Jolly Jaunt 10K

This weekend was a long run split up into sections since S is on vacay. Split into 2 races, and I'll tack a little more on tomorrow. Today was a 10K to benefit the massachusetts special olympics. I dressed up for he first time ever for a race!

modeling before leaving the house

This race was the smallest I've ever done. No chip timing, no closed roads, no crowd support. I'm definitely not used to races like this. There was a 5k option too, and thats what almost everyone was doing, so the second loop of the course was really lonely. There were only 28 people total running the 10k. 

My friend Barbie ran the race too, and I was a little behind her & caught up to her at the 5k. We ran the next 1.5 miles together, until I told her to go ahead. I only saw her & one other girl on the course, and we were in each others sight the entire time. Having to loop through made it a little boring, and it was cold out!

Me & Barbie pre-race

I also wore my new sugoi jacket, and so glad I did! The windchill was crazy! Kevin came too, he ran the 5K

Kevin & I pre-race

I came in strong with a new PR at 1:04:46!
mile 1 9:54
mile 2 10:01
mile 3 10:36
mile 4 10:57
mile 5 10:15
mile 6 10:50

Kevin and I came home to shower, then went out to the HUGE beer/wine store to get some stuff for a beer & wine tasting party we're going to tonight. Kevin picked out a couple of Trappist beers, I got a couple of Cabernets & then we got some fancy cheese to make a nice platter. The party should be a really fun time with a ton of our friends, so I'm really excited.

Next up.... Hot Chocolate 5k tomorrow!


Lisa said...

congrats on the PR. And cute outfit!

Amanda said...

Congrats and I love your outfit!

Wells L said...

Super cute outfit - very festive!

Ever Strong said...

Congrats on your PR! Im loving the shirt.. I'm on the naughty list to :)

Suzanad said...

Congrats on the time - that's great!

The one 10k I did was also lonely, especially since I was at the back with only two people behind me!

OOooh a hot chocolate 5k sounds amazing! :D Good luck!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your PR! Nice Outfit! Good Luck tomorrow!

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on your PR, girl! You look adorable - I love the shirt!

I'm going to dress up for the first time next Saturday - I'm a little nervous.

Sara said...

Awesome job - congrats on your PR! You inspire me! Looks like a fun time. :)

Aimee said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the PR! What a fun outfit too! :)

Rae said...

Congrats on your 10K PR! Love your outfit!

EricaH said...

congrats!!!! and very cute outfit :)