Let's ride it!

I think they may look like this
Today I had scheduled my rest day. However, tomorrow looks like rain as a possibility so I Kevin & I went out today for a long ride. Almost 14 miles in a little over a hour, which isn't bad, but I didn't feel like I pedaled my hardest. Sure we hit some tough hills and thought I would die at points, but Kevin wasn't really pushing himself on the flat stretches and he was in front. Sometimes I couldn't keep up with him, and sometimes I wanted to scream at him to pick up the pace. On the way home we stopped at the bike shop to look at clipless pedals & shoes. I really wanted to try some on after worrying about the width being ok with my feet. The bike guys agreed a Men's fit would be best, but the smallest they had was too big. They found a pair at the Hadley store and are having someone run them down to the East Longmeadow one early in the week so I can try them on. One of the things they told me about the Specialized brand is that the arch support is specifically designed to provide extra support (which I need!), and helps to keep knees in line with ankles to align the legs for a more effective push with cycling. I looked up more info when I go home, take a look at :   Specialized cycling shoe review.

Something else I've been thinking about lately is a wetsuit. My race is in September, the 26th to be exact. In New England it could be snowing or a heat wave. I am going crazy with all these price tags adding up in my head for what I've spent so far. $100 on race registration, $100 on my tri-outfit, possible around $350 for clipless pedals, shoes & a bike fit, well ok I guess thats it so far. I kind of want to make sure I like triathlons before investing in a wetsuit, but at the same time I think I am already loving it, hoping for more in the future & am scared the water will be freezing. Any ideas?

I foolishly realized after I paid my $20 to sign up for the SIDs 5 miler, that I am going the Sox game that day & it is a day game. At least the money is going toward a good cause. I know I'll definately do the Manchester 5 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving again, but I would like to find an October race or 2 to keep my motivation going.

Last night I did pretty well nutrition wise. My friend Maureen & I stopped at the package store to pick up drinks to share (Twisted tea of the light variety), and went to a party for a little while. I had a little bit of a veggie dip & some pretzels, a few cheese and crackers, 2 chicken wings, some squash, potatoes, and one tiny little dessert. This I counted all as my dinner, and I guestimated it to be around 13 points (+9 for the twisted teas). Kevin convinced me to go out with him, his friend and my brother to a bar. I only had 1 glass of wine and we played some pool. I realized I was starving because I hadn't eaten too much for dinner, but didn't cave to eat anything. I crawled into bed, then slept until I was so hungry my stomach woke me up. I made breakfast sandwiches with maple apple turkey sausage, eggs/egg whites on whole wheat organic english muffins. Soooo yummy. I was still legitimately hungry after. Not just that I was in the mood to eat, but my stomach was still growling. I had 2 small bowls of Kashi heart to heart with skim milk (probably just should have had 1). I wasn't too hungry for lunch so I just had a snack. Tonight is a BIG party at my friend Debbie's dubbed the HOT meat party. I'm going to bring some of my MGD 64 i think and keep my eating light as I can. I know she's having chicken on the grill and making corn on the cob, ill try to stay low key for the rest. Wish me luck!


Lindsay said...

My advice, make sure you reallllllly like triathlons before investing in a wet suit and all of the high price equipment. Triathlons are a fun sport to get involved in, but can sometimes be a little on the pricey side. And it's easy to dish out loads of cash on all the various equipment out there. If you really must have a wetsuit for your race check around your area for places to rent them. That's what a lot of people do in light of actually purchasing one.

Jaime said...

Yeah people rent them here too
I got a regular one- not tri specific on craigslist

Stephanie Anne said...

thanks guys! so far I have been googling without luck. Im going to ask at the bike shop friday (figure they may know since they sell wetsuits), or ask a friend to borrow hers (I think were around the same size. would that be weird?)