happy monday!

Sooooo I slept in. Exhausted. well, at least sleep deprived after the weekend. A couple parties/late nights left me way low on my sleep bank. Totally skipped my morning workout, and didn't go tonight since I was checking out the cycling shoes at the bike shop & making dinner with my roomie. The shoes? Well for some reason they thought I was a size 39 euro. If I had realized they were talking in euro sizes, I could have told them I wear a 42 (my Dansko's are 42). I tried a couple men's shoes, but then while the guy was in the back, I tried on some women's 41 on the display shelf. The 41s were a little short, but width wise ok. He didn't have any women's ones there in 42, but is having a couple sent over from the Hadley store in women's & men's. I went home to google the women's shoes I liked, and found them in a fabulous black/pink! Im wondering if they could order these for me if I don't like the ones they find me. I looked a lot online, and it seems that Specialized doesn't allow shipping to unauthorized (read retailers) addresses. wish me luck tomorrow!

We made fish tacos for dinner tonight, I drank a few too many skinny girl margaritas (only 200 calories for 1/2 the bottle!), and had a little frozen yogurt. YUM! tomorrow is an AM run & PM spinning. Hopefully I make it to everything!

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