Feeling better..... well, most of me anyways

The past few weeks have been tiring & emotional. I am happy to say that it is behind me now, and things are looking up. I should have some exciting news to announce, not too far off in the distance.

I've been doing great riding the trainer! I made it on for another ride saturday afternoon when I got home from work. Then, I needed to make some stuff for a party we were headed to that night. I ended up making Pizza puffs, a recipe I found on 'Stephanie Cooks' blog HERE. Sorry, no pics. Mine definitely did not look as good as hers did. While I was cooking, I watched part of Kona on TV. Totally badass, and wicked inspiring. Made me excited for my 13 mile run today.

If you happen to glance at my daily mile ticker on the side of this page, you'll notice I only clocked in 12 miles. Why is that? The knee of course. Before I left, I tested out the IT band on the foam roller & it felt awesome. I was so excited that this was going to be a good run. Mile 3... knee starts acting up. You've GOT to be kidding me!!! At mile 6 or so I told S to go ahead, I would make a shortcut and meet up with her at a later point. I plugged along, but eventually the pain would kick in and I would have to stop, stretch, then walk. Finally I decided to do a 1 min run, 2 min walk interval. This worked out perfectly. The knee stopped hurting, and I was making decent time. I saw S and waited so I could yell to her to take her side loop, I was going to continue straight & I'd either see her when she passed me, or back at the car. I kept waiting for her to pass me, but she never did. I finally saw her in the distance just as I was nearing the car. I hit 11.9 miles at the car, so I looped around the parking lot until I hit 12.

I was frustrated. My energy level & breathing felt great. If it weren't for the knee, I know I would have been killing it, I had been looking forward to my first unofficial half marathon after surgery. New Orleans is 8 weeks away. This knee pain needs to be solved. NOW. yesterday. I am even more mad, because I feel like I should be able to fix this since I am a physical therapist. Working in inpatient rehab & not outpatient ortho is my excuse, but I'm embarrassed! I emailed one of my professors from school who is a runner as well, asking for help. I have even thought about Kinesiotaping, have any of you had experience with that? Please. Any ideas are much appreciated, and all suggestions are welcome.

Today after the run I was lounging, putting off some things like baking muffins, shopping for cookie swap ingredients. Kevin called me 15 minutes prior to picking me up for his Pepe's 91st bday party. So I put off my to-do list a little longer to have pizza, cake & ice cream with his family. I can't say I really minded.

Tomorrow I'm aiming for a light AM workout since after work I'll be busy baking! Off to find a cookie swap recipe, wish me luck!


Wells L said...

I bought KT tape and had a PT put it on me. Found out after a day of wearing it that I was TOTALLY allergic to the adhesive - HUGE rash! Good luck with your knee.

The Green Girl said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your knee.

Hope your baking goes well tomorrow!

Aimee said...

I'm so sorry about your knee. That must be so frustrating! I'm sorry I can't offer any advice on what to do, but I hope you find a solution soon!

Terri said...

Kind of like physician, heal thyself, huh? Look, I love, love, LOVE my physical therapy peeps but I can't imagine it would be too easy to be completely objective about your own case, so maybe working with a colleague is the answer?

At any rate, I know how frustrating an injury like that is, and I hope you're on the mend soon!

Kristin said...

First of all, where does your knee hurt?? Front, outer side, inner, back of knee?? Aloth of runners experience IT as well as Patellar tendinitis. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the knee at all. Make sure your hips and Ankles arent the problem as well. Are you Supinating while running?? All things to Think about. Hope some of these might help!!

Stephanie Anne said...

Hey Kristin!
Its the entire knee. not a patellar tendonitis, I already fixed that last month. The IT band is feeling better. I do feel like I am over supinating though which is weird because I'm an over pronator. Maybe its coming from my hips? what do you think?

Robin said...

Sorry to hear about your knee! I had terrible IT band and knee problems until I discovered Chi Running. I re-did my stride while training for the Portland marathon, and since then have done marathon, Ironman, and tons of half marathon and half Ironman distance training and races with NO knee pain whatsoever. I hope you find some answers because running with pain is NO fun.