WI day

Yesterday was my official WI day. I lost .5 down to 188.5. Slightly disappointing, but I knew I hadn't really been putting in the effort. True to my word, I tracked all my points yesterday & got an awesome bike-run brick in. This morning I woke up & was feeling skinny so I stepped on the scale again 187.5, down a pound. At least I'm moving in the right direction. This morning I went for my longest post run surgery, 4.35 miles. Felt good to complete it, but man I'm tired now! work today, then heading out for a little after work, before Kevin comes over. I haven't seen him much this week, and we were up late talking about everything with our relationship last night. A few tears, a little yelling, overall not bad. He is just kind of driving me nuts. Off to work I go!

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