3rd days a charm!

Today is the 3rd consecutive day that I've made it to the gym and completed all my scheduled workouts! I have not wimped out, tired out, or slept in! hooray for me! This morning I went for an early 5:30am lap swim and did 25 min. I managed to get through my triathlon distance in 7 minutes today! For some reason my strokes were feeling very smooth & rhythmic, now I just need to keep it up. Went upstairs in the gym after to do my weight lifting circuit (mostly abs & arms). I've felt great all day & I'm really looking forward to my bike-run brick tomorrow.

I've been looking into clipless pedals and shoes for my bike after taking to some of the ladies on the WW boards last night. Jamie gave me a great site to look at, but I am nervous about the shoes being wide enough for me, especially after my foot surgery. I am still debating the clips or the clipless pedals. I am worried about the cost, so I probably should just go with clips for now.

I've decided to sign up for a 5mile road race on October 3rd in Springfield to benefit SIDS (SIDS race for life ). A friend from high school sent me the link on facebook and it will be good incentive to get my running up. Of course it is the weekend after my triathlon, but I'm sure I can handle it with some walking mixed in.

It's amazing that when I'm focused, I'm really focused. When I am spot on with my exercising, my nutrition follows. The past 3 days, my food choices have been great. A few allotted splurges here and there, but nothing over the top, no binges, no crazy eating, no junk. I can't say if I've been within my points, but that's because I have not been tracking (whoops)! I am committing to tracking the entire week (which starts tomorrow), and I will post the screen shot of my etools with the summary if I can figure out how haha (or maybe someone can reply with instructions for me). I've seen a couple ladies do it on their blog and I think it's awesome. So that is my major goal for the week.

I have also been thinking more about setting some more goals in stone for me to try & help me get more motivated to not indulge every time the opportunity presents itself, or I'm stressed or I just want to! So here is my revamped list for now:
185: shamrock pandora charm (to represent my st pattys 10k)
180: mani/pedi
175: blue pandora charm (to represent my hartford 1/2 marathon)
170: 2 new pairs of scrubs
20 workouts a month = new workout outfit

I'll have to think some more about the rest of my goals. My eventual goal weight is 150 (the top weight I can be by WW standards). I kind of want to rejoin meetings before I get to that point so I become lifetime for once. Is that weird? I want the privilege of going to meetings for free & saying I'm lifetime lol. 150 seems a far ways off (almost 40 pounds) so Ill focus on these first 20 to get started. Hopefully I can keep up this momentum I've had the past few days!


Jaime said...

nice! I've read research that says working out in the morning makes you eat better all day.
Your mind doesn't want to ruin your workout instead of working out to make up for your day.

How long are your distances for the tri?

Stephanie Anne said...

sprint distance. 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

Jaime said...

You swam 1/2 mile in 7 minutes?!?! You are a machine! Or a fish :)

Stephanie Anne said...

haha just kidding 1/4 mile! after you posted i rechecked lol I knew it was about 14 lengths is what someone told me, I didnt know how many miles it equaled lol

Jaime said...

that's a good pace for 1/4 mile!
I hate how not all sprints are the same distances- it is so confusing! I looked and the danskin in seattle is 1/2 mile and the danskin in Mass is 1/4. that's weird since it's the same race series.

have a good weekend! My training will resume Monday- I have been super slacker.