empty promises

I promised I would keep track this weekend, however that all fell by the wayside from friday until today. Friday morning I got my swim in as planned. Raced to the bike shop after work for a bike fit & to get my new pedals put on. I also bought a super cute pair of pink & black gloves. total damage = $200.11, better than I thought it would be. We went out friday night with friends for dinner and drinks which was fun, didn't go overboard there. Saturday, I went to work & got home a little later than expected. I didn't have much of a lunch, then came home and nibbled, nibbled, nibbled. Instead of going for a run, I ate & then took a nap. A much needed nap after the lack of sleep the night before, but a carb induced one. Kevin and I made kashi pizza for dinner & watched the Sox game and headed up to bed early, we were so tired!

Today we decided to go to 6 flags. Before we left we went for a 15 mile ride this morning with my new shoes! They were fabulous & I managed to maintain composure & avoid falling (although there were many close calls).  Our friend Barbara still works at 6 flags, so we were able to get free tickets for us and another couple we're friends with. Amazing how different it is to go back to the park as a guest after working there for 5 years. We spent most our time in the waterpark, which is definitely like home. We went on the lazy river, tornado & typhoon, and saw the few people we know left working there. After that we went to the dry park & by then I was starving since I hadn't eaten since breakfast (stupid i know, but blame the boy!), we went on blizzard river and i watched them go on cyclone, I was about ready to pass out, definately time for food. We said goodbye to our friends who had to leave, then I housed down a (grilled)chicken burger and fries. YUCK! I felt so gross & full, but I was soooo happy to have something in me! Kevin went on a couple more rides before we headed home.

Needless to say I am tired!  I have a bike and strength workout planned for the morning, work all day, then a training session for my per diem job after that. I won't make it home until probably 8:30, and then hopefully I can stay awake through the Bachelor pad. Wild weekend without counting any points, I need to get back to it tomorrow!

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