Workout music!

If you are anything like me, music makes the workout.

Call it a distraction, call it entertainment, call it motivation. Before the days of streaming music, and smart phones, I would carefully make my ultimate workout playlists on iTunes to transfer to my iPod shuffle, nano, or whatever was in style at the time. For me, a song can help me push through a tough run, even when I have little juice in the tank. 

I'll never forget the moment it most rang true to me. I was running the Rock N Roll Providence half marathon, and was dragging along to the finish because I hadn't focused on my training like I should have. Just as I hit a huge hill, some spectators started blaring "Stronger" by Britney Spears on their stereo (and anyone who really knows me knows how big a Britney fan I am). I got this feeling of power and energy and powered up that hill, then thought about how awesome it was throughout the rest of the race.

These days, I tend to rely more on Pandora, Spotify, or my new favorite Amazon Prime Music.  Did you know if you already have Amazon Prime you just have to download an app to stream all their music for free. If you don't have it you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial HERE.

My favorite pump me up tunes? 
I'm a little old school
Britney Spears
Justin Timberlake
Nikki Minaj
or anything else I find on their stations

Maybe part of my motivation problem is I haven't had good music to listen to. My speakers in my iPhone aren't working properly and I can't use the headphones. I tried to use that as an excuse to hubby that I need a new iPhone, but he's not buying it. Guess I need to dig out an iPod shuffle and get busy!

What are your favorite workout tunes?

You're Asking What??

The comments start when people find out you're pregnant with twins. Once they arrive, it doesn't slow down, it only gets worse. I'm sure people "mean well," but some people are just obnoxious. It's one thing to have friends ask these questions, but sharing intimate details with strangers in the middle of a grocery store is quickly creeping to the top of my pet peeve list.

Are they Identical of Fraternal?
"Its a boy and a girl."
blank stare.
"They're fraternal."
Seriously? Apparently most people do not know basic science. Identical twins are the same egg/sperm that has been split. Boy/girl twins can NEVER be identical. NEVER.

Do Twins run in your family?
I didn't realize I had to have twins in the family to justify the fact that I actually have twins! Either this is people's way of trying to find out if you "had help", or they are really interested in your family tree. If you answer no, then usually the follow up question is my next point. I've taken to lying, "yes, they do." Anything to avoid intimate conversations with strangers.

Did you do IVF?
To friends or aquaintances actually struggling with infertility, I do not mind this question at all. However, the random old lady walking the bike trail or the nosy man at Starbucks, do you really think you deserve to know about my reproductive system?

This really is only the tip of the iceberg of inappropriate questions people ask....

Twin mommas, what questions do you hate?