Wetsuit Anxiety....

Today began like any other monday. Scratch that, like a monday should be since I actually made it to the gym this morning. I got in a great 20 min speedwork run, working on intervals of 7.0 with recovery at 5.5. Did the elliptical a little after since I had more time for a total of 500 calorie burn. Had a good breakfast, packed a good lunch and everything was going ok......

 That is until my friend Debbie who is doing the triathlon with me (not the preggers one), informed me that the wetsuit rental was really $40/weekend & not $30/weekend, as we were originally told. Since we were planning on a run-through this weekend with wetsuits, that would be an $80 total. She told me she looked online & ended up buying one for about the same price. I started to panic! I've already bought so much for this one race. I do plan on doing more Triathlons in the future, but I really did not want to add any more expenses. But paying $80 for something you don't even get to keep seems, well kind of stupid to me. So I came home & panicked. Luckily my friend Amanda(triathlete) & Brian(Ironman) were online, and helped me narrow the field down to 2 wetsuits.

Xterra Volt

                                        Orca Wetsuit

I was in a panic from 5:30pm when I got home from work, until 7:45pm when I actually placed my order. A good chunk of that time was asking my friend Amanda more general Triathlon questions since she has completed the same course I'm about to do. Which one did I order? I ended up ordering both, then I will return the one I don't like or doesn't fit. The trouble is, since I decided so late in the game to buy one, I had to pay LOTs extra to ship the Xterra, The Orca did ship for free. I need them by friday to decide which I want to use for the practice run on saturday. I still feel slightly panicky... did I make the right decision? I'm worried about fit for a chubby girl like me, and the pink one is super cute, they ended up being around the same price after adding on the Xterra shipping fees. wish me luck!

I didn't even eat dinner until 7:45pm, after the orders were placed. I'm probably under points, even though I chowed some Popchips Barbeque Potato Chips, but I didn't bother to count, & now I'm too stressed to bother. I need to unwind so I can sleep tonight and get to the gym for another run in the morning. Hill workout tomorrow!

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