Finding the next adventure!

Today I am sitting at my kitchen table with a big glass of red wine and box of crackers. Can you tell what kind of day I had? I am supposed to be cooking dinner shortly for Kevin and I, I am exhausted beyond belief. Work was physically exhausting and mentally draining today. More physical than mental. The good part about my job is that I'm constantly moving, the bad part about my job is that sometimes that means heavy or tough patients for extended periods of time. Being a physical therapist is a workout!

This morning I made it to the gym, first workout since my triathlon (read about it HERE). I did an easy elliptical workout, followed by a short 1 mile run. While I was running I was thinking about how much I've changed over the years. I realized that I finished my first 5K (Susan G Komen race for the Cure 2006) in the same amount of time that I finished the 5K during my triathlon. Which by the way was after a 1/4 mile swim & 12 mile ride with killer hills. Oh, and I just had major foot surgery 5 months ago, I've only been able to run for 21/2-3 months. While I'm still disappointed to not be able to get the mileage in since my endurance has decreased so much following the surgery, I'm amazed at what I can still do. I can't wait to tell my surgeon about it when I go to see him in a few weeks.

I'm inspired for my next adventure. Looks like the next major adventure is the New Orleans Rock N Roll Half Marathon. My college roomie is in! Now I'm checking to see if our 2 other friends from college are interested, and we can make it a reunion! One of them said she's not sure about the running, but is in for New Orleans.

Kevin was an awesome photographer for my triathlon this past weekend, but he was really quiet like something was bugging him. On the car ride home, he told me about how he feels like he's not a part of my lifestyle since he doesn't do any type of racing. He said he wants to do a triathlon, but isn't big into running. I thought maybe an Aquabike would be a good thing for him, he loves to cycle. I told him I don't want him to do it just because I do, but only if he really wants to.

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Off to finish dinner, good night!

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