Race goals

Again. Seriously? with the eating again. I just stopped. I am out of control wanting to eat. I did manage a trip to the gym this morning (a run included), but where has my training discipline gone this week?

I just stumbled upon a very helpful website. Triathlons for Beginners at Active.com. I'm still digging through it, but so far have found a lot of helpful advice. I think that my friend Debbie and I have decided to rent wetsuits for a trial run to practice the open water swim with them, and the transition of getting out of them.

Looking at fellow a fellow bloggers blog (Mom!...Honey!...Coach!...SisterRunner: Keep them Running in!!!!!. psssst check out her giveaway!), I decided I wanted to make race goals for myself. In fact, I'm meeting one by completing that Sprint Tri on Sept 26!

Full Marathon within 2 years (hoping to do Disney Jan 2012)
Olympic Distance Tri within 1 year
Half Ironman within 4 years

Now to get me motivated to lose some of this weight to make my goals easier? well, thats easier said than done.....

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