Thursday WI

Today is a good day. Not only because tomorrow is friday, but because I had an AWESOME unexpected loss this week. Do you recall my recap of poor eating & no WI last week? Well, I snuck a peek at the scale over the weekend or monday, and was horrified to see it back at 189. So imagine my surprise when I've only been back on track a few days, to see the scale today at 185! I tried it 3 times, because I didn't think it could be true! I have an idea for my meeting topic this week, but no time tonight, so I'll do it tomorrow!

Here is my tracker for the week...

I didn't track all my days (& I totally went overboard on some of them), but at least I got a few down!

Skipped the gym this morning (whoops!), but I will go tomorrow morning. Possibly a double session at night too. This weekend will be slightly tough with a possibility of hitting up Brewfest & a baby shower on sunday with endless mimosas & Belinis. I'm going to try to get a workout in after work saturday, and a ride in sunday morning.

I also encourage you all to run over & check out Forward Foot Strides for a new giveaway starting up over there!

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