Seabreeze & Stacys

Last night my roomie & I were planning on having a couple girlfriends over for dinner, drinks & games. We made a HUGE pitcher of Seabreeze cocktails (grapefruit juice, cranberry juice & vodka). While waiting for our friends to show up, my roomie & I got impatient (and hungry) and made Asiago cheese dip. I ate a million Stacy's pita chips & we had a big glass of our cocktail. When they finally showed up we had dinner, played Taboo & Balderdash. I stayed up till almost 1am... ::yawn::

Work this morning, then I decided that it was a beautiful day out, I would go for my scheduled run outdoors. I huffed & puffed my way through 35 minutes & 2.6 miles. I was sooooo slow I felt ridiculous, but I am proud that I went out there & did it! My plan was for a swim after that, but stupid "family swim" happens practically all day at the gym so I wasn't able to go.

Tonight we are grilling again. Kevin is coming over & we're making burgers (reg for him, veggie for me), garlic potatoes & corn on the cob. Then we are going to watch the red sox game & hang out. Nice & low key since I am tired & I have a long bike ride scheduled for tomorrow!

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