New Tri wear?

I decided that after my post on exercise yesterday, I HAD to get up and fit in a good workout today. I decided to do an outdoor bike-run brick since I haven't done one outside yet, and it is a beautiful day (the downside of training at 5am is indoor training). I laid out my running shoes & fuel belt by my front door. I put on my tri suit (long sleeve over top for the bike), got my racing shades, helmet, shoes, bike & water bottle, and headed out for a ride. I did 10.36 miles, slower paced because I hit a TON of stop signs/lights, and there was a lot of traffic. I came home, stashed the bike in the garage, changed my shoes, put on my fuel belt, and off I went. Even though I huffed & puffed through my run, I came home to map it out and was pleasantly surprised to see I went almost 2 miles at a 10:17 pace, which is pretty quick for me. I'm glad I did the bike-run outdoors, it was good to practice that transition. My legs felt great, just the endurance that is still working its way back.

getting ready to head out

Came home and made myself a Banana Almond Smoothie from Jillian's Master Your Metabolism Cookbook which I love. Banana, milk, almond butter, flax feed, vanilla & ice. delish.

I decided something about my outfit. I LOVE my TYR compression shorts. But the top, I just don't feel comfortable in. I was running and I felt like all my fat was just pouring over the top of my fuel belt. I know the tank is meant to be tight, and I am working on losing the weight, but I just felt disgusting. Now that I am swimming in a wetsuit, I think underneath it I will wear a sports bra & the compression shorts, then put on a tank or tee for the bike/run after. Any suggestions? My coworker has Women's UA HeatGear® Tank Tops by Under Armour  & they are cute, so I'm thinking of checking those out. Maybe a field trip to Dicks Sporting Goods is on my agenda today. Also wondering what people wear for underwear during the race? do they go without? Since I'll be swimming are there kinds that dry quickly? advice appreciated.

Last night I went to Brewfest with Kevin & our friend Evan. $30 admission for all you can drink samplings of over 20 microbrews. I told Kevin I would be the responsible one and drive. I probably had 4-6 samples, and Evan made us these fabulous "pretzel necklaces", which people kept trying to buy off us. Afterwards I drove them to taco bell (don't worry I didn't get anything, YUCK!), and we went to Evan's house for a quick dip in his hot tub before heading home.
Beer & Pretzels 
Tonight I have nothing extravagant planned. Maybe we can get some takeout sushi or something and relax. You may have noticed a couple changes on my blog. The first is, since I've been browsing through other blogs of other inspiring people, I have found a few that do giveaways for fitness & running equipment. I want to share those with you, since everyone loves free stuff, so check them out on the right side of the page. The other part is, that I want to be a blog that does giveaways too! Maybe thats a lofty goal, but I want to share some of the fabulous products that are out there with you guys. You may see some advertising on my site now, pretty much I have signed up for this as a way to make some money to begin funding giveaways. So when you click on a advertisement in my blog, it helps me earn money to pass along goodies to you guys. Also, having more followers, or visitors will entice people or companies I am hoping to supply us with some fun stuff. Don't be concerned, I'll still be blogging about all the same things, but isn't a freebie every now & then awesome? Have a fabulous saturday!


Jaime said...

you shouldn't wear anything under tri shorts- that is asking for major chafing... they are made to wear commando
Speaking of chafing- when wearing tank tops, I've struggled with my upper arm against the armpit area of tanks/sportsbras. I need to use more body glide for sure.
They won't dry completely but you should dry a good bit on the bike. I was debating the sports bra thing this morning but I'm really not comfortable in a bikini so I'm not sure. We'll see I think I'm going to wear a tanktop... (I have about 2.5 hours to figure this out before the race starts)

Jaime said...

I would definitely wear tri shorts and a sports bra if you are wearing a wetsuit. I did today and it worked great. My sportsbra never completely dried but it was much more comfortable then wearing a wet top.

jewelz3617 said...

I gotta be honest.. I am super impressed with all of your hard work! How did you get started with running? Biking? What made you shoot for the goal of doing a tri?

I really enjoy your blog even though I cannot provide a ton of advice!

Stephanie Anne said...

thanks jewelz!

I started running when I decided I wanted the mickey mouse medal they get at disney world (little did I know then it was for the full marathon). I just started bit by bit. I'm a pretty good swimmer, and I always thought that a triathlon would be fun, I've wanted to do one for the last few years, but I didn't own a bike. Last year my boyfriend & I bought road bikes, but I decided I needed a year to practice before entering a race. This year I didn't think I would be able to since I had foot surgery in April, but I've healed up well & have been going strong!

Thanks for the support!!