Vacation replay

We kicked off our vacation with a trip to Boston on saturday (last saturday) to  meet up with my college friend Lindsey & her husband to meet her 9 month old, and go to the Sox game. The Sox were playing the Tigers (They are from Detroit & BIG Tiger fans), we had lunch & drinks & watched an excellent game as the sox beat the Tigers! We didn't end up getting home until maybe 11:30pm, so we were not looking forward to our 2:30am wakeup on sunday.
Kevin & I at dinner before the game

Lindsey & I at the game

2:30am the alarm goes off, and I get up to shower and finish packing. The lack of sleep made me feel litterally sick to my stomach, I wished I hadn't gone to bed at home. To the airport, and on the plane we went. Got to Cancun without a hitch, and managed to get ourselves checked in and to the beach by 3pm. We upgraded to a royal service level (we already had all inclusive), which meant we had a private pool with bali beds & a lounge with round the clock snacks & drinks & nicer rooms. We got upgraded for free to a junior suite with a lagoon view.

We had drinks by the beach & pool, then Kevin convinced me to go to the gym. I'm pretty sure I was slightly drunk, I still felt sick from lack of sleep, but I managed 30 min on the recumbant bike. That first night we had dinner at a sushi place, and went to bed early, since we were so tired from lack of sleep the night before. We signed up for an excursion the next day so we had to be up early to meet our ride.

What an exhausting excursion we picked! It had a little bit of everything in it, so we felt like we got a great deal for the money. We had a group of 12 with us, and a tour guide who brought us into the Mayan cities. We went hiking through the jungle, kayaking, zip lining, repelling, swimming in a cenote, had lunch in the mayan village, then went to COBA and climbed the tallest Mayan pyrimid. Exhausting & tiring, I called that the workout for the day!
Climbing down into the Cenote

Getting into my zip line gear

After we climbed to the top of COBA

Look what we climbed!

That night we went for a fabulous dinner at one of the fancy reservations only restaurants at the hotel, then had some drinks at the lounge bar where there was some live music playing. The next day was a lazy one. We spent the whole day rotating between the beach, our bali bed, the lounge chairs in the sun & the pool. We drank malibu bay breezes, margaritas, mojitos & many other cocktails. The cabana girl waitress just kept coming & delivering drinks, we ordered and ate lunch in our bali bed (ceviche, YUM!),more drinks & sun, then went inside to get ready for dinner. We ate at the buffet for dinner, then a walk on the beach, where an unfortunate wave got my camera ruined (although its soaking in rice right now), before heading inside.
Kevin & I at our fancy dinner

Our Bali bed:)

Enjoying the sunset on our balcony

The next morning I started off the day with a fabulous run, 25 minutes straight between 5.0 & 5.5 speeds. Then we got swimsuits on & went kayaking in the lagoon for about 15-20 minutes before heading back over to the pool for drinks, drinks, more drinks, lunch, drinks. We ended up missing our dinner reservation because Kevin was taking a nap (a few too many tequila shots) and ordered room service & started packing for our trip home. The next day we were able to get 3 hours in at the beach & pool before we had to shower and check out to start the journey home.

The travel home was a disaster. I'll try not to make it too long. Pretty much we got switched to layover in Detroit instead of Atlanta, then our flight was delayed 2 1/2 hours so we had some food & drink at Bubba Gump Shrimp. We finally took off, then got rerouted midair to Atlanta instead of Detroit. We were scrambling to try & make the last flight out to Hartford (home) which luckily had been delayed giving us more time. Kevin had bought a bottle of duty free tequila that no one told us we had to check for the second leg of our flight, so we had to check my carryon (with my running shoes, makeup, toiletries, some clothes).  Our flight left finally at 11pm, got to Hartford at 1:15am, with our baggage no where to be seen. Long story short because of bad communication with Delta, our luggage ended up in detroit, then we had to make 2 trips back to the airport yesterday to get it all. So needless to say I got NO workout in. Ate like junk yesterday too.

Today I did weigh myself at 190. I went to the gym and did my first bike-run brick. I did 8.04 miles in 36 min on the bike, then 1.23 miles in 15 min running. Felt good to get back into it. Today is the John Mayer concert that I'm wicked excited for! I'm ready to get on track with my training and my eating & be serious about this weight loss journey!


Jaime said...

Sounds like a great vacation! Good for you getting that brick in!
After my tri a few weeks ago, I registered for a really hilly one on Labor Day weekend. I have a month to train- so I'll be training with you!

Stephanie Anne said...

hooray! hills are the worst for me, they totally zap all my energy!

let me know how your training is going!