Back in training mode!

I know today is not completely over, but I am very happy to say that I have been completly OP all day long! I tracked what I ate, and had healthy, nourishing, whole foods (mostly organic). I went shopping to stock back up since my fridge was pretty bare over vacation. Here is my grocery list of what I bought, feel free to suggest your favs or take note of something you might want to try!
organic baby spinach
organic salsa
organic ketchup
organic boneless/skinless chicken breast
low carb, no HFCS tortillas
organic eggs
organic skim milk
organic shredded mozzarella cheese
stonyfield farms organic fat free yogurts
whole wheat boboli
98% fat free canned chicken breast

I couldn't find any Gouda cheese which I will use with the Boboli & canned chicken sometime this week to make BBQ chicken pizza, I have some organic BBQ sauce at home. I also bought things to make Jillian's almond crusted chicken, YUM! I had most of the ingredients already at home. This afternoon I went for a bike ride out to the local farm & took my backpack. I loaded it with 6 ears of corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers & squash. Not only did I get some fresh, delicious veggies, I got in an extra hard workout pulling it back too! I did about 10 miles total riding & this morning managed to get in 15 minutes of lap swimming too.

I got my TYR outfit in the mail the other day. Tried it on, and its cute, but it will look even cuter if I can lose 10 pounds or so haha. I'm started to get really pumped for this triathlon.

Last night was the John Mayer concert that I've looking forward to for forever! No-one else wanted to come, so just Kevin & I went. We bought Panera for lunch, some chips at the store (Stacy's cinnamen sugar & BBQ lays) & beer for the cooler (Samuel Adams Summer Ale). We tailgated for a few hours watching all the underage 16-18 year olds party it up in their tiny little skirts where you could practically see their vaginas and boys with tube socks up to mid calf. They all looked about my little sisters age, and Kevin and I had a ball making fun of them, watching a few get arrested, and enjoying our food & beer. Concert was AWESOME, Train opened for him and they were fabulous & of course my boyfriend John was amazing. Played a ton of my favorite songs, and Kevin and I hung out on the lawn enjoying a gorgeous night out. Probably in all I had 5 sam summers + 1 24oz blueberry beer inside, half my panera sandwich, the entire bag of Stacys, & a couple bites of Kevin's fried dough. Overall not too bad, but not too good (my reason for getting back on track today)

Im off to go make dinner & then get things in order so I can get to work early tomorrow since my student is starting & I've been away on vacation. wish me luck!

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