Sick day!

I could feel the cold creeping up all week. My sore throat started right before christmas, then disappeared that weekend, only to return the following monday. I downed clementines, vitamin C cough drops & green tea like crazy. I contemplated asking my boss if I could just take today off to avoid getting too sick, but with staffing, I knew he'd say no. I tried to tough it out.....

Then last night, the stuffy nose hit too. All the Nyquil & afrin in the world couldn't de-clog me. I ended up buying a Neti-pot. wicked gross. It seems to have cleared me a little, we'll see. Last night Kevin came home from snowboarding with a hurt back. I tried some adjustments on him, but he was in spasm pretty bad, so I suggested a trip to the urgent care center for some muscle relaxers. By the time we left there, I dropped off the prescription, tucked him into my bed, went to pick up the prescription, came home to drug him up, it was almost 10pm. That + a horrible night with a stuffy nose = I called out of work today.

So much for my scheduled run. I laid on the couch until 11:30 or so before deciding to shower. I baked a cake for Kevin's birthday (we're celebrating at our party tonight), took down the christmas tree, and did laundry. I ran a couple errands and picked up some booze for tonight. My cocktail of choice will be the neti-pot mimosas. Got to get in that extra vitamin C somehow!

Tonight we're heading to a friend's house for a small low-key party. Tomorrow we're having a chinese lunch with Kevin's family (brother, SIL & nephews are visiting from VA). My goal is a ride on the trainer tomorrow, and my 14 miler for sunday. wish me luck!


E at said...

I hope you feel better soon! I once bought a Neti, but couldn't bring myself to use it - it was very comical night of me over the sink with my best friend holding my hair. Needless to say, we were both on the floor laughing out-of-control. I'm new to the blog world and find your story very inspiring. Congrats on all the hard work and I look forward to reading your posts in 2011. Happy New Year!

DisneyGirlInNJ said...

Hope you're feeling better too! I just bought the Neti Pot actually last week because I could feel myself getting sick. It was pretty hilarious my first few attempts. I swore I was going to drown! But I finally figured it out and I think it actually might have helped?