3rd times a charm!

My new cycling shoes finally! Mens 42 lol
Good news! I got my camera in the mail today, and my cycling shoes yesterday. Was all set to bring my new shoes to spin class tuesday night, but the guy at the bike shop said that the spin bikes would wear down my shoes & I could slip on the road and hurt myself. Yikes, I'm glad I told him about my intentions! I scheduled a bike fitting on friday afternoon and I'll buy by pedals and whatnot then, maybe some gloves too since my hands tend to ache when I ride. Still haven't figured out anything on the wetsuit situation, but some helpful girls (thanks Lindsey & Jamie!) told me I should look into renting. I've googled with no luck, I'll have to ask around or see if I can borrow from someone I know. They posted a little information today on the course & packet pick up expo on the website today. They're having a couple different little seminars I think I'll make sure to attend since I want to learn everything I can!

Oh that tuesday evening spinning class? I didn't make it there, my foot has been getting really tired lately and I don't want to overdo it & have the surgeon yell at me when I go to see him in October. I did get in my scheduled run in the morning, and went tonight to do some strength training. I did miss my scheduled swim, and I haven't been lately, but I feel like swimming is my strongest event at the moment.

Tomorrow is WI and I'm thinking it will be a success, cross your fingers with me! One things I do miss a lot about meetings is the weekly topic and sharing between members. I always loved how the leader would come up with something for us to think about, discuss, learn about that made us grow on our weight loss journey. Doing the plan with online e-tools only I do miss a lot of the support I had at meetings. I'm glad to have the lovely ladies on the WW boards, my blog followers, and other blogs to follow to help keep me motivated and on track. I think what I would like to start doing is on thursdays (my WI day), talk about a WW related topic and hope to get some response from all you readers, almost like a mini meeting. Good idea? bad? Whatever you think, I appreciate that you all are joining me in my journey and would love for you to share my blog with people you know to help me stay accountable and on track. Thanks!!


Jaime said...

YAY for clipless pedals :) I'm obviously a big fan.
I think that's very odd about the bike shop guy saying it would wear them down. I guess I don't understand how. You only clip in/out once during spin class. And if your pedals are tight enough...
I'm not an expert though but now I'm confused. Maybe I'll email my bike shop/pro cyclist friend

I'm going for a test swim on sunday- my friend went last week and said it was cold, even with her wetsuit!

Stephanie Anne said...

good luck with your swim! im getting worried about the temp for my race...