Where to go next?

Yesterday I had a great run. I ran at 5.8mph on the treadmill, which is faster than my speed pre-surgery. Maybe my bad foot was holding me back before? I was wicked tired this morning & skipped my morning scheduled brick, which means I DEFINITELY have to get up tomorrow no matter how tired I am. I did WI today, at 185 again, no change from last week. After the foodie weekend I had, I'm lucky. I need to work harder this week.

Heres this weeks journal, didn't track every day....

Tomorrow, I want to talk a little about what got me interested in running and triathlons, since people have asked me a bit of that lately. Also a little about the race (where it will be, the distances, etc).

Kevin and I talked about our next vacation this past weekend. We both love to travel, our favorite places so far being our most recent trip to Cancun, Mexico & our Royal Caribbean cruise we took almost 2 years ago. What tops our list?
  1. Southern Cali - we have a friend in San Diego we'd love to visit
  2. Mediterranean cruise - LOVE to go to greece, italy, spain, turkey!
  3. Australia
  4. Aruba - Hoping on this for the Honeymoon
  5. Another cruise to anywhere
  6. Florida is always a cheap option for us
Hopefully we can save up a little cash & book a trip somewhere for this winter. We usually try to go away once in winter or once in summer. Last winter we went to Disney with a large group of friends for marathon weekend, where he cheered us on to complete the half & we all cheered on our friend Ashley who did the full. I love getting out of new england!

Kevin is making dinner now, Teriyaki chicken burger from Stephanie Cooks (a different Stephanie, not me!) check them out HERE . off to eat, YUM!


Anonymous said...

I live near San Diego! San Clemente actually, but I have friends in San Diego! So Cal is beautiful! Hope you decide to take a trip here! Let me know if you want in on any secret spots! You will love it here. :)

Stephanie Anne said...

Thanks Jen! Will definately post if we make a plan for san diego area. Its hard when my boyfriend only gets so many vacay days a year and we have to save some for the wedding next summer/fall!