I write about my Health Because...

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Day 4
I write about my health because...

I write about my heath for others to read, because at one point, I looked like this...

Disney 2006, the trip I decided to be a runner

I was overweight, and unhealthy. I remember that year at Christmas (just weeks before), I would stuff my face with as many christmas cookies as I could find during breaks at work. I had troubles with binge eating at night, and worked out only on occasion.

I had worked through Weight Watchers several times in the past and always gained the majority of it back. After returning home from this trip, being motivated to start running and seeing myself in the vacation photos, I promised myself that I would go forward to health & not look back.

I rejoined Weight Watchers, and started running. I ran my first 5K, I trained for my first half marathon & finished it in beautiful Hawaii. The weight started coming off, and my confidence grew, along with my ambition to enter more endurance events, including my first Triathlon.

Divas 1/2 Long Island 2011

CT Women's Tri 2011
I write so others can see that its possible to turn yourself around from a lazy, depressed, overweight, self-conscious girl into a empowered, strong, healthy woman.

I also want others to see that even once you've lost some weight, or run some races, that health isn't necessarily easier. For me, it it always a struggle to remain consistent with my health goals. I want women to know that they are not the only ones! Staying healthy requires us to make constant decisions (even ones we don't want to, like skipping a cocktail), that either help or hurt us. Difficult decisions like wanting to sleep in and skip a workout, eat dessert after dinner. Sometimes decisions are made for us, like when work or family prevent us from making the best choices. Its important for us to do the best we can and never give up.

Since starting my weight loss journey in 2006, I have kept off 25 pounds. I have struggled with 15 that I had previously lost over the last few years, and I'm working on the motivation to get that and more off. Since starting my running journey in 2006, I have run many 5ks, a few 10ks, 9 half marathons, 1 marathon, and a few sprint triathlons. This year my focus is on the big 70.3 in September. 

I used to be the girl that couldn't run a lap around the gym at cheerleading practice in high school. I tell everyone who thinks running longer distance is unattainable, that if I can do it, anyone could do it.

I want everyone to stop thinking they can't.
can't eat healthy.
can't lose weight.
can't finish a race.
Start thinking CAN.
You are Stronger than you think.

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Carrie said...

Love it!! You are an inspiration and I hope to lose weight and become a more physically fit person in the next few years! I've done it before, but I want it to be permanent this time, so I'm taking it very slowly!

shannon said...

It's all about attitude...if you believe you can do it, you are more than likely to do it...very inspirational as I am training for my first half...so excited and then I'd also like to do a mini-tri someday...sometimes I feel like being 41 is a check against me but I am healthier now that I ever have been so I just keep saying it's only a number Shannon, lol...blessings

Fitness Routines said...

Hey Stephanie Anne, you look so smart, thanks for sharing your successful experience with us. Do you have any idea which fitness workouts give us best result for losing weight?

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing!

Kayla said...

Awesome post!! Great job! :)