The knee that just won't quit!

Thursday I got a totally badass 7 mile run done on the treadmill.... before work!

I had a tempo planned, but at around 3.5-4 miles, the knee started acting up. seriously??!! I knew I had to push through, I wanted to get all my mileage in. The last mile turned into a run/walk, but I made it. Sometimes I am disappointed that I get injuries, when I feel like I should be able to prevent them, being a physical therapist and all. Right now, I have decided my pain is due to 2 things (possibly 3). My IT band & piriformis are ridiculously tight and in spasm. I have been foam rolling, and even had a deep tissue massage, but it is being a bitch. My lumbar spine and sacrum were out of alignment. I could just feel the slight shift, but luckily a coworker fixed that today. The last possible one is that I should probably switch out to a new pair of running shoes.

Skipped a workout today, but have been foam rolling before & after work. I've been craving pizza all week. I ate like crap & too much wed night since I wanted pizza and didn't get it. I should have just ordered a pizza, I probably would have done less damage. I asked Kevin if we could order pizza tonight, he wanted to make hot dogs at his house (vomit), so I made toast and an egg. He calls me 30 min later to say he burnt his hot dog & now wants to order pizza. Go figure. Oh well, I'll have a piece of that too to satisfy the craving. I better get on track tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I have to work tomorrow. My long run is scheduled for sunday but is only 8 miles. My running parter is still on vacay, and I am nervous about possible snow, so it may be on the treadmill.

My mom also told me I could come pick up my bike trainer from her house because it is too big to wrap. Sweet!! I can't wait to hopefully try it out this weekend.

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Happy running!


Aimee said...

I'm sorry about your knee. Take it easy and hopefully with all the foam rolling you're doing it will get better soon.

Yay for your new bike trainer! You'll love having one!

Jana said...

Before you get your next pair of running shoes I suggest you read the book "Born to Run"

I just finished and plan to blog about it soon. Its sooo good.

Suzanad said...

Sorry to hear about your knee acting up. :(

Kristin said...

Hope the knee gets better!! YAY to bike training!! You are going to love it!

Tricia said...

dealing with the same thing here. I've taken 3 and a half weeks off, foam roalling and stretching religiously and its still hanging around. hope we BOTH feel better soon :)

Wells L said...

bummer about your knee. Hope it's something easy to fix like new shoes. Yeah, a trainer!!! Sweet!
Good luck with your long run. I'm impressed 7 on a treadmiill BEFORE work! Great job!