Lighting stikes? & sock review!

This morning I set my alarm to get in a swim, but as I got up to get dressed I could hear thunder in the distance, and see flashes of lightening behind my window shade. I decided to go do a workout on the elliptical & treadmill, I just wasn't in the mood to do strength training.  I saw some wild strikes of lightening on my way out of the gym! Tomorrow I have a bike-run brick scheduled, I'll do it at the gym in the morning. I did manage to call this weekend and book a hotel room for the night before the race. They ran out of room blocks, but the AAA price was only $20 more. I need to call tomorrow to reserve my wetsuit for rental for my trial run & for race weekend!

Now, last week I mentioned how much I loved my new socks, the Pearl Izumi Elite LTD Low sock (in pink of course!). They come in 3 sizes, and clearly with my ridiculously large feet I went with a large. The specifications read as the following:

 1. Elite transfer yarns provide superior moisture transfer
 2. Ultra-Smooth toe design provides superior comfort
 3. Anatomic arch compression for a performance fit
 4. Left and right specific ventilation chambers
 5. Low cuff height

The socks are thin, which I loved, because I hate too much fabric in my shoe bunching up around my toes. I loved the arch compression since sometimes with cotton (yuck!) socks I've gotten blisters there. I loved that they are low enough so they are not sticking up over my shoe looking funny. And I loved that my feet were clean, dry & felt fabulous afterwards. I may have to have a giveaway so one of you can experience them!

Tomorrow is WI day! I *promise* that I will WI, and I will also post my online tracker, even though there were many days I really didn't track. Still thinking of tomorrow's meeting topic to discuss, any suggestions? have a good night!


loveveritas said...

Thanks for the review! I've invested in a dope pair of running shoes and a bra that holds me in like no other, but I've been unsure about socks. Thanks!

Stephanie Anne said...

what bra do you like? Ive been into the Moving Comfort Fiona & Juno bras, which have adjustable straps. I get all my running gear from They have a VIP membership that gets you 10% off & free shipping for a year thats totally worth it!

Jaime said...

those socks look heavenly! I also wear Moving Comfort fiona. I didn't know the Juno adjusts too, I'll have to look for it.
Your tri is getting close!
I'm debating on doing one last one on Sunday to finish out the season... what do you think?

Stephanie Anne said...

Jamie, I say go for it!! how was the one you just did? i think I lost your email address, I'll have to dig around!

loveveritas said...

I have an Enell bra, which is great because I am "blessed" in that department lol. They're a little pricey, but totally worth it for the girl with Ds (or DDs in my case). They're not the prettiest bras, but they make my workout super comfortable.