naughty habits

So TOM is creeping up. I'm tired, slightly cranky, and hungry. I haven't worked out since my ride on sunday, I've eaten like junk the past 2 days, and I'm sure I've gained back what I lost last week.  Yesterday was a long day, I had a work training for my per diem job after my full time job, and I came home starving & exhausted. After bachelor pad, I slept through my workout this morning, and avoided one tonight.

When your feeling bored & blue what do you do to pick it up?
Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now
Plus side, I found the wetsuit rentals! They are $30 for the weekend from a running shop in town. I'll probably call this weekend to book one for myself for the race weekend, maybe try a practice swim in it the day before.  I also finished reading Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now . Fabulous book, I think it has helped me prepare mentally a lot and get together a good checklist. I even started checking out tri coaching and clubs as a result. I think I'll see how I like the race first, then go from there!

I also figured out the screen shot! (thanks guys) heres my recap of last week:
This week, I'll be honest, I haven't really tracked. I won't have a tracker shot for this coming week. WI is Thursday and I don't think it will be pretty. happy thoughts and encouragements welcome!

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Jaime said...

I enjoyed the book too! She has a good blog and just posted an interesting RR where she struggled.
Glad you can rent a wetsuit! DEFINITELY do an OWS trial first - preferably with your wetsuit. My friend had a minor panic attack in her first wetsuit (because of the neckline) and had to get a different one! The OWS trial made a huge difference because I freaked out both times during my practice but when it was time I was ok. And also you can get used to the water temps and see how much harder OWS is.
have fun!