Dear TRX....

Dear TRX,

I've missed you.
I've missed the sore muscles you cause, and how strong I feel after completing each class. I miss feeling like a badass when I can kill a move I've been practicing for weeks. I've missed checking in with friends and cheering each other on as we sweat at 5am. I can't wait to see you next week, and I promise  I'll try to stick around while training for races.


I'm returning to class once a week at Bia Fitness! I won a gift certificate around the holidays, which will get me through an 8 week session, then I'll have to re-visit if I can stay on after that. I am NOT looking forward to the 4:30am wakeup to get there in time, but it is only once a week.

My running keeps getting put off, but I'm getting back on track with training while I contemplate a 70.3 in June. Or.... one of my friends is trying to convince me to race Pumpkinman the weekend I get back from my honeymoon. He thinks eating and drinking will be the perfect taper, but not sure if I agree.

I know I'm ready to get back on a schedule with training again!

What time do you get up to workout?
Do you think I could do 70.3 right after 10 days of honeymooning?
Do you like the regimen of training or prefer a relaxed workout plan?

Make it happen!

Just when I start to get on a roll, I get slacking again. I came home from the Florida sunshine ready to kick it into high gear.... then we got 2 feet of snow, how depressing!! I haven't been eating great, haven't been running, I have been riding at least.

Tomorrow I have a run planned, no excuses since I'm not working. 

The fridge is stocked with healthy foods.

Roomie is moving out this week, and even though I'll really miss her, I won't miss her trying to convince me to get Chili's or frozen Yogurt all the time.

Time to make shit happen!

Where am I?

I looked back and couldn't believe.... I only made 4 posts in January!! The main truth is I've been busy, lazy, and at the end of the day I am crashing on the couch with little intention of starting a post. But here I am, on vacation in sunny Juno Beach, FL and the sunshine is helping pull me out of my winter, cold weather, misery.

So I remind myself to cut myself some slack. I need to regain focus with eating and exercising, but its not worth beating myself up over it. And hey, that groundhog predicted an early spring, I may be in luck after all.

So I promise to work harder and getting in my workouts and eating right. I promise to work at blogging more. Forgive me?