What do you think?

After searching around online at flight prices for the A1A marathon in Ft. Lauderdale I started to get discouraged. Turns out that week is february vacation for schools and flight prices are through the roof. I decided to search for a race a different weekend & found THIS.

Flight prices are MUCH lower, and its a new place I've never been. Maybe its time to spread the word to my friends and see who else is interested? I always thought the Rock N Roll series would be fun & it is fabulous that it supports the American Cancer Society. Have any of you run a race in this series? If so, what did you think, worth it?


Anonymous said...

I liked Rock n Roll Chicago. It was well organized and great medals! I think it would be a good choice and New Orleans would be a fun place to go I'm sure

Elizabeth said...

I did Mardi Gras last year and signed up for it again this year. I love love love New Orleans & grew up going there often. Great to run through the city. A lot of great history and amazing food. I am also hooked on RNR series races. This year I completed-Mardi Gras 1/2, Seattle Full, Chicago 1/2, Virginia Beach 1/2 and I will do Vegas. They put on a great race, expo, after party, etc. And they send you extra medals for doing a certain amt of races (i have a slight addiction to the bling). Already signed up for the new Savannah race and thinking about Providence too. Their races are a great excuse to take a trip. Hope that helps!