Double sessions

It has been my plan most weeks to make it for a run tuesday AM and to spinning class tuesday night. Today I actually made it, with my total calorie burn from exercise around 900! Starving when I got home, had to wait for dinner to heat up so I ate popchips <3 while I waited.

Just started reading Slow Fat Triathlete today, and I wanted to share a quote I thought was prefect. "People ask me all the time what the order of the events is. The most usual order is swim-bike-run. I haven't seen this in print anywhere, but it certainly makes sense for safety reasons. Better to be in the water when you're freshest and on your own two feet when you're most likely to collapse from exhaustion."  Hopefully I won't get to a collapsing point during my race, but I am thinking that the run is going to be my toughest part. My previously strongest sport! Tomorrow I have a swim & lifting scheduled, hopefully I can fit it all in the morning so I can have the night off and maybe read some more of the book.

Watching Wipeout (on ABC, hilarious!) and then off to bed!


Jaime said...

I found these on the performance site for you... these are the ones I have and this is CHEAP. Go to women's shoes and sort by lowest price
They are the Pearl Izumi Quest shoe. I have the road but wish I would've bought MTB even though I ride road (it is hard to walk on the cleat)

Stephanie Anne said...

thanks!! Im worried about shoe fit because I wear a wide shoe. any ideas on brands that run wide or make wides?