Finished! Race Report Danskin Webster Triathlon!

Saturday 9/25/10 - Packet Pickup
Left at 10am for Webster! packed up the car, and picked up Debbie. For some reason the GPS took us through some backroads instead of the masspike, but we got there eventually. Picked up our packets at the tent, then went inside to get our swim caps and race tanks, and listen to the informational/motivational meetings held by some seasoned pro triathletes/ironwomen. They gave us some tips for things like putting on the swim cap, passing bikers on the road and making the transitions run smoothly. Got some free goodies, bought a couple Bondi Bands and a neoprene chip strap, then headed out to check out the course. We didn't get our swim in, but felt the water and confirmed wetsuits was a spectacular plan, and saw where we would swim and transition. After that we checked in at the hotel, drove around, went to the mall/killed time until dinner at Outback.

Sunday 9/26/10 - Race Day
Danksin Women's sprint triathlon
1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run

Getting marked up with my number
Woke up early, put the gear on and headed out of the hotel. I brought my own organic wheat bread, organic peanut butter, and bananas and made breakfast before we left. Headed the race site, where we had to park in the neighborhood across from the park and walk over. Thankfully I had Kevin to help me get my stuff over there. Got there a little after 5am, transition had just opened. Got a pretty sweet spot close to the bike enter & exit chutes.  We got marked up and laid out all our gear. I spied a bunch on the other girls to figure out what I was doing, how I should set up, etc. Heres what I came up with:

Running shoes, race belt, tank, cycle shoes, socks, sunglasses, glide, goggles. I put my helmet on my bike, and wetsuit over the bar. 6ish we put on the wetsuits and headed to the beach around 6:30 so they could give us last instructions before we headed out into the water. The swim didn't look too bad from the shore.

Me, Debbie & Barb geared up for the swim

My Swim wave

The water wasn't too cold, but I was definitely was glad to have the wetsuit on. I positioned myself to the right side, and back of my wave to start. Sally gave us a mantra to say to ourselves along the way. "I am a wicked good ::insert sport here::" I didn't use it too much on the swim, but definitely later on in the course.  Somehow I ended up at the front end of my wave, even though I felt like I was struggling. Every time I saw the buoy, I was praying it was the one for us to turn back to shore. I passed a few people on swim noodles, some people from the wave before me & the wave before that. I ended up finishing the swim in 11:46. As soon as I got out, I started to strip down, I ripped off my swim cap, goggles, and starting unzipping my suit. I saw Kevin on my left as I exited the water.

Coming out of the swim
I got to my transition spot, my legs a little wobbly. My feet were numb from the cold water. I saw Debbie at her bike stripping down too (she was the wave ahead of me), I finished peeling off my suit. I put on my socks and cycling shoes, headband, sunglasses, helmet, tank. I ate a couple sport beans, then headed out for the ride.

Not Going to Lie, the ride was TOUGH! The hills were worse than anything I've ever ridden on. I repeated my mantra "I am a wicked strong cyclist," up the tough parts. The worst hill, was so steep about 90% of racers walked their bikes up it. I am proud to say I rode the entire way. A couple other hills people walked up, I cruised (I mean struggled) by. We did have a couple downhills, mostly past mile 5. I found it tough to really pick up speed on the downhill while trying to maneuver around people. My back was killing me the second half of the bike, I knew it would cause me trouble in the run.The last leg of the bike overlapped with part of the run course, then it was back toward the beach. Saw Kevin on the way in, but he didn't catch a shot quick enough of me. My overall bike time was 53:19.

My back end as I raced by

Pink shirt in the back is me at transition
I got off the bike, my legs initially felt rubbery, feet still numb. I racked my bike, changed into running shoes, put on my race belt & grabbed a few sport beans and took off. There was no "run out" sign, so I thought I was going the wrong way & started to turn around, but the volunteers guided me in the right direction. Kevin met up with me along the start of the run for a few good pictures.
blowing kisses on my way out

I'm not gonna lie. The run was tough. Not too many hills, just a few little ones, but I was struggling hardcore. My legs left great. It was the left side of my low back & my lungs that felt like they were gonna die. My heart rate stayed around 171, as it had been for much of the race (not great!). After the 1 mile mark, I had to pull over to try & stretch my back, but it didn't work so well. I looped around at the halfway point, and a little after that, saw Barbie heading toward the halfway. I kept chugging along, checked my watch, I might actually make my 1:45 goal! I walked up one hill, then jogged the rest of the way. Realized that when I had longer strides, my back hurt less. Saw Debbie on her way to the halfway point on my way to the finish. Kevin caught me as I was almost to the finish.

Almost there!

Sprinted the last bit to the finish! My run time was 34:44. I was surprised that I wasn't going slower. Crossed the finish line, sweet! Barbie finished a couple minutes after me (her swim wave was one after me). Debbie finished a little after that, we got some food, then headed home with a new title of triathlete!

We finished!
1:45:28, 2:00:56, 1:42:38
Packing up & heading home
Overall I had so much fun! I'm not even feeling as sore as my half marathons. I think I'll be ok at work tomorrow (luckily my student will do most of the work haha), and I can't wait to brag!

My Overall Stats
Total time: 1:45:28
Overall place: 346/657
Athena Division place: 16/35
Swim: 00:11:46
Swim rank: 186
Trans1: 00:03:02
Bike: 00:53:19
Bike rank: 346
Trans 2: 00:02:35
Run: 00:34:44
Run rank: 422

Now it's time to start thinking about the next adventure. Planning my next half marathon with my college roomate. We're trying to pick one possibly near her in TN next spring, but are having a little difficulty figuring it out. My next race will either be the Hartford Half 5K or the Manchester 5 mile turkey trot on thanksgiving. I want to pick out a few more to round out the list until St Pattys Day race in march.

I'll post my first giveaway tomorrow to celebrate my triathlon finish! Early to bed tonight!


Anonymous said...

I loved the Danskin and Trek tris when I did them! Congrats on a great finish!! :) Oh and btw, I hear good things about the rock n roll in nashville if you haven't looked at that already.

Stephanie Anne said...

haha we thought about the rock n roll in nashville but it is a country race & I Hate country music lol

Amy said...

Congrats! You're so inspiring! I've been thinking about doing a sprint triathlon and now I REALLY want to do one!

Jaime said...

Congrats! Great job!

Manderz said...

Congrats!! I want to do a tri next year.

Funny story - one of my good friends is behind you in the picture of you after the swim leg! Small world ;)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! Congrats!!! You have inspired me! I want to sign up for a marathon now!! :)

Stephanie Anne said...

Amy- Im so glad I've inspired you! You can definitely do it!

Jamie- Thank so much for all the advice you gave me along the way!

Manderz- How crazy! Did she have a fun time?

Jennifer- So glad I've inspired you! My goal is to run my first marathon in january 2012, so hopefully I get to that!