Give it another try

I've never been the type of person to just give up. I was really bummed after saturdays wetsuit trial. When my friend Deb suggested I skip out of work early today, and we go swimming again, I adjusted my mondays schedule and told my boss I had an "appointment." We wanted to go to a lake/pond that was closer than the last one, and ended up driving out to Belchertown, but the pond was closed for the season to swimmers. We ended up at the pond in Ludlow we thought was off limits because of the boy who died earlier in the summer. But when we got there, there were no signs to steer us away, and I quickly stuffed myself into my wetsuit & in we went. Now, I should mention that I googled some help on open water swimming tips and talked with the ironman physicians assistant that I work with. I tried to relax & swim easy, and guess what? It worked! I felt sooo much more comfortable swimming and I feel so much better for sunday. I'm hoping that we can get a little practice in on saturday at the race site too.

This morning I went for a gym run. It was actually a nice morning, I considered running outside. I decided that since I would need to put my fuel belt together, and I was short on time, it wasn't worth it. I managed 30 min of running at 5.8mph with only 1 rest break walking halfway through. Felt great after the finish!

Checking over my work schedule, I noticed that I am only on for backup the day of the Hartford Half Marathon, so I am thinking that I could make it to the 5K. They have a new course this year, with the Full, Half & 5K all starting from the same start. My brother & friend Ashley are running the Half, so it would be good to cheer them on too. My goal in the next 2 weeks is to pick out a list of races to do over the fall, winter, and early spring.

Stay tuned this week for a wonderful giveaway that all you triathletes would appreciate!


Angela said...

My sis is running the half marathon. I was going to do the 5k but I don't think I can make it to Hartford :( Good luck!

Stephanie Anne said...

just saw your post! Good luck to your sister, maybe next year you can get to the 5K in hartford.