Fab day!

Having a great day today!

Awesome speedwork run this morning.

Lost 1.6 pounds at my first at work WW weigh in

Got a HUGE raise, just because my boss thought I deserved more money (sweeeeettt!!)

Went to the mall & found a dress to possibly wear to a wedding on saturday

Came home to find my iFitness belt I won from Kayla in my mailbox!

What was the best part of your day?

Sunday long run


I am exhausted.

We had 12 miles on the schedule, but I was having trouble mapping out an even 12, so I went with 12.5. I decided to change up our scenery a little bit and have us run through Forest Park, the big beautiful park in our area. We even decided to leave at 7:30am instead of 8, since we knew it was going to be a HOT day.  What I was not prepared for, was the amount of sweating, killer hills, a moments of "I just wanna stop!!!"

We started of doing well, but it was our first long run in the heat. Instantly sweating, and even with a visor to keep it out of my eyes, i had to wipe it away from my face. Our usual route was changed up a little, and we were glad, because this meant we hit my dad's house around mile 5.5. We refilled our bottles, had a little to drink, wiped the sweat off of us, then headed toward the park.

Now the one thing I did not know about Forest Park, was that there were killer hills to climb leading into it. Not just any hill, but I think the steepest hill I have ever seen. Well, maybe not that steep, but pretty bad. I wish I could show you the elevation, but my Garmin is acting ridiculous and I can't upload the workout. Not only were there hills, but I think we missed the loop we wanted to take, and we ended up with an extra mile tacked on to the route.

So after the hills, we returned to our regular route which was a struggle. My legs were literally wanting to die. We hit Shelley's mom's house around mile 11, and stopped for more water. I took an ice cube to my neck, chest, face & arms, and it melted immediately.

The last 2.5 miles were torturous. At one point Shelley said "Is it wrong that I want to throw myself into oncoming traffic?" I had to stop for a walk break up the last hill, then we powered through to the end with thoughts of Panera on my mind.

stats (from what I can remember, stupid Garmin)
13.54 miles

Post-run treat?
Low fat Mango smoothie
Egg & Cheese sandwich on a honey wheat bagel
1/2 a chocolate chip cookie

After a much needed shower, I spent the day resting, grocery shopping & doing laundry, and cleaning. Unfortunately I do NOT have tomorrow off (hospitals don't get holidays), so I'll be stuck working until 4:30.. booo! Since the gym isn't open tomorrow morning, I may try an early morning bike ride.

And if anyone knows how to transfer my workout from my Garmin, which is currently frozen on the time screen with no buttons working, please let me know. Thanks!

ALO Winner!! (and sugar ray & bruins)

Did you hear who is headlining the Providence RnR Half Post-race concert?

Sugar Ray.
I'm wicked excited, I totally had their tape when I was in middle/high school.

I momentarily considered doing the Boston Run to Remember Half on Sunday, instead of our 12 miler. Then we decided we didn't want to drive to Boston & wake up extra early. I guess I just figured whats 1.1 miles more?

ALO Winner is.....

K!, with no blog that I know of!

Thank you to everyone for entering, I have a couple more reviews and giveaways lined up, so stay tuned!

Bruins vs Lightening
obviously I'm go Bruins, and they just scored.
They better win this game.

Bedtime! Especially since I have to work tomorrow!

Much needed day off!

Today, I had a much needed mental health day from work. A day to de-stress, work out and get my head in the game, and get things done.  After watching the Biggest Loser season finale from my DVR (how skinny were Hannah & Olivia!!??), I went to the pool.

My first swim since the triathlon on May 1st. I went around 8ish, and once I got there I remembered how much I hate the old pool ladies. Luckily as I was getting in, another lap swimmer was starting out & was willing to split the lane. In the far lane was the old lady with her earplugs, headband, hat, & shirt doing a weird kind of crawl & sidestroke. I overheard another girl ask to share her lane later, but ohhh no, she had a medical condition and can't. I remembered her from last spring. Then ironically I heard the old lady talking to a friend, and her friend was complaining about no-one sharing a lane with her yesterday. hypocrite?

I came home, and decided to start cleaning out my flower beds, and got on a roll. I dug up the tulips, cleaned the junk. It was looking so good, I decided to head over to the local farm and hardware store to get some planting supplies. Then I came home to plant. I wasn't planning on it, but the weather was so gorgeous, I just had to be outside instead of cleaning the bathroom.

My front flower bed. Geraniums & Dalhias

My veggie garden. String beans, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber,  basil, & green peppers.

Porch tomato plant.

After a few hours of gardening, I came in to get cleaned up. Then I had to get out for a ride. Off I went for an easy one since I was pretty tired from the day's activities. A few hiccups along the way, like me misplacing my water bottle after a drink and it falling into the road. I had to stop to pick it up. Then I almost got swiped by 2 cars who were not paying attention later on. Plus, my gears were not changing right, I think I need a tune up. desperately.

So now, after my super productive day, I am heading to Chilis for dinner with the roomie, possibly followed by a splurge of ice cream for dessert.

What did you do for the gorgeous day?

active weather!

Today was an extremely active day, and I feel awesome. Speedwork run at the gym, lunch time walk, after work outdoor bootcamp. Something about the gorgeous weather makes me wanna work out, thank goodness! 

The bootcamp was with my old trainer who left my gym to start her own business. There were 5 of us tonight, and we did rotations of strength training with medicine balls, TRX & the huge biggest loser style rope. We did jogging and sprint cardio and ladder work. I was pretty tired by the end. I decided to sign up for the 5 session series which is 1-2 times a month at the bike path in town. I think it will be a good way to get in some strength training (which I need!), and meet new people. 

I haven't been able to make it back to the group cycling ride, since I now have a weekly meeting at 5pm on mondays. So sad, but I may look into the group rides that the local bike shop runs.

What are your favorite group activities?

Tomorrow, I am taking a mental health day from work, and I am so excited since it is supposed to be GORGEOUS! My plan is for an early swim, then mid morning run, and afternoon ride. Probably some cleaning and yardwork thrown in too.

I am proud to say that since starting weight watchers at work I have lost weight (3.4 pounds), but we officially had our first weigh in this week. So next tuesday I will be crossing my fingers for a good first official week number. I am tracking points better than ever, even the mess of Stacy's Pita Chips and Skinny Cows & beer I had last night. This weekend should be less of a disaster since I have no big plans, so it should be fairly easy for me to stay on track.

Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I am working my way through

Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner's Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America

Eventually when I finish (too much stuff to do leads to slow reading), I'll have a review & giveaway to post.

Don't forget tomorrow is the LAST day to enter my ALO giveaway HERE

Run to Home Base 9K Race Report

Early saturday morning, Lindsey arrived at my house and we got ready to go. Lindsey is a friend I've had since before we were born (our parents have been friends for a looooong time), and she just got out of the Airforce, and was recently over in Afghanistan. We drove toward Boston, parking at the Riverside T stop and riding in to the Arlington station where our hotel was. After checking in we went to packet pick up!

We headed to Cask N' Flagans for lunch, then shopping on Newbury street! We got some free drinks on the street...

Along the way we found the most addicting place ever, if you recall from my NOLA trip...

We went back to the hotel to watch the Bruins lose (booo!), then hit the addicting place on the way to dinner. Did you guess it yet?

For dinner, we went to Kevin & I's favorite pre-sox game place. Boston Beer Works. We timed it so we could eat & watch the game, since we didn't have tickets (booo!), and enjoyed a beer or 2 beforehand.

Once we got back to the hotel, I laid out my gear, and once the Sox started losing, I couldn't bear to watch and we went to bed.

Race Day
The weather had previously been predicted to be 60-70 and sunny. Sunday morning it was cloudy, windy & COLD! Luckily I brought my long sleeve Disney shirt and wore it pre- race. We hopped on the T and headed to Fenway Park. We met up with my brother and his girlfriend, and a high school friend and his wife.

Soon after that, they had us sit in the stands for the opening ceremonies, which was new this year. They had speeches from various military people, the Predisent of New Balance (major sponsor) & Scott Brown (our state senator). 

By that time, I had given my long sleeve to Kevin, but I was shivering. I had goosebumps everywhere, and was desperate to be warm. I called Kevin frantically, and he came to find me & give me my shirt. My brother decided to hang back in our start wave since he is working through an injury, and soon, the 3 of us were lining up at the start.

My goals for this race were pretty simple. 
Run without walking
Keep a steady pace
Finish in under an hour

We kept a pretty easy 11 min/mile pace for the first mile. Since I have a pretty bad habit of starting too fast, then fading, I decided to start off purposly slow. The 3 of us ran the first mile together. Just as we crossed over the charles, my brother had to stop to walk (was doing a run/walk combo), and Lindsey was hanging back. I told them I'd see them later, and picked up the pace to 10:30s.

The run was beautiful. A great, fairly flat course along the Charles. 2 out and backs which was great since I got to cheer Lindsey on along the way. My brother kept up with his run/walk combo but kept working to catch up to me during the run part.

I caught him (far right) at a turn around where he begged me for my water. Ironic since he was making fun of me earlier for carrying a fuel belt.

Then I caught a pic of Lindsey (right)

The best part was seeing all the soldiers wearing their fatigues, and the Navy clan running together and carrying a flag. The pride for our country was amazing.

My brother caught up with me after that, and said he'd stick it out so we could finish together. He was a good push near the end, since he knows Boston, and knew the course. He helped me push it toward the end for a strong finish by the Green Monster!

Official Stats
10:37 pace
1565 overall
262/369 division

all goals accomplished! No fade, proper pacing, no walking, and under 1 hour finish!

(no official race pics yet)

Only downside? Some crowding just past the finish, and no water on the field. Thank goodness I had my own! After the race, we headed over to meet up with Kevin & the crew. I found one of my old students that ran, and Lindsey and I took a bunch of pictures.

After showers, and checking out of the hotel, we headed to lunch at Eagle's Deli (as seen on Man vs Food).

Then back to Pinkberry

Then home.

Overall the race was amazing. Thank you SOOOO much to everyone that donated to my fundraising cause to help injured war vets through the Run to Home Base Program. It means a lot, and to those who serve our country!

Last 3 winners!

Just finished packing for Boston after dinner out with friends and the man. I got some goodies in the mail yesterday...

Thanks for the new Bondi Band and Gu chomps/gels Kari!

Tomorrow we will be picking up race packets, then doing who knows what. Eventually we will make our way to Boston Beer Works for dinner and to watch the game. Since we don't have tickets, we will at least go to our favorite place for some beer and sweet potato fries. And since its right across from Fenway, I figure Lindsey will get the whole Sox experience for a fraction of the price. I am wishing I was going to a game though, I don't think we have tickets until July or August!

Now... the last 3 winners of my fundraising raffle

Lesley @ Racing it Off

email me ladies at sgrigely@hotmail.com & let me know which of the prizes left you would like from HERE

Don't forget to check out my giveaways while I'm gone
ALO ends 5/26 HERE
Running Princess ends 5/22 HERE

Can't wait to run across home plate!

Three Things Thursday!

1. I got in a killer run this morning. 2 miles short though since I ran out of time. I need to either start running faster or wake up earlier! 1 mile easy, 2 mid tempo, 1 easy, 1 mid tempo. Felt AWESOME! Ran the whole time, paused once to get more water. Maybe running feeling easier has something to do with my improved eating habits??

2. The Run to Home Base 9K is this weekend! Race outfit is almost decided, and the weather is supposed to clear up and be gorgeous. I am also wicked pumped to see my friend Lindsay, who recently got home from the  AirForce in Afghanistan.

3. I am a BIG Road Runner Sports girl. I order all my shoes from there, sometimes clothes or other gear too. I usually place my order online, but I had a giftcard to spend and had to call to use it. Not only are my favorite Asics GT-2160s on sale ($74.95 for VIPs), he gave me a 2nd pair for only $60! & dropped the price on some new socks for me! fabulous.


Running Princess Giveaway!

When I was at the Disney Princess Expo, the only gear I found to buy was from Running Princess.

How perfect for a Princess expo! We headed over to check out the stuff, and I was in love. First I found my first triathlon themed performance shirt. Comfy, stylish, and a flattering v-neck (my favorite)!

wearing for my cupcake half marathon!

Then.... I fell in love with the triathlon princess visor (I've posted about it before). Sweat wicking inside, and super stylish.

"You'll never know what you are really made of until you TRI"

It made it's race debut at my 3rd place Athena finish a few weeks ago. swoon. I am in love with it!

shadowy face!

My friend Ash got the drawstring bag

All their gear is super cute. Running, walking, and triathlon shirts, visors, and jewelry. They make great gifts for yourself or someone else.

Running princess would like to give one of you the opportunity to win a glass slipper performance shirt!

How to Win
2 ways to enter
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