usually get my workouts in.
3. Getting Rid of Stress: My job is non stop stress & my relationship is too at times. Feeling stressed makes me more likely to break on my healthy eating habits. Luckily I think the hypnosis has helped with this!
4. Consistent Workouts: I feel guilty, but sometimes sleeping in, blogging, or catching up on housework wins. Missing workouts leads to being underprepared for races, not meeting my weightloss goals.
5. Cutting back on Alcohol: I love enjoying a glass or 2 of wine at night, and having a few cocktails to unwind on the weekends. In reality, I don't need the extra calories or the toxins if I want to lead a healthy lifestyle

1. Finishing a Race: I never feel more accomplished than I do when I cross a finish line.
2. Watching my shape change: I love when I start eating clean, healthy foods, that my belly flattens, my waist shrinks, and I start to feel sexier!
3. Fitting in smaller pants: Recently I bought new jeans at the Gap in a 10, and was so excited!
4. Feeling sore after a good workout: Theres nothing that lets you know you worked hard like delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). When I feel sore for 2 days after a workout at Bia or on a run, I know I pushed myself.
5. Not rushing to the fridge after a tough day: Lately I've been more in control at the end of a long day. Instead of wine by the bottle and endless snacks, I've been having a small snack or relaxing for a bit before starting to make dinner.

What are your challenges and Victories?

Health Tagline

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Day 26
Health Tagline
Give yourself, your blog, your condition, or some aspect of your health a tagline. 

"No matter what life throws your way, keep Running (or biking or swimming) to Health!"

I spilled seltzer on my computer last night, which is why this is late! My keyboard is being tempremental. And for some reason, I the posts I've written part of & saved are not showing up on my mom's IPad (even with me logged in). Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest in. You'll get a double dose tonight!

Third Person

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Day 25
Third Person Post
Write about a memory you have, but describe it using the third person. Use as many sensory images (sights, sounds, textures, etc) as you can. Don't use I or me unless you include dialogue.

They sped down the highway toward Farmington Connecticut on a warm, late summer, sunday morning. The bike was stacked and tied down with springy zip ties on the back of the car, and inside was a carefully packed bag with all her race day essentials, including bib numbers, timing chip, and swim cap. It was slightly cool and she dressed wearing her Tri shorts, a T-shirt, and a sweatshirt to keep the chill away.

The anxiety was building on the 45 minute drive. Would she get there on time? Would she survive the swim, almost double the distance she was used to? After panic stricken words with her patient boyfriend and a few wrong turns later, they drove into Winding Lake. 

The transition area was a sea of all different kinds of women. Some there for their first triathlon, some seasoned vets. After finding a very tight spot to tuck into, she carefully laid her gear out. Her pink striped towel was the foundation, layered with her purple asics gt 2160 running shoes, her pink bib holder, and a pink handheld water bottle in back. In front was the cycling shoes, with her pink pearl izumi socks draped carefully sticking out. Extra glide, and fuel filled in the empty spaces.

 Rushing to get everything in place, she rushed into her wetsuit after a quick spray down of Pam. The pam made the struggle of the wetsuit only slightly easier. The black neoprene was tight, and required major effort to be pulled into the right place. Next was the swim cap, and goggles poised on the forehead, ready to be put into place.

Standing with her boyfriend on the beach, she stared out at the buoys. He gave her the encouragement she needed to get in the water. Soon she would be on her way to finishing her last triathlon of the season....

In case you're curious.
This is a description of my pre-race to the Women's Tri in Farmington, CT (a GREAT race by the way). If you're interested in reading more about my race day, check out my race report HERE!

Clean Day 1!

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Day 23
Choice Day 2!
Write about whatever you like!

I did this yesterday instead of the scheduled prompt. Here we go again!

Day 1 of clean eating & no sugar is underway. I was a bad blogger and forgot to take any pictures, but heres my what I ate list:

Breakfast: green tea (no truvia), breakfast scramble: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, red onion, black beans, spinach & cheddar. topped with organic salsa.

Snack: smoothie with coconut milk, banana, coconut, and protein powder.

Lunch: salad with mixed greens, quinoa, zucchini, black beans, avocado & salsa with a hummus/lemon dressing.

Snack: Hummus & baby carrots

Dinner: Nut crusted chicken & baked almond asparagus

Snack: organic gala apple & organic cheddar cheese. green tea (no truvia)

So far I'm feeling great. I've realized I mostly eat clean ~80% of the time, its just the sweets & booze that I can't handle. I hope that this month will help me kick my sugar habit, and use sweets only as an occasional treat. The hypnosis is helping, and I keep doing my CDs to relax and regain focus daily.

Do you eat clean, if so what's your favorite clean eating recipe or snack?
How do you deal with a sweet tooth that won't go away?

Home projects & Clean Eating!

I've been absent, whoops!
I've missed 2 days of posts for the April WeGo health challenge, but I've been busy getting things done!

Friday I had another round of hypnosis. So far, I've been feeling more relaxed and not as tempted by food. I've lost 1.5 pounds, and have been listening to the hypnosis CDs regularly. So far I think it's really helping to visualize myself, take the time to really relax, and get input to not eat at stressful times.

Saturday, I headed out for a long run, and stopped 50 feet from my house because my bottles in my fuel belt were leaking so bad. I've been putting off replacements for a while now, but I headed home, placed an order, then hit the pool for an hour swim.

Then Kevin & I ran major errands. One of my goals for the year was to do some home improvements. I started small with a couple project I found on pinterest for window treatments, and here's what I ended up with...

downstairs bathroom

upstairs bathroom

guest room

Instructions for the bubble window HERE
for the faux roman shade HERE

Both were no-sew and required minimal effort & skill! Up next is installing a kitchen backsplash (just picked out the perfect tile), and making real flowerbeds outside.

Unfortunately I did not get out for my long ride this weekend I was looking forward to with an old friend. After a night of no sleep, I woke up exhausted and knew it would be a bad situation. So instead I focused my energy on a nap, and cleaning the house top to bottom. Next weekend I'll be away at a kinesiotaping course (can't WAIT to share what I learn), and then I am stuck working the weekend after that, so the home front needed to be dealt with.

Plus, I'm making good efforts on the eating front!
With the hypnosis, the snacking and cravings have definitely decreased, but as an overall challenge, I am joining Tiffany at the Gracious Pantry in her no sugar challenge.

Essentially no added sugar along with clean eating for a month.
Drinking a nutrient dense smoothie each day
limit to 3 fruits a day because of natural sugars

My list of recipes I'm planning for the week, all found on her website (HERE)
Nut Crusted Chicken & baked almond asparagus
clean eating tomato soup
Quick Pizza
clean eating shrimp scampi
Clean eating taco salad
green tea & mango smoothie
coconut banana smoothie

I'm honestly excited to start the challenge, and don't think I'll have too hard a time sticking to it. Plus, all these foods are great fuel for exercise!

One bad thing I'm dealing with lately is lack of good sleep
totally how I feel (courtesy of google images)
Kevin is a snorer. Not heavy nose snoring, but almost weird throaty breathing. I wakes me up constantly. I wear earplugs, I turn on the fan, I kick him so he sleeps on his side, nothing works. Remember when I went to the doctor thinking something was wrong with me because I'm so exhausted all the time? I'm thinking its because I am lacking quality sleep, because my sleep in constantly interrupted.

After hitting up Wed MD (HERE) & Help Guide (HERE), I have a list of things for Kevin to work on:
1. Have better sleeping habits. They say that snoring is more likely if you have an irregular sleep schedule. So I plan to get him on a regular one.
2. Regular Exercise
3. Quitting Smoking
4. Keep bedroom air moist, maybe we need to look into a humidifier?

Hopefully with a little work on his sleeping, my sleeping will be better.
which means...
I'll be more likely to get my workouts in
I will make better choices regarding food
I won't crash during and after work, exhausted
I'll have more energy to have fun!

Time to finish that clean eating grocery list & head to the store. Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Miracle Cure!

For the month of April, I've committed to 30 days of posting!

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yesterday was my 2nd free day. Too busy to post!

Day 20
Miracle Cure
Write a news-style article on a miracle cure. What's the cure? How do you get the Cure? (include a disclaimer)

The Miracle Cure is here!

Better overall health and wellness is within your reach! All you need is proper exercise and healthy eating. Research shows that exercising for 30 minutes a day at a moderate level is enough to improve heart health. Whether your mode is walking, running, swimming, biking, zumba, or bootcamp, getting your heart to work out daily will improve its efficiency at getting blood flow delivered throughout your body, decreasing your risk of heart attack, stroke, and hypertension. 

Eating a heart healthy diet filled with lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and whole grains can help you feel full of energy and improve your overall health. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help you drop weight, feel better, and maintain your health for years to come. 

You'd be crazy not to give it a try!

(disclaimer: we already KNOW this is a great cure!)

This was a tough & weird one to write.
Happy weekend!

Open Book

For the month of April, I've committed to 30 days of posting!

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Day 18
Open a Book
Choose a book and open it to a random page & point to a phrase. Use that phrase to get writing. Free writing 15-20 minutes.

Jodi Piccult
Sounds of a Humpback Whale

"For one thing, I haven't any idea what I am going to say to her. I know, I am supposed to have prepared something elaborate... everything that has crossed my mind in the last two days has simply disappeared."

I am a woman of many words.
There aren't many instances where I don't know what to say, what the right words are to speak. I find that words flow freely from my mouth while I'm having a conversation, even an uncomfortable topic.

Maybe I don't think enough about my words before I speak, but for the most part I think I do a great job of putting it all together in my head before I throw it all out there.

I'm working on understanding that not everyone is like me. It drives me nuts to ask someone a question, and not have them answer you with a meaningful response. I imagine that they don't care enough to answer, that they don't respect you enough to say what's on their mind. Im learning that not everyone is like me. Some people need more time to process what they will say to others.

Are you a speak out loud or a think it through type?

The Hard Way....

For the month of April, I've committed to 30 days of posting!

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Day 17
Learned the Hard Way
What's a lesson you learned the hard way? 

This lesson, I've learned in multiple areas of my life.

Most recently, at the half marathon last fall when I hurt my knee. I pushed too hard, and then pushed it again 2 weeks later at a 2nd half marathon. Now FINALLY after 6 months, I am feeling better. I wish I had thought about how going a little slower would be saving my knee then. I've definitely been able to adapt to that mentality at all my races since then. Except Disney where I probably should have stopped and didn't. Well, that was the Disney Marathon, what would I really do besides finish?
(see my day HERE where I reallllly probably should have stopped)

I also learned this lesson in my love life. I pushed very hard 3-4 years ago about getting engaged. I pushed so hard he finally gave in. I didn't stop and give him the chance to do it on his own time. Which has now lead me to 3+ years of engagement, without a wedding date in sight. I've only recently let go of the push, knowing it was the right time to stop and let him make the next move.

In so many ways we can be stubborn.
We can be hard on ourselves.
We don't want to be a failure.
We don't want to disappoint others.
So sometimes we don't stop when we should.
It is ok to stop when needed.
Maybe during a bad workout, where you're really not feeling it. Or at a point where there's a risk of injury to your body or your emotions. Embrace your ability to make the decision to stop out of smartness.

That is not called giving up.

It feels like Summer!

The weather makes me have summer on my mind!

Last night I had a major fail at making ice pops

I tried making a recipe from Pinterest....
Pineapple, banana, coconut milk and vanilla.
Somehow the unlocker got stuck on the stick, and I broke the stick trying to get it off. Not sure how that will be fixed. Fortunately I have a smart thinking man who grabbed some dixi cups to make little frozen pops.

Brilliant idea, but just not what I was hoping for while I dreamed of the pops dipped in chocolate and coconut. ::sigh:: oh well.

We had a busy weekend!

Saturday, we accidentally went for a 30 mile bike ride!

We conquered some big hills, and were exhausted by the end. We ran out of fuel, since we were only planning a 18 mile ride or so. Whoops!

Sunday I did a quick 8 miles with Shelley before heading to Fenway Park for the Sox game. 
First Victory Red of the Season!

The sun was out, a gorgeous 70-80 degrees and of course a win doesn't hurt either!

Time to hit this week up with some great workouts. I missed my swim monday morning, Mondays I need a break. How can I make sure I still get my swims in? I need to retire and have more free time!

Speedy Trooper ran the Boston Marathon monday, despite the killer heat! His pace was considerably slowed, but he finished in 4:57:31 with a 11:20 pace, a big difference from last year's 3:56:11 at a 9:00 pace. Wow, it really shows what the weather can do to you. He told his plan was to go out slow, drink plenty of fluids (he told me he guessed he took in 2 gallons during the race), and finish. He definitely accomplished it. Congrats Speedy Trooper & everyone else who finished the big race!

How was your weekend?
Are you ready for summer?
How do you fit everything in your schedule?

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Yesterday I used one of my free passes to not post.

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Day 16
Create a pinterest board for your health focus. Pin 3 things. What did you pin? Share the images in a post and explain why you chose them.

My link to my WeGo Health Board HERE... Do you follow me yet on Pinterest?


A delicious and healthy recipe! I cannot WAIT to make this. Quinoa, blueberries, mangos, amazingness.

My motto right now.
Getting healthy should be a lifetime goal.
This is the best way in my opinion to get there.

My wall of inspiration.
All the races I've finished, all that I've accomplished, inspire me to keep going. To keep trying something new.

Do you use Pinterest?
I think its a great place to find new recipes & inspiration!
What do you like it for?
Happy Pinning!

Dream Day

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Day 14 (pretend its yesterday!)
My Dream Day
Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not- How could you make it happen?

My Ideal day would consist of sleeping in until 7am.

The sun would be out, the weather gorgeous with a nice breeze in the morning. I would head out for a run in a running skirt and tank top, and have absolutely no knee pain & feel great.

I'd come home, and Kevin and I would have breakfast. Either at our favorite restaurant or made by us at home. Then we'd head out for the beach in a car that he had already packed.

We'd spend the day relaxing by the ocean. Reading, listening to music, walking along the coast, taking a swim. 

After coming home to shower and clean up, we'd head out to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner and drinks, followed by an amazing night of sleep.

I've had days similar to this, but not all of it in one! Usually because we have to leave for the beach earlier, and I work a lot of saturdays or have bigger workouts to get in before we go. I hope we have many days like this over the summer!

10 Things...

For the month of April, I've committed to 30 days of posting!

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Day 13
10 Things I couldn't live without
Write a list of the 10 things you need (love) the most.

1. Relaxing vacation days on a sunny beach.

2. Fun days with my man

3. Race days. Running & Triathlon. Which typically includes family & friends.

4. Red Wine. Preferably a Pinot Noir.

5. My favorite running gear....
a. Asics GT-2160
b. Running Skirts
c. CEP compression socks
d. Honey Stinger waffles & chews
e. Nuun
f. KT tape
g. my garmin (currently a 410)
6. My bike. A pretty little Specialized Dolce Elite

7. Travels to new & exciting places!

8. Trips to Boston Beer Works & Fenway Park

9. A great training schedule. Typically a mix I blend of online plans.

10. A wall full of Bling!

What do you love/need?

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