2011 goals

I used to make resolutions and fall flat on most of them. Instead this year, I want to make goals. I am a wicked goal oriented person. I like to have something to work towards and look forward too.

1.  Half Marathon PR. My current is Hartford in 2008 @ 2:27:13. I would definitely love to get it down to 2:15-2:20.... we'll see what happens! I have 2 chances in February, then probably not another until May or August.

2. Complete an Olympic distance triathlon. I did my first sprint distance triathlon this past fall. LOVED it. I have all the gear now I need, plus a few new things to keep me going. I've been working hard on my running, so I need to keep at it with the swimming & cycling too!

3.  Run 1,000 miles. It sounds so impossible to me, I just have to make it a goal. I figure with all the race training I have scheduled, I should have no problem reaching this one.

4.  Strength training as a regular part of my workouts. Those of you who've been following know that my conclusion to my knee problems was a lack of strength training. I have done a few lifting workouts since then, but I want to develop a more solid plan. I am in the middle of reading strength training for triathletes, so I plan on making a program when I'm done to follow along with.

5. Follow the new weight watchers program. (not just fake it) I really need work harder towards my goal weight. I need to focus, count my points, be mindful of portions, blah blah blah. In reality I'm happy I lost 10 pounds since my foot surgery, but I wish it were more. After the holidays, I really need a kick in the ass to get me moving.

6. Start planning my wedding for spring 2012. Kevin and I made a goal to pick a spring/summer 2012 wedding date in the next few weeks. Probably May or June. The goal for both of us is to stick with it, and not get over stressed about anything.

7. Start training for my first marathon. Disney in January 2012 here I come! My brother is convinced he will do the Goofy Challenge. Me? I just want to earn my Mickey Mouse medal, the whole reason I started running in the first place. If this is the only full marathon I ever do, I will be satisfied knowing I've completed this race.

8. Work less weekends. Kevin hates that I work almost every saturday at my per diem job. We've already talked about since he will be moving in and contributing to bills and the mortgage, I won't need as much money. I probably will only do 1-2 saturdays a month. This means more last minute beach trips, bike rides, and adventures!

9. Raise more than $1,000 for Run to Home Base 9K. I will be posting more information on my fundraising shortly. I really would like to surpass my goal, which I think won't be too hard. Afterall, I did raise over $4,900 for Train to end Stroke a few years ago. I'm looking forward to incorporating some bloggy raffles this time around as part of the fundraising efforts.

I think that about sums it up! Thanks for supporting me in my journey & helping me to reach my goals!
I appreciate all the advice and words of wisdom you all give me along the way!

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Lisa said...

Best wishes with your 2011 goals!

Terri said...

Great goals - I know you will have a great year!

Hey, I want to talk to you about blog raffles - I'll be raising money for St. Jude's later in the year, and I wonder how that works? Would you mind giving me some pointers here in a few months? Oh, and Happy New Year!

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

I think Disney Princess is the perfect place for a PR! ;-) Great goals!

Kel said...

love your blog! I have been a member on WW for a year and have seen you around! I have lost a considerable amount of weight in a year, I am still not done. This year I would like to focus on becoming a runner! Thank you for your inspiration =)

The Green Girl said...

Awesome goals - best of luck to you!

Happy New Year!