brick it!

Did another brick today! 36 min ride (7.32 mi) followed by 20 min hill run (1.6mi). Felt really good afterwards and thought a lot during my run how I really need to stay focused & work on my eating habits. My eating habits are what is causing me to not lose weight. Last night I made homemade BBQ chicken pizza, but ate 2 slices too many, then had a small ice cream cup (Edys half the fat!) and a glass of wine. The roomie & I went shopping for our girls night tomorrow we're hosting. the menu?

Grilled chicken kabobs
tomato, mozzarella & basil salad
fruit salad
an appetizer & dessert someone else is bringing
cocktails made with grapefruit juice, cranberry juice & vodka

I plan on staying on track by loading up on the "safe" items. the kabobs & fruit salad, having  a little of the tomato basil salad, and we'll see what the appy & dessert are. 1 cocktail probably, then switch to wine.

Kevin & I are going to Cirq jungle fantasies at Foxwoods casino tonight (reason why I'm not at work right now). We're going to have dinner there, so hopefully I can stay on track.  I did WI today, at 189, which is -1 for the week. Surprised since I didn't eat well, but it is probably since I wasn't downing cocktails like I was on vacation. I really need to focus, I need to lose a good 10# i think to look a little better in my TRI outfit & my new John Mayer shirt I bought at the concert. My new goal is to be down to at least 180 by race time. Tomorrow or saturday I am going to make a list of goals & rewards as inspired by a fellow blogger. Maybe that will help to keep me on track too. Off to the Casino!


Jaime said...

Nice! Are you training indoors or out?
I need to do some hills. I'm getting in some 2 a days but not back to back bricks like I'd like.
I have 21 days left!
What site did you end up getting your outfit from? I'm debating on some tri-shorts.
Have you been reading Slow, Fat, Triathlete? I'm almost finished.

Stephanie Anne said...

Ive been training in & outdoors on the bike, indoors for the rest. Still havent worked up the nerve for a run outdoors. I guess I'm just nervous about my foot still.

21 days is so close, but I'm sure you'll kick butt!

I got my tri outfit from their prices seemed really good, & they had a free shipping promo, sweet!

Haven't started the book yet, on my list for next to read, I have about 3 chapters left in the Jennifer Weiner book Fly Away Home.