Three Things Thursday!

1. What is the deal with Biggest Loser? I am a HUGE Jillian Michaels fan, and was devastated when she announced her leave from Biggest Loser. I always loved watching Jill with the contestants, she is amazing. The new guy isn't bad, but Anna Kournikova is horrible. She is boring, not passionate, and to top it off not really helping her team lose the pounds. Thankfully, theres rumors that she won't return(HERE).

2. My nutrition has been crap this week, and I'm hoping that admitting it will help me get past it. I went crazy and bought Pumpkin ice cream, delish. Of course it was buy one get one free. I may have to toss them in the garbage. I missed my run wednesday, and made it back to bootcamp, but not without pulling my rhomboids. Now I'm heating my back and watching Parks & Rec & hoping it will diappear after a good nights sleep and some muscle relaxers.

3.  I'm leaving tomorrow for Long Island for the Divas Half Marathon!
I'm pumped to get all dolled up (crossing my fingers to find a fabulous tutu at the expo), and finishing with an awaiting treat of champagne & bling from a sexy fireman. I can't wait to come back & share the details. I know I won't run a great race, but I keep reminding myself that the goal is Disney! Sunday's run is only 9 miles on the schedule, so the extra 4.1 is a bonus. I may subtract from my 7 I missed and do 3 or so tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Shawn said...

I wanted to run a Diva race this summer but the timing was not right. I hope to do one next year..have fun..I am jealous!!

Lisa said...

Have fun this weekend!

Diet Coke and a Lemon said...

I completely agree about Biggest Loser...I was...this is mildly put...DEVASTATED! Anna just isn't cutting it! And I hear you about nutrition this week....since when do I think it's ok to eat a cookie the size of my head AND two bowls of ice cream in a day???

Wells L said...

Hope your race and weekend are just amazingly fun. Remember I want to hear all about it - we're heading to it in 2012!!!! Good luck - enjoy every moment!!!!!