Here comes the Weekend!

I can't wait because tomorrow is my last day of work before vacation!! It's an early and simple vacation, nothing like our cruise we have planned for the fall. Here's how it is looking so far...

Starting it off with a BIG birthday celebration for my roomie!

I'm surprise decorating her hotel room, and ordered her favorite red velvet cupcakes as a surprise for dessert. We've invited all our friends for a fun night out at the casino, can't wait!

Saturday, I have part 3 of my Kinesiotaping class!
Sunday is my little sister's graduation from High School!
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday will be filled with cleaning the house, planting the garden, and packing...
Before we head to Cape Cod!

My Dad's wife owns a home there, and was amazing enough to let us borrow it for a long weekend. I'm even trying to sneak in a sprint triathlon on saturday in Hyannis. I'm excited to hit the beach, relax, eat lobster, and get some quality bike and run time in with Kevin.

I've been working hard on all the targets I made for myself. I've been eating well, getting workouts in, and even finished that Half Marathon I didn't think I would! I know I owe you a recap still, and I still feel so awful that I've been lacking on reading your blogs, and writing here more regularly. 

I promise to get back in full swing soon, please stay tuned!

What's your favorite thing to do at Cape Cod?
What are you doing for vacation this summer?

My Plan to get what I want

Last night, I decided that I need to make a plan to get back on track. 
A written out plan, that consists of goals, a plan for reaching those goals, and how I'm going to keep track if I'm staying on target. Being a Physical Therapist, I am constantly making plans like this for my patients, so I've decided to do it up for me.

1. Get to my goal weight
2. Finish Pumpkinman 70.3 in under 8 hours
3. Wear a bikini on vacation
Victorias secret, so cute!
4. Have more energy and less stress

1. Follow my training plan for workouts. NO EXCUSES
2. Clean eating, no sugar ~85% of the time. Limit alcohol to special occasions only.
3. Do my Hypnosis daily
4. Go to bed on time
5. Work less weekends

1. Weekly weigh ins
2. Bikini pics. Buy a 2 piece and take a picture in it weekly.
3. Food journaling/ meal scheduling
4. workout tracking on dailymile & my training schedule on fridge.

I want it.
I need to regain focus to get everything I've wanted for so long. 
This is the most solid plan I've had in a while to get there.
With a good workout under my belt from this morning, and a plan in place, I'm ready to hit it hard tomorrow!

What do you want?
How do you get there?

I believe in miracles!

I've been stressed and down in the dumps.
I've been skipping workouts, eating like junk and just overall having a tough time getting out of this funk.

But I do believe tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow I have a morning workout planned.
A healthy lunch on the menu.
A quick dinner out for the roomies birthday.

Tonight I am going to bed super early. My lack of sleep lately is one of the major contributors to this feeling. I felt great on the no sugar kick (but fell off the wagon), I really need to get back at that too. The looming half marathon on Sunday with an extreme lack of training is making me a little nervous too. I'm sure I'll be really sore on Monday!

My miracle will be getting on track and surviving the half marathon.

Trop50 Red Orange giveaway!

Do you remember my series of Trop50 posts?

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With oranges & blood oranges, Trop50 Red Orange is a good source of Vitamin C & Potassium.
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Ultra Running = one long day

Scott over at Outside PR, sent this video my way...

 Watching it made me think of my brother, who wants to join the Ultra Running world, and Lesley @ Racing it Off who has recently been bit by the Ultra Running bug. 

62 miles = one long day....
Although the Men's winner finished in a little over 9 hours. Hopefully I finish my 70.3 in less than that, or else that will be a super long day too!

My kitchen is finished with my new faucet & electrical plates in place. I have been dreaming about it since moving in almost 3 years ago, so I am super excited. Now I just need to start saving more money so we can finish the basement (which will NOT be a DIY project, definitely hiring for that one).

I discovered new bruises this morning from last night's pole dancing adventure. I managed to get my butt to the gym, and pump out some awesome speedwork. Even though I've been missing a lot of runs, I feel strong, and feel myself able to push the pace. I haven't needed any "illegal" rest breaks during my speedwork. With a half marathon a week and a half a way, I'm a little worried that I haven't done a long run in a month, but I'll make the best of it & just have fun.

Most of all, I feel like I'm missing Triathlon season! Since having to skip the race April 29, due to my kinesiotaping class, I haven't found another sprint to do before my Olympic June 24 in Litchfield Hills, CT. I'm on the prowl, that I can find one before then!

Would you ever consider Ultra Running?
Have you done a half without doing long runs consistently?
Anyone want to cheer me on in Litchfield Hills?

Headlights work great in the kitchen....

I've been bad at posting!
I'm just having trouble getting everything in lately.

We had a busy weekend doing a fun project in the kitchen...

Running headbands and headlamps aren't just good for running!

After slaving away saturday morning/afternoon to get the tile down, we headed to Boston for the Sox game! This time we had tickets on the green monster, which if you don't know much about Fenway is the top of the green scoreboard area...

We entered a super private stairway and climbed a ton of stairs & there we were. The coolest view I've ever had of the ball park. We had a blast, even though we were standing, and had a few beers, made some new friends, and watched the Red Sox win!!

After sleeping waaaaayyy in Sunday morning, we finished up on the kitchen. Installing the grout before and after Mothers Day brunch at our favorite brunch location & future wedding reception site, the Delaney House.

In all the excitement, I didn't get a workout in. Oh, and I ate and drank like crap. Life happens right? Thank GOODNESS I have Monday-Wednesday off from work, and was able to recover.

I started the day off with a swim in the rain, then followed with cleaning around the house, doing laundry, and other random things. I was super excited when the mail came, because there was a surprise!

Thanks LARABAR! more to come later!!
The day gets even better, because my roommate and I headed to Hartford to Pole Control Studios for our very first pole dancing class! Literally I have wanted to learn to pole dance for years. Like 10+ years. My arms aren't this sore after most of my TRX classes! We learned a few turns and how to climb the pole. The Groupon was so worth it, and we still have 4 more classes left for our class pass. We can't wait to go back!!

Tomorrow a good workout and more housework and relaxing!

How was your weekend?
What home projects have you tackled on your own?

Recipe throwdown

Today was another win of a workout!
A killer bike-run brick. 50 min of hard biking, followed by 10 min of hard running. I went fast & felt strong. Unfortunately my eating isn't matching up, but I'm working on it.

I had a request for some recipe postings.

The Mexican Shepherd's Pie is from the Gracious pantry.

Check out the recipe HERE

The Quinoa Cups are from Iowa Girl Eats

Check out the delicious recipe HERE

Oh, and those amazing Non healthy Malibu Pina Colada Cupcakes?
They come from I'll Eat You.
Check out the recipe HERE.

I can definitely tell that my eating hasn't been as good lately, since I haven't had time to do my hypnosis on a daily basis. I really think it makes a difference, and need to get back at it. I am pleased with my past 2 days workouts though, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's run!

Second Chances! (Winners and Tough Chik Style!)

A few housekeeping things I have been slacking on...

Despite trying to contact the winner myself, I never heard back for my Raw Threads winner. So I picked a new one....
Tweetyscute @ Lala and me


After trying to the contact the winner for my Color Me Rad 5K race entry, they never surfaced...
Next up is...
My fellow Tough Chik teammate TMB @ Racing with Babes

Pretty pretty please contact me to claim your prize!
sgrigely at hotmail dot com

Another 2nd chance....

To join Team Tough Chik!
If you want to join an awesome group of Chiks...
Supportive Chiks
Badass Chiks
Running Chiks
Cycling Chiks
Triathlon Chiks

Then I suggest you head HERE fast!
If I'm halfway decent at counting, I think you only have 5 days left to join for the year.

Total was a no sugar FAIL, but a Running Win!
I ran 5 miles of awesome speedwork this morning, but the work bakesale left me craving more sweets & feeling like crud. Up in the morning for a Brick workout, and a no sugar day!

Recharged & Ready to Go!

Today, I feel recharged.

After working all week & weekend, and all last week & the kinesio course last weekend, I needed a break. Thank god, that was today.

I baked & cooked up a storm.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies & Malibu Pina Colada Cupcakes for the bakesale at work tomorrow. Quinoa cups for lunch & future breakfast/snack, Black Bean Quinoa & Citrus salad for work this week, and getting my Clean Eating Mexican Shepherd's Pie ready for dinner.

I ran a mile in my Vibrams, my first run ever in them!

I got a pedicure & went tanning.

I watered the newly fertilized lawn (thanks hunny!)

I caught up on blog reading & DVR shows.

Overall I had a relaxing, much needed day to catch up. The last couple weeks have been busy and stressfull. Last week was a slight challenge in my no sugar challenge, but overall it's going well. I definitely feel like clean eating/no sugar is a type of lifestyle I want to strive to maintain ~90% of the time. While my eating has been better, my workouts are lacking, which is a main reason in my lack of posting. When I don't workout, I feel like I shouldn't be posting!

Now that I feel newly re-energized, I'm ready to regain focus!
Clean Eating, No Sugar
Get workouts in, no excuses!

What helps you re-energize?
Does your job make you crazy sometimes?