When the going gets tough....

Wow, its been tougher than I thought to get back into the groove following my vacation. The lack of sleep I got over the weekend and all of last week has been making morning workouts practically nonexistent. Monday I completely skipped my workout, yesterday AM I make it for a quick run and was planning on hitting the gym for spinning class after work. But then at work, my roomate txtd me that she found out her on/off again boyfriend (who had just told her that he loved her so much and wanted them to work things out), was living with the other girl he always sees when they're broken up. So clearly my friend duties kicked in, since she was completely miserable. We got some take out for dinner (sushi for me, friendlys for her), watched the Hell's Kitchen season finale, then went to bed early. They were fighting via txt message for most of the night. It makes me so sad for her that he treats her like this (this is not the first time). So hopefully she will wise up and get rid of him.

Here it is 7am, I totally skipped my AM workout in favor of sleep. I think maybe ill try to drag the roomie to the gym with me after work, maybe it will help her feel a little better. Today was supposed to be a strength training/swimming day. I'll probably change it to bike & strength train to avoid having to change so I can move a little quicker. Tomorrow I have another Brick scheduled, which HAS to be done in the AM since Kevin & I are going to the casino to see Cirq Dreams thursday night.

Any tips on regaining focus and commitment after a vacation? My food choices haven't been the best. Better than while I was away, but I am starting to snack again at night. I used to drink green tea a lot after dinner and that seemed to help. Anyone else have any suggestions to curb snacking or cravings?

Off to work for me in a few. I have a student at work right now, which takes up a lot of my time, but so far she is doing well. She is answering all my questions correctly and did a nice job working with her patient yesterday. Hopefully that continues to go well. Off I go.....

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